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Revival races of the Gp7 anglewinders of early '70s?

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#151 Eddie Fleming

Eddie Fleming

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Posted 26 November 2018 - 06:20 PM

It's like some kind of weed you stamp it out in one spot and it springs up in another.

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Eddie Fleming

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Posted 26 November 2018 - 06:23 PM

So you want to have a race? Okay Bruce. All fine and dandy. Tell you what, as a track owner, I'm even game to host. Here's what I want...

#1 - You handle ALL promotional duties. After you reserve your date on my calendar, it's up to you to let all of your potential racers know what the date is, what (if any) the payout will be, what the rules are, what you'll be serving for lunch, when tech is, what the race format is, etc... etc... etc...

#2 - You foot the WHOLE BILL. Catering for lunch? On you unless you contract my shop's catering. Trophies? On you. Printed Rulebook? On you. Plaques? Giveaways? T-shirts? All on your dime. 

#3 - You handle ALL technical duties. It's not my show. I'm not stepping one foot out of my race director's stand to settle a disagreement between your racers about what's a period part or whether a car conforms to the rulebook. As far as I'm concerned when I'm hosting YOUR race, I don't even know what the hell a slot car is. That's YOUR job.

#4 - I don't gamble. If this were an event for an established series or sanction, I'd have a good day or a bad day depending entirely on entrants. Since I'm taking a flier on YOUR ability to promote this event, we're going to have a little insurance policy. The Ohio Challenge Cup (that would be the mostly sealed motor series for modern Flexi type cars I direct) just put a bit over $500 into my register in entries. Regardless of whether or not you have the entries to cover that, that's what my time to prepare my track and block off a day from my regular local business is going to cost you.

You see, Bruce, I spend a LOT of my own time making a business out of slot car racing AND promoting a viable traveling series for real racers and listening to your half-baked pontificating about how good it used to be just pisses me off to no end because people who can only whine that things aren't how they were do irreparable damage to how good they are now. 

Off-the-wall chassis are better than they've ever been. Off-the-wall motors are better than they've ever been. My shop is in the very building where Jan Limpach and Joel Montague made their names and I'm here to tell you that not one of their cars from back then could hang on a blue King against an OCC GTP car with its $15 sealed FK motor and aluminum pan Mossetti chassis. 

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Posted 26 November 2018 - 06:29 PM

Nuff said...


Bruce, PM those who have indicated an interest in your concept and show us you can make it work, OK?


Endless promotion of this on Slotblog needs to end now please.

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Gregory Wells

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