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#533974 A sponsor clarification...

Posted by Matt Bruce on 09 March 2014 - 11:33 AM

The problem, like with so many other things in this world, is social media. Facebook, Internet, it's all the same. Things get out of control in cyberspace, people say things a lot of times out of context. I see it in business everyday, emails and texts instead of picking up the phone or setting a meeting. A Ping pong match of 20 emails that could have all been avoided with one phone call.


While I can't comment really on Ron, I have never hid behind the fact that I as well as others want everyone racing together. That's not to say I disagree with multiple organizations because I do not. I have had conversations with Ron on the PHONE and on social media. Maybe he is lying to me, I don't think so, but he wants the same. There is no reason why organizations can't get along as long as they sit down and come up with a solution for working together. Honestly, the majority of racers, myself included, would and do race in both.


Dividing Retro is just so silly. Believing the BS that goes on social media creates its own roadblocks which both sides seem to listen to. Airing dirty laundry never helps any situation. Each one exploits each other's rules like some presidential campaign to really what end? Ron is a very prideful person as are the BoD. It does not surprise me with what is said over social media that neither wanna move off their mountains. For the sake of argument, if I were Ron I would have felt I was not welcome to sponsor or race either.


But on the other hand, reading social media and the non-constructive comments of the minions I can see why no one would have asked him. Either way, I personally have found in both business and life to get back to the basics. Look both in the eye, get back to shaking hands and using today's technology as a tool and not as something to hide behind. I think the time is passed for who said what and who thinks they are right and who thinks who is wrong. Some people just wanna watch the world burn. It's very easy to see who those people are watching social media.


Are we really that different that no common ground can be had? I think not. I see both sides and I understand very clearly how we got to this point. In the end it's about I was right and you are wrong meanwhile racers are left in the middle just really wanting to race together. We have all been friends for a long time and know the slot car landscape.


History tends to repeat itself. Retro is a chance to change that.

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#527337 Breaking news - not really ;)

Posted by Matt Bruce on 06 February 2014 - 03:33 PM

It will never change. Just like some so-called National Retro Championship will never work or mean anything, win or not.
The reason that is, is because everyone doesn't race under one banner. Next, nobody gets titles like "The Best" cause they win a race or a series. You can call it whatever you want, doesn't make a difference. Over time is what earns those titles, and not because you win this or that, it comes from those you race against and race with.
Nobody nowadays will ever support a true national series, and I mean one that encompasses both coasts as well as the north, the south, and the midwest. It's too expensive and would literally turn into the last man standing to make every race. Let whomever run whatever they want to satisfy their desire to call whomever the best. In the end, there will always be another race, scheduled somewhere else, using some other format, raced on some different track, using some other rules. There are those that will never be satisfied no matter what.
Traveling to Retro races all these years I've seen no one run them all, or win them all, or have enough time and money to even get to them all. Hello, hear what I just said, get to them ALL. It wasn't that long ago that you didn't have any kind of organized racing to argue about. Nobody races for money, nobody is reimbursed for money spent, nobody has a contract, nobody CARES.
Just because you win a race, does that make you the best? If Horky loses the next five Worlds won't change the minds of 99% of scale racers out there he is the man. Same goes for Paul G, Beuf, Ron Hershman, Duran Trigillo, Greg Gilbert, Paul Pfeiffer, the late Jon Laster, Howie Ursaner, Sandy Gross, Jan Limpach, the list is endless. In the end you are judged by your peers, win, lose, or draw.
I have a side in this bullchit, and that is the side to see us all racing together again. I'll tell ya, you can knock the guys in Cali, but when it comes down to it, they don't keep score, they don't have the choice of tracks the rest of us have, or motors or tires or bodies but they sure have a lot of fun.
There is no winner in this deal, and it will all go away soon enough. It grew to this point for one reason, we all got along. Until we find a way back to that, it will stall and die. Manufacturers will lose, raceways will lose, and racers will lose. It wasn't broke, but it's broke now.
So to the powers that be, FIX IT.
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#611691 Sano Dave Fiedler memorial service

Posted by Howie Ursaner on 10 October 2015 - 05:42 PM

At the Memorial there was an amazing painting by Steve Koepp done for Dave. It shows Dave walking away, with box and controller. 





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#586363 Jay Kisling, 1960-2015

Posted by Matt Bruce on 16 March 2015 - 11:15 AM

Gone way too soon. My family and I will miss Jay very much. One of the best for sure.


Jay is the guy who pushed me to be better as a slot racer. He gave no quarter and he asked for none. Never one to mince words, Jay told you how it is, straight up, and expected the same back. He was always good to my son, and both Sharon and I loved him for that.


It tore me up to see him in pain and I'm thankful he is now at peace. The world lost a special man. He was a little rough around the edges, but he had a big heart. That was Jay. Thank you for being you. Thanks for all your help, your support, and friendship all these years. We miss you. Godspeed, my friend.

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#536728 IRRA® rules comments & discussion

Posted by Tex on 22 March 2014 - 06:16 PM

You guys are makin' too big a deal about this. It's nothing more than less than perfect manufacturing that yields some "out-of-spec" motors. I'll hazard the guess that most have 65 turns and some arms/poles have less and some arms/poles have more. Haven't you guys ever wondered why you'd sometimes get a really good motor? And why sometimes you get a dud? FK arms/poles with fewer/more than 65 winds has been going on as long as they've made the motors. Locals here have torn them down years ago(F7's) with the same results.... most have 65 turns, some fewer, some more. My GOD what do you people expect from a $12 motor originally used for such applications as sideview mirrors in cars? What DOES make a sideview mirror motor "out of spec"? Do you think it matters for such use if it has a few more/less winds? 65 turns may be the optimal spec as described on some order form, but a certain "variance" has to be expected when churning out tens of thousands of units so cheaply made. Do you think the Chinese factory owner cares if a few of the motors have a few more/less winds? Do you think the CEO's of Ford/Chrysler/Toyota/BMW, etc, etc, etc CARE if those motors have a few more/less winds? WE adopted motors perfectly acceptable for THEIR original use for our OWN use... a use not originally envisioned when the motor was designed. My GOD what bunch of prissy prima-donnas!


Roll the dice, pay yer $12 and have FUN. Burn it out, go get another one. If you run the ProSlot 4002's, what the @%$# do you care? I'm so tired of you guys that ain't got nuthin' better to do than bitch and moan and fret about somethin' that don't amount to a hill o' beans.


Gimme my yellow warning, Greg; I deserve it. BUT AT LEAST I GOT TO TELL THE PANTYWADS OFF! :diablo:

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#512755 Slotcars will be the new household word

Posted by momma on 12 November 2013 - 02:51 PM

Route 93 Raceways is going to the sky to advertise!!!


Route 93 Raceway Billboard.jpg

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#502321 The confessional

Posted by Matt Bruce on 08 September 2013 - 08:08 AM

A turd is a turd, but it may not be at another venue. The problem with most of you guys is that you think that because of your advanced knowledge and years of experience that you put in what you think is your best motor, that it will be. And if someone is god forbid faster than you, that guy is doin something he shouldn't be. 2 years ago at Retropalooza Port Jeff CanAm, I was practicing and changing motors. I had, believe me, cycled thru some of my best engines from past races, some with multiple wins. I had a engine which was one of the first I'd bought 5 years ago, never ran anywhere. Refurbed it twice over the years, still a turd and never put a race on it. But that day, that track, that power it was a missile. Dominated the race. Fast Ones seal, still had an oilite bearing in the can. Do not confuse the fact that a motor is a turd cause it isn't fast at a specific racetrack. Matching the motor to the conditions is. That's why most of us have lots of engines. These motors are great out of the bag. They are great after getting refurbed. Are they all great at every track, no. So when most of you guys whining on here about guys blue printing motors, how do you explain someone like myself, who has never blueprinted a PD but still wins races? Obviously due to the amount of races I've run I'm sure I've ran against a few blueprinted engines in my time by now. Result has been the same. As with most BS on this blog, the majority of guys should start listening more to what guys who travel alot, race alot, and win alot are saying. But you won't, and the same thing will come up again and again and the same hard headed guys who never seem to walk thru the doors of any racetrack will dictate to the rest of us what a bunch of idiots we all are. Sorry, but if you are gonna talk the talk you better walk the walk. Funny how most who do, never seem to post much on these subjects. Maybe that would be a better topic to waste time on.
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#607868 It's official...

Posted by Cheater on 09 September 2015 - 10:16 AM

I'm now a grandfather.


Meet Griffin Farris Wells.



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#541298 The same Retro Hawk story over and over again...

Posted by JerseyJohn on 19 April 2014 - 07:47 PM

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#516574 The eternal "What's best for Retro" discussion

Posted by Matt Bruce on 07 December 2013 - 08:25 AM

There is no doubt that Retro has become a kit-based form of racing. It is what it is. The variations of frames that have come from said kits is just astonishing.

You will never please everyone 100% of the time. Having scratchbuilders talk smack on kit frames is all good. Without that, racing in any form never pushes forward. Pride or ego, whichever you prefer, keep things fresh and keep those engineering minds searching endlessly for the better mousetrap.

In reality we are talking about a guide hole, a piece to hold a front axle, a bracket to hold a rear axle, and something to pin the body too. That's it. However you come up with those things it's all good.

Nobody invented any of this stuff. Guys just arrange them differently. If a kit helps a guy do that quicker and cheaper so be it. Racing is close and that's the key. They all look the same on the line from the top. Retro is such a photocopy hobby anyway. People see a chassis win on Sunday and Monday morning there are 100 copies. And that is from scratch or a kit.

Just realize the big picture, in that there are 100 guys who care enough to spend the time to copy it. That's why it's popular and why you always have plenty of marshals in Retro. LOL.
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#609900 Tell your favorite Sano Dave story here

Posted by Lalam24 on 25 September 2015 - 08:44 AM

I just wanted you guys to know how much I, my family, and Dave appreciate the stories. You have no idea how much it really means to us.

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#608267 Hawk Retro motor announcment

Posted by tonyp on 11 September 2015 - 05:37 PM

Don't complain, considering who is assembling those motors you are lucky there is even an armature in it.
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#517857 The eternal "What's best for Retro" discussion

Posted by JerseyJohn on 13 December 2013 - 12:27 PM

From my crib in Jersey, like I see it.
This blog is a great source of information regarding all forms of scale racing. It has connected us from around the world to share and discuss  almost every aspect of our hobby-sport. We should count ourselves fortunate we have such a forum.
That being said, I also find it damn entertaining. All the bickering and squabbling sounds like an Italian holiday dinner LMAO. 
There is something to be learned from everything, even the squabbling. So on the interpersonal relationship, human front I have learned that:
Some bloggers just don't like other people or organizations, and no matter how right they might be, they will argue against whatever that person/group says. Sound familiar, right?
Some just want to be heard, start trouble, are jealous, or are just plain miserable. 
An old friend of mine told me this when I became a supervisor.
Like it or not, this is Greg's sandbox, like it or not, his rules, his say. Disagree? Don't go away mad, just go away.
Retro East, both IRRAs, SCRRA, etc., all have people that run it. In the end if you are unhappy with the rules or you dislike the people running them voice your opinion, and if still unhappy don't go away mad, just go away. Don't try and ruin it for the rest. Nothing is perfect guys...
What I've found as a boss is those that support you will tell you one-on-one but usually not in a group. 
The ones that disagree usually do it in a group setting and some will go behind your back. They like the attention and it makes them feel relevant. Understanding their motivation in what and when they say things is as important as the content of their words. 
What's it all mean? Well, for starters admit there are people you just never will like or agree with. We all know it, so just stop it. Be relevant or be quiet... there comes a point when enough is enough.
There are many of you that are having a hard time in health, finances, or life in general. Lets remember what's really important and have fun racing.
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#603799 Geezer Issues with lane changes

Posted by raisin27 on 06 August 2015 - 05:24 PM

Yes, if all 8 cars are off in the same corner it is not a track call. Track calls are unmarshalable cars or riders. A car on the floor is not an unmarshallable car unless it is out of reach. The biggest difference in racing I have noticed since returning from a 25 year hiatus is that now everything seems to be a track call. It is so frustrating when there is no penalty for deslotting and not fair at all to the racer who drives within his limits and stays in the slot.

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#602071 Chicagoland Raceway drag strip

Posted by MSwiss on 21 July 2015 - 11:28 AM

Things finally quieted down enough for me to officially start on the drag strip last night. I'll post pictures in the future when things have progressed a little further.

Some of the features will include;

Along with the 1/4 mile/55 ft. length, there will be approx. 40 ft. of shutdown, to hopefully, minimize the need for heavy gluing.

Probably on a limited basis, up to 30v of power available for those who chose to test the upper limits of their motors.

While he isn't around to help with the construction, as he was with the flat track, the strip will be named Ray Price Memorial Dragway.
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#598824 Two questions regarding Retro

Posted by Keith Tanaka on 25 June 2015 - 07:04 PM

Retro racing as we know it today was started in April 2006 (actually earlier than April as it took several months for enough racers to build cars for this new racing class at the time) at Buena Park Raceway in Southern California. 
Paul Sterrett had unsuccessfully tried for many years prior to 2006 to get racers at BPR interested in a scratchbuilding racing class. No one was interested.
Along comes Mike Steube who had been reintroduced to slot car racing by PdL prior to 2006 with TSRF racing at BPR. 
Paul talked to Mike and PdL about his idea of having a scratchbuilding racing class, but only Mike was interested initially.
Paul and Mike agreed to create a scratchbuilding racing class similar to what was built/raced in the 1966-1968 timeframe (golden years of slot car racing).
They co-founded SoCal D3 racing which originally was granted a racing category (D3) within USRA by Chris Radisich who was a USRA National officer at the time. It didn't take long for a few very vocal racers to protest being associated with USRA in anyway, so D3 never raced under the USRA banner.
As D3 started, Paul, Mike, PdL along with help from Dennis Samson, created the original D3 racing rules. 
As PdL posted D3 race results online, the Steube name caught the attention of some famous East Coast racers (John Gorski, Tony P., Noose) who quickly joined D3 forming a racing group on the East Coast (which eventually became part of IRRA®).
A number of situations occurred back in the pre and early days of D3 racing at BPR which eventually resulted in Retro racing as we know it today.
The original concept of D3 was to have a scratchbuilding/racing program at BPR. D3 racing groups did form in other parts of the country as well as a few foreign countries. IRRA® took the next step by actively promoting Retro racing across the nation and wherever there was interest. SCRRA replaced D3 several years ago at BPR.
The above is my brief recollection of how retro racing started at BPR with D3 and some of the events that occurred later resulting in what we have today, Retro racing.

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#587901 Good news, no, great news about Sano Dave

Posted by fohoover on 27 March 2015 - 01:11 PM

Good news for everyone: Sano Dave is being released from the hospital today and is going home!!!
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#581678 IRRAź body rule change - REVISED

Posted by Dan Ebert on 15 February 2015 - 10:35 PM

It seems like the only ones concerned about the rule do not race IRRA® at all or a few events a year. So for those few, please take your torches and hanging ropes to the next village. 


I am truly growing tired of the bickering over something you don't participate in, but want to control.

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#537483 IRRA® rules comments & discussion

Posted by Chewy on 26 March 2014 - 03:51 PM

Motors, motors, motors, PD, RH, etc. I'm just too tired of all the BS.

So here is how we do it at Retro East™. It's called "FUN" and nobody racing in RE™ cares what motor is run in whose car. When JJ and I run side by side in a heat we shake and hug and say, "Man that was great". Same goes for George, Phil, and all the other guys. When Matt, Ed, Ray or whoever breaks a record, we say, "Great run, way to go".

We all have a fun day until next race when we look forward to having fun again. We race what ever we feel is best for the day.

Stop with the motor BS already, those that run what they run it's their choice whether it be cost, performance, reliability, etc. The board-approved motors are for the racers choice to use. Leave the fun to those that want to follow the rules and race.

Enough is enough. I'm not going to defend my post; I spoke my piece.
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#525002 Photos of the New Port Jeff Raceway

Posted by Half Fast on 25 January 2014 - 05:15 PM

I visited the new location are here are some pics:
The King track:
2014-01-24 22.34.02sm.jpg
Overall view:
2014-01-24 22.35.35sm.jpg
The Hillclimb:
2014-01-24 22.34.49sm.jpg
The quad-oval:
2014-01-24 22.35.07sm.jpg
Parts counter:
2014-01-24 22.34.19sm.jpg
The place is gorgeous and very well lit, it will be a pleasure to race there!
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