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#655352 R4/10 motor announcement

Posted by Tom Thumb Hobbies on 25 October 2016 - 02:23 PM

Here we are with yet another motor issue in Retro racing. As an IRRA® BoD member I can assure you we are working towards a solution. Some of you wanted this "fixed" yesterday but I think you already know that's not feasible. We can not make a "knee jerk" reaction to this because it is at the core of our program. Act too fast, without all the information and without studying all the possibilities, and you often compound the problem. And for the conspiracy theorists out there, well don't you think we should wait for confirmation and all the evidence before we lynch Tim and JK? There will be a solution.
As a track owner and a Premiere Race host it is my responsibility to make my event as fair and fun as possible. To that end I will do what I think needs to be done, up to and including hand-outs in all classes, to make things as level as possible. I firmly believe the IRRA® will come up with a workable solution if this is indeed a major problem and not just a momentary blip. However we have no control over the Chinese manufacturers and little sway with JK. We simply don't have a big enough economic punch.
I personally believe there is no ulterior motive or greed agenda associated with this from JK. But we are at his mercy if any motor changes need to be made.
I'm posting this now so those that hate hand-outs will know that, as of now, hand-outs are a possibility at the R4/10. If that changes your mind and you won't attend then I'm sorry. I'm hoping that a solution is coming soon and this will be a non-issue.

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#627770 Something great that has nothing to do with results

Posted by wicked01 on 15 February 2016 - 08:05 PM

Some of you on Slotblog may know me; some may not, but I have been racing slot cars since the early '90s. I have traveled all over the south racing with my friends.


So a couple years ago after being out of slot cars for about five years I got my son into the hobby and he has developed a passion for slot cars more than I ever had. Recently i have really focused on building and showing him how to solder, how to adjust Retro and flexi cars, and the maintenance of the cars. He has been getting better every time we race and just loving slot cars, which is rare in our day and age of computers and gaming.


We attended a race this past weekend. We built him a brand new Can-Am car that my son was so proud of because it was the first one that he ever helped build. So he starts out by qualifying with the fastest time he ever turned and the car is really good. He starts the race so I go over to work on some other cars while he is running. I never looked at where he was running but he had told me he was running really good, so after the second or third heat someone came over and said your son is flying so I looked at the monitor and he was ahead by three or four laps! Then I started watching him and he continued to pull away, just driving the wheels off of the car.


The next heat I pitted the car, put it back on the track, and the heat started – all was well. My son made it about three or four laps when the magic smoke came trailing out of the car then quit. My son was devastated and I could not get him to calm down. I went to change the motor, because we had back-ups, but he still was really upset.


Then this is the part I wanted to share with everyone. A man I had never met him before (still do not no who he is) walked up, leaned over to my son, and said to him, "You were running a great race and i want you to have this brand new motor to replace the one you blew up." instantly my son was OK.


I got more pleasure from that one moment than I did the whole rest of the day and it really showed me one act of kindness at a slot car race made more of a impression on my son than if he would have won the race.


I want to thank that man, whoever you are, and just to let you know that's all he talks about since the race. You have made a lasting impression on my son...


Slot car racers are really great people.

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#626052 This will not help slot car racing

Posted by tonyp on 05 February 2016 - 10:39 AM

First off most big event slot car races(other than slot drag) have in the past not had cash awards. Doing so only will bring out the worst attitude and behavior.

Precisely the reason IRRA® was set up with no cash prizes and you will never see this happen at any off the major IRRA® Premier events. Several on the IRRA® Board lived through the money racing era and it was the most cutthroat, dirtiest racing. Get in my lane and you were walled. Anything for the evil bucks. We did not want to have racing for money, we rather want to have good racing between friends.

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#659381 Hawk Retro 7R7R balancing

Posted by JK Products on 28 November 2016 - 08:36 AM

Hi Bryan,

If you would have asked before posting, I would have explained that what you are seeing is exactly one of the process changes that results in lower variability.
As explained previously, JK Products Retro 7R and 7 motors are now 100% robotically computer balanced. They are the only motors in the industry that are 100% computer balanced. This is an internal processing/tolerance change, not a major product specification change. The IRRA® board was informed of this process improvement and other process tolerance improvements, all designed to reduce variability and make our motors the most consistent motors in the industry.


In the past, all our armatures were hand balanced, like some of our competitors. As you can imagine, this hand balancing was not nearly as consistent as an automated machine can be. Not only that, the automatic balancing can balance to a much tighter tolerance using much smaller corrections than are available using hand balancing. That is what you are seeing in your photograph. Notching for larger changes, and very small drill holes for even better balancing than ever before.

I will have a detailed balancing post on our Facebook page later today, including a video of the process that you might find interesting.
Finally, if anyone thinks they have found a problem with any of our products, please grant me the courtesy of contacting me first by email; I will always respond. If I don’t satisfy your concerns, feel free then to express them on social media.

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#625790 Wing racer gone Retro! :)

Posted by Chubby on 04 February 2016 - 01:06 AM

So first off I want to say that I'm enjoying Retro racing so much. I never imagined it would be like it is and what it has become. I have had tons of help from everyone getting me some wins here and there and for that I'm very thankful.
I want to talk about some subjects that I catch on here and Facebook from time to time.  
I want to talk about the JK Retro Hawk. I see people talk good and bad about these motors, some things I have seen is you need 10 to get one good one. When I first read that from multiple people, I was kind of shocked. Are some motors better than others? Sure, every time, even when you custom-build $700 Group 7 motors that have identical specs.  
Now some of you may believe me or may not believe me, I'm not here to judge, I'm just here to tell you my experience with these motors. When I go to a race and, for example, I race two classes that day, I will buy two motors and put them in my cars, and break them in, in the car itself. I have yet to be underpowered IMO to a point where I lost a race, at least that I think.  
I honestly think that how you break them in is everything! I race these motors every week at my local shop (PJ Raceway) in three different classes and i cannot tell you how close racing is on a weekly basis. I'm not here to argue with anyone, I enjoy racing Retro very much and tend to get along with everyone and want to keep it that way.
But I cannot express myself any better when I say 8 out of 10 JK Retro Hawk motors can win a Premier Event. I'm totally shocked actually on how consistent they are from one another because how they're made and where they're made. These are motors that are nothing special spec-wise, which I'm sure we all can agree on.  
I think you need to be patient enough while breaking these motors in. I have had motors that in 10 laps are where I want them to be, and I have motors that take 100+ laps to be where I want them to be. Don't give up on the motors that don't run after 100+ laps; I've been in that situation a lot.  
Well, I think I'm done with this little rant, I feel better now.  :)
Thanks, guys 'n gals,
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#646936 Chicagoland Raceway now in Westmont

Posted by MSwiss on 26 July 2016 - 07:22 PM

I'm happy to report that my landlord and I agreed to terms on a lease extention, earlier today, that will keep me in my current location, at least until April, 2019.

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#662417 Lack of kids racing will be the death of our hobby

Posted by havlicek on 22 December 2016 - 07:56 AM

These issues (and this has been gone over ad nauseum... but rightfully so in my opinion) are only made worse by an educational system that has purposely and even purposefully denigrated hands-on and "industrial" arts. We have been told for decades that the way to a brighter future for people was not with cutting torches, plumber's wrenches, linesman pliers or table saws... it was in "0s and 1s," banking, business administration, whatever. That sort of "education" had resulted in generations growing up being unfamiliar with... and uninterested in all sorts of "real" (as opposed to "virtual") activities.  


I don't see slot cars at all as a "kids hobby," I see it as, above all a mechanical hobby or a "tinkerer's hobby." Everything from art as in painting a body (anyone who has looked at a Noose or a Jairus body and doesn't see art isn't looking), to engineering in designing and building a great chassis, to electrical (making or even winding motors) are big parts of what's going on here.  


Of course, there's also the competitive aspect which has a natural appeal, but competitiveness isn't something that needs "advertising"...t hat's just "human."


Younger people today have been brought up and educated precisely not to get their hands dirty. They've been told that success is exactly the opposite and they should try to get to a place where they can have other people get their hands dirty for them. As a grade-schooler, I can still remember how much I looked forward to shop class, whether it was woodworking, metalworking, or electrical shop. No doubt that exposure, along with "band," helped shape me (for better or worse) as much as anything else. It's a sort of "criminal negligence" on the part of our educational system that this is mostly all gone now. Then again, children get almost no instruction in even something as basic (and proven to be beneficial) as penmanship either.  


The insurance companies and lawyers have won, but our children have lost, and this has directly impacted "slots" potential appeal.  



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#662837 A big Santa surprise

Posted by havlicek on 25 December 2016 - 01:33 PM

Well, it seems Santa and my kids collaborated and got me a neat-o Grizzly 4x6 micro lathe:

Jeepers, my son asked me what I'm going to make... to which I replied: "well, while figuring out how to use it, I'll definitely be making lots of squiggly metal turnings"!
Good golly Miss Molly, a micro mill, drill press and a bandsaw and I'll be in business. What "business"? Well, the business of figuring out things to make that I never thought of making, as well as how make things by machine I used to make by hand. :D  

Anywho, I figure there will be a lot of learning, broken tools and cursing (I am a carpenter after all, and we have our own dialect), all of which sounds like fun.

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#656595 Motor consistency

Posted by havlicek on 03 November 2016 - 07:42 AM

I can take my time, wind and build ten motors, be as careful as I can doing them all the same, use the same basic components, do the same assembly... and wind up with noticeable variations (on the power supply anyway) between them.


I'd just like to inject a little dispassionate reality into the whole question around these things. Now, take that same premise, but apply it to a batch of maybe (?) a hundred thousand or so motors mass-produced to meet a low price point, and I find it shocking that the variations aren't huge!


Actually, the fact that some will buy a whole bunch of the "FK" Chinese motors to find one or two cherries only underscores how consistent (generally-speaking) the motors are.  



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#632006 Born at the right time?

Posted by idare2bdul on 14 March 2016 - 10:39 PM

Rehabbing from a hip replacement has given me way too much time to reflect on things and get bored while enduring slot car withdrawal. I got to thinking about what it is like to grow up today with all the tech toys and comparing them to slot cars and the toys of my youth. I graduated high school in 1965 so I'm older than the 'name," racers of the late 60's. My need for speed started with Schuco wind up cars and progressed to screaming 049 powered tether cars until I walked into my first slot car track as a kid. My brain said I was hooked, my budget often disagreed. There was a simple joy in just driving around the track, beating others in impromptu races just added to the enjoyment. Full size cars, motorcycles and the fairer sex, contributed to a long hiatus from slots till I walked into Monty Ohren's Crash and Burn in late1975. I started racing in actual competitions and Monty talked me into trying USRA in 1976. Along the way I have met a wide variety of people who I enjoyed racing with and a few I really enjoyed racing against. I suspect most slotbloggers have similar stories adjusted for when they started, their level of success and how they enjoy our hobby today.


I'd like to thank the people that run the tracks, the distributors and manufacturers that let us continue to enjoy our hobby. Special thanks to Cheater for giving us this forum for our addiction.

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#533974 A sponsor clarification...

Posted by Matt Bruce on 09 March 2014 - 11:33 AM

The problem, like with so many other things in this world, is social media. Facebook, Internet, it's all the same. Things get out of control in cyberspace, people say things a lot of times out of context. I see it in business everyday, emails and texts instead of picking up the phone or setting a meeting. A Ping pong match of 20 emails that could have all been avoided with one phone call.


While I can't comment really on Ron, I have never hid behind the fact that I as well as others want everyone racing together. That's not to say I disagree with multiple organizations because I do not. I have had conversations with Ron on the PHONE and on social media. Maybe he is lying to me, I don't think so, but he wants the same. There is no reason why organizations can't get along as long as they sit down and come up with a solution for working together. Honestly, the majority of racers, myself included, would and do race in both.


Dividing Retro is just so silly. Believing the BS that goes on social media creates its own roadblocks which both sides seem to listen to. Airing dirty laundry never helps any situation. Each one exploits each other's rules like some presidential campaign to really what end? Ron is a very prideful person as are the BoD. It does not surprise me with what is said over social media that neither wanna move off their mountains. For the sake of argument, if I were Ron I would have felt I was not welcome to sponsor or race either.


But on the other hand, reading social media and the non-constructive comments of the minions I can see why no one would have asked him. Either way, I personally have found in both business and life to get back to the basics. Look both in the eye, get back to shaking hands and using today's technology as a tool and not as something to hide behind. I think the time is passed for who said what and who thinks they are right and who thinks who is wrong. Some people just wanna watch the world burn. It's very easy to see who those people are watching social media.


Are we really that different that no common ground can be had? I think not. I see both sides and I understand very clearly how we got to this point. In the end it's about I was right and you are wrong meanwhile racers are left in the middle just really wanting to race together. We have all been friends for a long time and know the slot car landscape.


History tends to repeat itself. Retro is a chance to change that.

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#527337 Breaking news - not really ;)

Posted by Matt Bruce on 06 February 2014 - 03:33 PM

It will never change. Just like some so-called National Retro Championship will never work or mean anything, win or not.
The reason that is, is because everyone doesn't race under one banner. Next, nobody gets titles like "The Best" cause they win a race or a series. You can call it whatever you want, doesn't make a difference. Over time is what earns those titles, and not because you win this or that, it comes from those you race against and race with.
Nobody nowadays will ever support a true national series, and I mean one that encompasses both coasts as well as the north, the south, and the midwest. It's too expensive and would literally turn into the last man standing to make every race. Let whomever run whatever they want to satisfy their desire to call whomever the best. In the end, there will always be another race, scheduled somewhere else, using some other format, raced on some different track, using some other rules. There are those that will never be satisfied no matter what.
Traveling to Retro races all these years I've seen no one run them all, or win them all, or have enough time and money to even get to them all. Hello, hear what I just said, get to them ALL. It wasn't that long ago that you didn't have any kind of organized racing to argue about. Nobody races for money, nobody is reimbursed for money spent, nobody has a contract, nobody CARES.
Just because you win a race, does that make you the best? If Horky loses the next five Worlds won't change the minds of 99% of scale racers out there he is the man. Same goes for Paul G, Beuf, Ron Hershman, Duran Trigillo, Greg Gilbert, Paul Pfeiffer, the late Jon Laster, Howie Ursaner, Sandy Gross, Jan Limpach, the list is endless. In the end you are judged by your peers, win, lose, or draw.
I have a side in this bullchit, and that is the side to see us all racing together again. I'll tell ya, you can knock the guys in Cali, but when it comes down to it, they don't keep score, they don't have the choice of tracks the rest of us have, or motors or tires or bodies but they sure have a lot of fun.
There is no winner in this deal, and it will all go away soon enough. It grew to this point for one reason, we all got along. Until we find a way back to that, it will stall and die. Manufacturers will lose, raceways will lose, and racers will lose. It wasn't broke, but it's broke now.
So to the powers that be, FIX IT.
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#658811 New JK stamped chassis

Posted by JK Products on 22 November 2016 - 06:44 PM

We inspected 250 chassis from the first batch and they were better than any mass produced chassis in the history of the industry, including our own, and by a significant margin. 99%+ of the feedback we have gotten confirms this.  It's always possible that someone in the factory dropped a rock on one but that would certainly be rare. If the UPS driver ran it over with his truck the box should show severe damage as it's a fair challenge to bend the chassis significantly due to the very high-strength steel we are using.


If anyone finds an Aeolos chassis out of the bag that's not flatter and with nicer verticles than any mass produced chassis you have ever purchased, (not a perfect chassis, be reasonable, but has to be new and fresh out of the bag) please contact me with where and when it was purchased and we will get you a good chassis, and will evaluate the return. 



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#658577 New JK stamped chassis

Posted by JK Products on 20 November 2016 - 09:35 AM

I really like all the positive comments and thanks everyone for trying the Aeolos. We are obviously very excited about it as it tested so well during our development. You always worry that you might be "drinking your own Kool-aid" when you get such overwhelmingly positive in-house test results. It's nice to see our data being confirmed.


I'm also glad you can see the manufacturing focus we are putting into all of our products (that's my background and what I really like, I'm much more of an engineer than a marketing or finance guy). Be it the low variability of our motors, or the Super-Flat™ tooling we developed for this very hard steel chassis. We will continue to improve the quality of our products always. We will occasionally miss, but hopefully not often. Thanks again.

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#658185 Who feels race reports and pics are important?

Posted by tonyp on 17 November 2016 - 07:52 AM

Who pays Noose to tech all the Retro East and IRRA® Premier events, take pictures, do race reports, keep records, etc.? He missed two races in eight years. Not a bad record for someone doing all the work for nothing.


Before you complain, step up to try to do what he does.


This is all just stupid.

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#656520 I just want consistent motors

Posted by Bryan Warmack on 02 November 2016 - 04:17 PM

Two questions, Bryan.

What was your reason to go to the Hawk Retro?

Did I ever contact you, suggesting the SCRRA adopt the motor?

The reason I ask is, Tim N has blamed me here on Slotblog, and Mill has blamed me on the SCRRA Facebook page.




To answer your questions. First, why go to the Hawk Retro? For years all we ran in the Can-Am class out here at BPR was the TSRD3 motor but we allowed the Falcon 7 in all the other classes. Eventually we allowed the Falcon 7 in Can-Am also. My opinion was that the concept of Retro was better served by allowing only ONE sealed, consistent and unchanging motor and I thought the TSR suited that bill perfectly, but other racers had differing opinions and said they couldn't get any good TSRs so we allowed the Falcon 7s in Can-Am. Slowly a pattern seemed to be developing where an occassional "ballistic" Falcon 7 would turn up and therefore a quest began to find these Falcons as people would buy more motors in search of the faster ones. A couple years ago the Hawk Retro came out and was introduced to rave reviews across the country and soon it became inevitable that the SCRRA would have to try this motor also.


After tearing several Hawk Retros apart to insure that they were the same as the TSRs and Falcons (wire, winds, etc.) we decided to let them run on a trial basis and it seemed early on that this was going to be the motor of choice on the King track as it was more reliable than the Falcon and faster than the TSR and seemed very comparable as far as performance went. Shortly after we just made the Hawk Retro legal as it was a great motor.


Several years have passed now and personally I think the early Hawks were perhaps the best and most consistent but I'm sure some racers will disagree with me. After these couple years I have seen these variations in the Hawk Retro....

              A)       Four different can markings:

                           1.    No markings

                           2.    MADE IN CHINA in black ink

                           3.    R  MADE IN CHINA  etched

                           4.    and the new 7R7R7R

              B)        Several different balancing procedures

              C)        Different magnetic cogging?

              D)        Different shafts

              E)        Different brushes

              F)        and now perhaps different wire, windings, and timing...


I'm not saying that any of these small changes might not fall into the normal range of manufacturing specs or saying that these changes would necessarily make the motor faster but it does continue to make the motor different in a class where I believe the motor should be basically unchanging. Again, here just my opinion and I still think the Hawks are very good for the money and I know none of this stuff can ever be perfect and I completely understand why these changes might be necessary. I'm sure JK will get it sorted out!


The SCRRA is just standing back watching to see how all this pans out as presently we really haven't seen enough of the new Hawk 7R to make any kind of decision one way or the other though I have torn two of the new ones apart and found them to be exactly the same as the old ones (65 turns of .0105" wire and the same timing). Track performance has been mixed...


And to answer your second question, at no time did you contact me or put pressure on the SCRRA to use the Hawk Retro in our racing program. Like I said, after many of the good early reviews the motor was getting it just seemed like a good idea to give the motor a try. In hindsight, my opinion is that we should have just stuck with the TSRs but like I said many will disagree with me!


The best we can hope for is a reasonable compromise that keeps most of the people happy! :)

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#611691 Sano Dave Fiedler memorial service

Posted by Howie Ursaner on 10 October 2015 - 05:42 PM

At the Memorial there was an amazing painting by Steve Koepp done for Dave. It shows Dave walking away, with box and controller. 





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#586363 Jay Kisling, 1960-2015

Posted by Matt Bruce on 16 March 2015 - 11:15 AM

Gone way too soon. My family and I will miss Jay very much. One of the best for sure.


Jay is the guy who pushed me to be better as a slot racer. He gave no quarter and he asked for none. Never one to mince words, Jay told you how it is, straight up, and expected the same back. He was always good to my son, and both Sharon and I loved him for that.


It tore me up to see him in pain and I'm thankful he is now at peace. The world lost a special man. He was a little rough around the edges, but he had a big heart. That was Jay. Thank you for being you. Thanks for all your help, your support, and friendship all these years. We miss you. Godspeed, my friend.

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#536728 IRRA® rules comments & discussion

Posted by Tex on 22 March 2014 - 06:16 PM

You guys are makin' too big a deal about this. It's nothing more than less than perfect manufacturing that yields some "out-of-spec" motors. I'll hazard the guess that most have 65 turns and some arms/poles have less and some arms/poles have more. Haven't you guys ever wondered why you'd sometimes get a really good motor? And why sometimes you get a dud? FK arms/poles with fewer/more than 65 winds has been going on as long as they've made the motors. Locals here have torn them down years ago(F7's) with the same results.... most have 65 turns, some fewer, some more. My GOD what do you people expect from a $12 motor originally used for such applications as sideview mirrors in cars? What DOES make a sideview mirror motor "out of spec"? Do you think it matters for such use if it has a few more/less winds? 65 turns may be the optimal spec as described on some order form, but a certain "variance" has to be expected when churning out tens of thousands of units so cheaply made. Do you think the Chinese factory owner cares if a few of the motors have a few more/less winds? Do you think the CEO's of Ford/Chrysler/Toyota/BMW, etc, etc, etc CARE if those motors have a few more/less winds? WE adopted motors perfectly acceptable for THEIR original use for our OWN use... a use not originally envisioned when the motor was designed. My GOD what bunch of prissy prima-donnas!


Roll the dice, pay yer $12 and have FUN. Burn it out, go get another one. If you run the ProSlot 4002's, what the @%$# do you care? I'm so tired of you guys that ain't got nuthin' better to do than bitch and moan and fret about somethin' that don't amount to a hill o' beans.


Gimme my yellow warning, Greg; I deserve it. BUT AT LEAST I GOT TO TELL THE PANTYWADS OFF! :diablo:

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#512755 Slotcars will be the new household word

Posted by momma on 12 November 2013 - 02:51 PM

Route 93 Raceways is going to the sky to advertise!!!


Route 93 Raceway Billboard.jpg

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