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Does degaussing work?

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#1 Dave Buchholz

Dave Buchholz

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Posted 18 January 2024 - 02:10 PM

Locally, there is a "spec class" hardbody race using  the H&R crusher motor (50k rpm). At "track calls" some cars roll amazingly far  after the power is turned off. Not mine The same cars also have more top end RPM.I wonder " why? 


Since both motor and gearing are mandatory, as well as a minimum total weight,, everyone should be starting on a level playing field. 


 I am told the motor's magnetic strength was reduced by "degaussing" .  The theory seems to be when the power is turned off, the momentum of the car allows a greater roll, as the inertia of the armature  is not affected as much by the weaker magnet field .  So it keeps rolling further.  Does this make sense?


 If so, what is used to degauss, and how is the process applied?


Thanks for any responses, both pro and con.

 Dave Buchholz,  



#2 crazyphysicsteacher


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Posted 18 January 2024 - 02:25 PM

One, they may hold the trigger better at those times than you do.
Two, the motor is the motor. If they had weaker magnets then they would have weaker acceleration too.
Three, the truth, those cars most likly have less rolling resistance than you car does. The axles are parallel to the track and the front and rear axles are aligned parallel to each other. They have also faced the bushings and make sure the axles slide easily through them. Those little items make all the difference when the power goes off.

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#3 Kim Lander

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Posted 18 January 2024 - 03:25 PM

where power is cut keep the trigger pulled....car will roll as if you have no brakes.

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#4 Bill Seitz

Bill Seitz

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Posted 18 January 2024 - 05:42 PM

I'm not sure making the magnets weaker to increase the rollout when the power is off will be of benefit, as weaker magnets also effect the motor's overall performance and will also alter the gear ratio required. I've not heard the term "degaussing" used with regard to making motor magnets weaker, and most slot racers prefer to make them stronger for increased performance, not weaker. "Degaussing" is a term used for equalizing or scrambling a spot concentrated magnetic field on a cathode ray tube (picture tube type TV is an example) and can also be used to "erase" magnetic tapes and discs. The tool is called a "Degausser" and is really just an A/C electromagnet. It would have mostly imperceptible effect (if any at all) on motor magnets. Magnets lose strength with age and heat, so as your motors get older or the hotter they get in use, the magnets get weaker. Honestly, though, I think the loss of performance due to making magnets weaker will far outstrip and advantage you'll get from the car rolling out further. Main thing is to not to put the controller into braking mode when the power is off as is suggested in above responses.

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#5 Dave Buchholz

Dave Buchholz

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Posted 24 January 2024 - 11:29 AM

Thanks to all those who have responded. I appreciate your candid input.

#6 gotboostedvr6


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Posted 24 January 2024 - 07:29 PM

A worn out comm will have more Track! roll then a freshly broken in motor due to comm burn and reduced brush contact.
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