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Sports Car and Trans-Am at STR on 9/12/22

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Posted 13 September 2022 - 04:44 PM

Roseburg has endured a record hot summer. Several races have been cancelled due to the oppressive heat. Finally, a break in the weather and it was time to race Sports Car and Trans-Am at STR on 9/12/22. Nine rabid racers showed up drooling and growling lacking their slot car fix. We welcome back Mark from his summer break. Track conditions were quite good and everyone had a great time.


It is hard to believe, but the last time that Trans-Am cars were run at STR was back in October of 2021. Typically, Trans-Am races have been very hotly contested with only a very few laps between first and fifth places. Joe seems to rise to the top more than others finishing first more often than not. Rich and Bob usually battle for the second step of the podium while Ron and Mark always challenge for a podium spot, however, some surprises were in order. First, Bob ran his #2 car, a great looking Challenger. Second, Rich unveiled a Firebird T/A mounted on a chassis of his own design. The chassis featured an H-bracket concept similar to that of a Scholer or 2Naste with an inline motor. Power was supplied by a Hawk 7. Third, several competitors selected True Scale rather than the traditional OSCAR rides.

With little track time over the summer due to the hot weather and several cancellations, the guys were a bit rusty. The first heat grid was populated with Lowell on blue, Mike on yellow, Nick on red and Scott on white. When the green flag dropped the pack barreled down the straight heading for the banked turn. All made it through successfully. In the next turn there was a serious three car pile-up. Since it was the first lap and the wreck took some time to address, Rich suggested that the race be restarted. This was not really fair to Scott who managed to avoid the carnage and gain at least a half lap on the others. Scott was a good sport and in the end, the race was restarted. Following the restart, there was no such first lap incident. That being said, there was carnage in the third heat. Lowell launched his beautiful yellow True Scale 69 Camaro in the banked turn. The car hit the floor on its top breaking the windshield loose and bending the front end. After a good cry, it was determined that the Camaro could not continue. Bob was kind enough to provide a loaner (his pink OSCAR based Firebird).

Joe was first to rotate in on blue in heat #2 and set the pace with 22+ laps. Rich was next to rotate in and logged only 20+ laps. Bob was third to rotate in and matched Joe’s 22+ lap total. At that point it was clear that Bob and Joe were going to battle for the top step of the podium. Of the two, Joe was first in the barn with 88.6 laps. Entering his final heat Bob had completed 67+ laps and was well within striking distance. In the end, Bob prevailed, finishing first with 89.8 laps with Joe in second place.

The battle for the bottom step of the podium was between Rich and Ron. After a poor first heat, Rich put some credible lap totals on the board and finished with 86.4 laps (not bad for an untested ride). Ron entered the final heat with a slim chance of overtaking Rich. Ron was able to run 22+ laps but needed 23+. So, in the end, it was Rich in third and Ron in fourth, a bit more than a lap behind.
Below are the detailed results, images of the top three finishers and an image of Ron’s Firebird. Images of the all of the cars can be found using the following links
Electron Raceway: Historic Trans-Am - Electron Raceway classes - Slotblog


Lowell won the handicap competition. See below for complete results


We last raced Sports Cars at STR back in early March of 2022. That particular race was billed as one of Roseburg’s McFarland Memorial contests and attracted twenty-one participants including nine locals and out-of-towners from as far as Vancouver, Washington and Bend, Oregon. As you might have expected, locals dominated, winning all three podium spots and five of seven of the top spots. Bob won that race with his #1 ride, a Ferrari Modena powered by a Parma Super 16D. Second place was a very tight, hard fought battle between Rich, James, Joe and out-of-towner, Dustin. In the end, consistency prevailed as Rich finished second, James third, Dustin fourth and Joe fifth. It is hard to predict the outcome of the current contest, but look for Bob, Rich, Joe, Ron and Mark to be in the hunt for podium spots.

Again, there were a few surprise entries. Bob selected his #2 ride, a Jaguar XJ220. Rich selected a Bob McFarland chassis built in the early 2000s powered by a Parma Super. Mike selected a True Scale Ferrari F430 rather than his OSCAR based Modena. Lowell debuted his True Scale, Porsche GT1 EVO.
The battle for the podium spot was between Bob, Rich and Joe. Rich posted the fastest lap at 4.965 seconds but suffered a few incidents, not all his fault. Bob posted the most consistent performance (95.58%). In the end, consistency won out with Bob finishing on the top step of the podium with 89.8 laps. Rich was second about a half lap behind and Joe third about a lap down from Rich.

Below are images of the top three finishers, Mike’s Ferrari F430 and Lowell’s Porsche GT1 EVO
Images of all of the car can be found by clicking on the following links
STR - Sports Car Class - STR classes - Slotblog



Bob won the handicap competition

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