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Penn-Ohio Race #2 results - NESCR, North East, PA

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Posted 21 October 2013 - 08:56 PM

Bartos, Bennardo, Koepp, Krivacek, Muir break track records


 Race #2 - North East Raceway  North East, PA


The weekend started off with Parma’s Steve Koepp holding a Parma Painting Clinic Friday evening. The Lexan bodies were lined up for Steve. He demonstrated his skill working steadily through the stack of bodies. His artwork was showcased with a beautiful Midnight Sky paint scheme on a body to be given as a door prize. Thanks to Steve and Parma for helping the slot car community in Northwestern PA  perfect their painting skills. 


The Concours judges had their hands full with all those fresh-painted bodies. In Stocker, a Steve Koepp painted Parma Cyclone detailed with the Alfac decal kit won Concours. F1 had Leroy Moyers black car with red, purple, and gold striping taking the honors. Jay Sabala’s nicely-detailed Can-Am done in Retro style was the judge's pick. The Concours wizard from Natrona Heights, Aaron Ploskunak, took top honors in Retro Flexi. His blue, orange, and  yellow flamed Parma Lola coupe was a hit with the judges.

Concours sponsored by Outisight Designs

Stock Car 




1)  Dan Ebert 
2)  Aaron Ploskunak 
3)  Steve Ploskunak






1)  Leroy Moyer
2)  Bob Stanley
3)  Steve Ploskunak






1)  Jay Sabala
2)  Steve Ploskunak
3)  Mike Muir


Retro Flexi




1)  Aaron Ploskunak
2)  Leroy Moyer
3)  Dan Ebert



F1 Qualifying

The Oglivie orange was in top shape for qualifying. The NESCR Staff had the track prepped just right for some record-breaking performances. Mike Muir didn’t disappoint with a 3.5246 to top the field and set a new qualifying record at North East. Mike’s run was no fluke, as he backed it with a 3.5249. Ricky Bennardo’s 3.531 attempt was close, but just short with a 3.5319. Dan Ebert closed out the top three using a Team R-Geo car for a 3.5366 run. 


1)  Mike Muir - 3.5246 secs

2)  Ricky Bennardo Jr. - 3.5319

3)  Dan Ebert - 3.5366

4)  Bud Bartos - 3.5750            

5)  Steve Koepp - 3.5941

6)  Bob Stanley - 3.6016

7)  Willy Custer - 3.6282          

8)  Greg Fox - 3.6482

9)  Steve Ploskunak - 3.7121

10)  Aaron Ploskunak - 3.7190

11)  Ross Scharf - 3.7212

12)  Gil Pataky - 3.7237

13)  Denny Krivicek - 3.7272

14)  Rick Bennardo Sr - 3.7510

15)  Ron Culp - 3.7649

16)  Mike Peskar - 3.7692

17)  Lester Lucas - 3.7868

18)  Jay Sabala - 4.0938

19)  Leroy Moyer - 4.2157


Can-Am Qualifying

After witnessing several 3.3s runs in practice, we knew for sure that someone would break the 3.5 barrier on the orange. The Freeport Flyer, Ricky Bennardo, used his new R-Geo GVP clone car to set a track record qualifying time. His Fast Ones Puppy Dog laid down a smooth 3.4281 for the Top Q position. Hometown racer Dan Ebert came close with a fine run of 3.435. Dan used a TSR-powered R-Geo Speedwagon for the second spot. Ohio’s Mike Peskar ran a Hansen-built chassis using a Falcon motor to lock down the third position with a 3.4676. Steve Koepp, Bud Bartos, Greg Fox, and Mike Muir rounded out the racers breaking the 3.4 mark in qualifying.

1)  Ricky Bennardo Jr - 3.4281 secs - new track record!

2)  Dan Ebert - 3.4354

3)  Mike Peskar - 3.4676            

4)  Steve Koepp - 3.4736

5)  Bud Bartos - 3.4783

6)  Greg Fox - 3.4834

7)  Mike Muir - 3.4873

8)  Bob Stanley - 3.5156

9)  Jim Verga - 3.5401

10)  Gil Pataky - 3.5536

11)  Willy Custer - 3.5675

12)  Aaron Ploskunak - 3.5793

13)  Denny Krivacek - 3.5868

14)  Steve Ploskunak - 3.5898

15)  Rick Bennardo Sr - 3.6401

16)  Lester Lucas - 3.6497

17)  Ross Scharf - 3.6516

18)  Chuck Kron - 3.7162

19)  Lorenzo Frietze - 3.7201

20)  Ron Culp - 3.7995

21)  Jay Sabala - 3.8237

22)  Leroy Moyer - 3.8761               

23)  Steve Loringer - 3.9763           

Stock Car Results

A Main
The Saturday racing took to the 55 foot 
tri-oval with two six-man mains. It was tough to figure out who was actually leading with the inside lanes dominating the lap counts early. It was a five-man race early, while Denny and Bud were running the upper lanes. But as Denny and Bud moved to the inside lanes, they quickly moved up the leader board. Denny either tied or ran the top lap total in six of the eight heats. His Denny K chassis blew the field away coming through the tri-oval. No one could stay close to him on that part of the track. Denny’s Falcon-powered O/S Charger held off the charging Cyclone of Bud Bartos for his first Penn Ohio event win. Bud used a Falcon-powered Bartos Z-railer for second. Steve Koepp cruised into the last podium with a Parma Cyclone, Falcon motor, and R-Geo Chassis. Denny also set a new lap total record on the oval with his fine run.




1)  Denny Krivacek - 386 laps

2)  Bud Bartos - 384     

3)  Steve Koepp - 373     

4)  Dan Ebert - 371     

5)  Steve Ploskunak - 367     

6)  Jim Verga - 335     


B Main
It looked like North East’s Bob Stanley would be challenging Ricky Bennardo for the win. Ricky solved his mechanical issues quickly at midrace, and this was enough to beat Bob in the B main. However, the stop to the pits left Ricky off the overall podium for the Stocker race. Bob’s struggles in green, black, and purple left the door open for National FCR Champion Aaron Ploskunak to take the second place spot in the B. Aaron ran consistent laps across the track to overtake Bob. Ricky’s winning B Main car was an R-Geo machine sporting a Pro Slot Chinese motor.




1)  Ricky Bennardo Jr - 372 laps

2)  Aaron Ploskunak - 355      

3)  Bob Stanley - 352      

4)  Lester Lucas - 345      

5)  Rick Bennardo Sr - 335      

6)  Lorenzo Frietze - 331    


Overall Stock Car Results




1)  Denny Krivacek - 386 laps

2)  Bud Bartos - 384

3)  Steve Koepp - 373

4)  Ricky Bennardo Jr - 372

5)  Dan Ebert - 371

6)  Steve Ploskunak - 367

7)  Aaron Ploskunak - 355

8)  Bob Stanley - 352

9)  Lester Lucas - 345

10)  Rick Bennardo Sr - 335

11)  Jim Verga - 335

12)  Lorenzo Frietze - 331

F1  Results

A Main
Bud Bartos and his Z-railer came out of the gates to take a slim lead over same lap runners Bob Stanley and Mike Muir. Steve Koepp and Ricky Jr were one lap down, with Ricky running the quick lap of the heat. Second heat, Bob Stanley uncapped the headers on his Falcon R-Geo Victory chassis car.  Bob moved out to a two-lap lead with a heat high 48 and the only car in the 3.6s for the heat. Steve, Bud, and Ricky, all ran on the same lap, two laps down. Stint 3, Steve moved into second with Bob maintaining a one-lap lead. Mike M and Ricky are now battled for third as Bud dropped off the pace.  Heat 4, Ricky Jr. turned up the heat with a race high 49 laps in green. Bob ran 48 in black and held his one-lap lead over Steve and Ricky. Bob and Ricky locked up in a duel in heat 5, Bob in yellow and Ricky in blue; both ran 3.570 in the heat. We had to go to the sixth digit to determine fast lap. Ricky got the nod for fast lap with a 3.570142 to Bob’s 3.570165. Bob’s 48 laps in the heat moved him back into a two-lap lead over Steve and Ricky.   Stint 6 had Steve K struggling in the red lane and falling out of contention for the win. Bob found a car in his lane and got a hard lick. His car slowed, but he managed to maintain his two-lap lead. Heat 7, Ricky could smell the win as Bob’s car slowed  after hard contact in orange. We started heat 8 with both Bob and Ricky on the same lap. Ricky ran yellow hard, as Bob could only watch him go by while he was in the red lane with a limping car. Bob was able to hold off a charging Steve Koepp for second. Ricky Bennardo was your winner with fast lap and two track records along the way. Battling Back Bennardo earned the fast lap and lap total track records with his comeback effort. Way to go, Ricky, and hats off to newcomer Bob Stanley in his first A Main and podium finish.




1)  Ricky Bennardo Jr - 374 laps, best lap of 3.57014 secs -  new track records: fast lap and total laps

2)  Bob Stanley - 369, 3.57016

3)  Steve Koepp - 369, 3.6207

4)  Bud Bartos - 366, 3.6209

5)  Mike Muir - 364, 3.6166

6)  Dan Ebert - 363, 3.6285

7)  Willy Custer - 359, 3.6207

8)  Greg Fox - 358, 3.6323


B Main
The B Main ran as an eleven-man round robin. The first heat had Gil Pataky and Mike Peskar pulling out to a one-lap lead over Denny Krivacek. The rest of the field quickly spread out after heat one and two. Gil went to a sit-out and Denny moved into the lead after Mike P struggled in green. Things reversed when Denny moved to black and Mike ran a 46 in Blue to take a four-lap lead over the field. As racers moved in and out with the sit-outs, Mike continued to lead with lap total. Denny controlled second with Lester Lucas now in third. Stint 5 had Denny moving into the middle lanes and Mike in the gutters; Denny ran a heat high and tied for the lead. Heat 6 showed Denny with a one-lap lead over Mike P with Steve P, Aaron P, Ross S, and Gil lurking in the shadows with high lap averages. Heat 8, Mike Peskar finished and watched as the rest of the field tried to catch his leading total of 355.  With nine down, Ross moved into second as he finished with 351. Steve Ploskunak now came on the radar as he moved ahead of Gil in the standings.  The podium bumping started with Aaron finishing and moving into second with 352 after ten heats. The on-track leaders after 11 were Steve 309, Denny 308, and Gil 306, all with a chance of gaining a podium spot. The final heat had Steve P running the B Main heat high with a clean run of 48 laps. Steve’s final heat proved to be the B Main winner for him. Mike P watched from the sit-out spot and took second. Denny cruised home with a 45 to give him the final podium spot in the B Main.





1)  Steve Ploskunak - 357 laps, best lap of 3.6791 secs        

2)  Mike Peskar - 355, 3.6795

3)  Denny Krivacek - 353, 3.7302  

4)  Aaron Ploskunak - 352, 3.729

5)  Ross Scharf - 351, 3.7269       

6)  Gil Pataky - 351, 3.3701

7)  Lester Lucas - 336, 3.7895

8)  Rick Bennardo Sr - 326, 3.7888

9)  Ron Culp - 323, 3.7887             

10)  Jay Sabala - 270, 3.9491             

11)  Leroy Moyer - 213, 4.0583        


F1 Overall Results


1)  Ricky Bennardo Jr - 374 laps, best lap of 3.57014 secs - New track records for lap total and fast lap

2)  Bob Stanley - 369, 3.57016

3)  Steve Koepp - 369, 3.6207             

4)  Bud Bartos - 366, 3.6209

5)  Mike Muir - 364, 3.6166

6)  Dan Ebert - 363, 3.6285

7)  Willy Custer - 359 3.6207             

8)  Greg Fox - 358, 3.6323

9)  Steve Ploskunak - 357, 3.6791

10)  Mike Peskar - 355, 3.6795             

11)  Denny Krivacek - 353, 3.7302

12)  Aaron Ploskunak - 352, 3.729

13)  Ross Scharf - 351, 3.7269

14)  Gil Pataky - 351, 3.7301

15)  Lester Lucas - 336, 3.7895

16)  Rick Bennardo Sr - 326, 3.7888

17)  Ron Culp - 323, 3.7887

18)  Jay Sabala - 270, 3.9491

19)  Leroy Moyer - 213, 4.0583             


Can-Am Results

A Main
After Bob’s good run in F1, Bullet Bob Stanley started the Can-Am race with 49 laps to take the lead. Greg Fox, Bud Bartos, and Steve Koepp followed with 48. Bob followed up with another 49, as Bud pulled into second alone with Steve in third. Fourth place was a logjam with four racers at 95 laps.  The third heat, Ricky Jr spanked the field with a 50 lap heat. This tied him for the lead with Bud. Bob dropped to second with Dan Ebert now moving up the leader board. Heat 4 finds four racers running 49 laps, this moved all four in to the top postions. Ricky and Bud tied for first, Dan one down and Steve two. Steve Koepp won heat 5, as Ricky ran into problems in purple. This made for a three-way tie for the lead with Ricky two laps back. Steve, Dan, and Bud had 240 laps now. Steve K put down the hammer in number 6 with a 50 in purple. Dan dropped to second two laps back and Bud and Ricky were in third three laps back. Stint 7 Dan was in orange and Steve in black, and Dan ran the heat high with a 49 to pull within 
one lap of Steve.  The final segment found Steve in yellow and Dan in white with Ricky in orange. Steve’s 49 gave him an easy ride home to first. Dan lost power in his car (loose motor screws) and just barely held off Ricky for second. Congrats to Steve on his second win of the season and for setting two new track records during the race - lap total and fast lap. Great run by the top four, they all beat the previous record for total laps and six of the eight ran under the old record for fast lap.




1)  Steve Koepp - 387 laps, best lap of 3.4577 secs       

2)  Dan Ebert - 384, 3.4616

3)  Ricky Bennardo Jr - 383, 3.4603             

4)  Bud Bartos - 380, 3.460

5)  Mike Muir - 373, 3.4608

6)  Bob Stanley - 372, 3.5073

7)  Greg Fox - 363, 3.5702

8)  Mike Peskar - 42, 3.6288


B Main
The B main was a wild one, with leaders dropping and backmarkers moving to the top. Heat one Mr. R-Geo himself came smoking on the rails with a 48. Aaron was second with 46, Denny and Gil with 45. Rick hit the pits with problems in heat two, sending him to the bottom of the board.  This moved Aaron into sole possession of first place by three laps. Willy Custer’s 49 pulled himself out of the cellar and in second, now with Gil.  Denny dropped to fourth and was tied with Lester Lucas. Stint 3 had another racer popping out of the bottom after running 49 laps. Steve Ploskunak jumped to third with his run in orange. Willy Custer tied Aaron for the lead using lane advantage in the heat. Heat 4, Steve again ran 49 to pull within one of Aaron. Willy struggled in purple to drop to third. Heat 5 got rough with no one running over 46. Steve tied Aaron with Willy two laps back, and Gil looked to move into a podium spot. With six heats in the books, Aaron and Steve were both still battling for the lead with Willy, two laps back. Gil, Denny, and Jim Verga were now in a battle for fourth. Jim Verga ran the high heat of the race in heat 7 with 50 laps. Willy and Steve both ran 49. This moved Jim into fourth, with Steve leading and Willy in second. Willy and Aaron both ran 47 in the final heat to challenge Steve. Steve ran into traffic and only ran 45. Willy came within feet of passing Steve in the final laps of the race. The winner, Steve Ploskunak with 373 laps and one section over Willy. Steve was coming out of the bridge and Willy just going in.




1)  Steve Ploskunak - 373 laps, best lap of 3.5193 secs  

2)  Willy Custer - 373, 3.5071

3)  Aaron Ploskunak - 372, 3.5704

4)  Jim Verga - 368, 3.5072             

5)  Gil Pataky - 367, 3.6789

6)  Denny Krivacek - 360, 3.617

7)  Lester Lucas - 353, 3.7297             

8)  Rick Bennardo Sr - 342, 3.6216          


C Main
Route 93’s Ross Scharf led from start to finish in the C Main. He moved to a two-lap lead in the second heat and continued to build on it to the finish. While Ross was in his own race, Chuck Kron, Jay Sabala, and Lorenzo Frietze battled for the two remaining podium positions. After three heats, Chuck moved into sole possession of second with Jay and Lorenzo tied for third. Heat 4 Ross ran the fast lap with a 3.57 and 48 laps. Lorenzo’s 47 moved him into second with Chuck in third and Jay falling out of contention. The leader didn’t change until heat 7, when Lorenzo lost a wheel in the bank. This allowed both Chuck and Jay to move up one position. The final heat Ross put it in cruise control and won by ten laps over closest racer Chuck Kron with REM racer Jay Sabala taking third.




1)  Ross Scharf - 367 laps, best lap of 3.5708 secs          

2)  Chuck Kron - 356, 3.7302

3)  Jay Sabala - 348, 3.7303

4)  Steve Loringer - 347, 3.8514

5)  “Handsome” Leroy Moyer - 347, 3.7890

6)  Ron Culp - 340, 3.7302

7)  Lorenzo Frietze - 290, 3.7297


Can-Am Overall Results




1)  Steve Koepp - 387 laps, best lap of 3.4577secs -  new track records for lap total and fast lap

2)  Dan Ebert - 384, 3.4616 

3)  Ricky Bennardo Jr - 383, 3.4603

4)  Bud Bartos - 380, 3.460

5)  Steve Ploskunak - 373, 3.5193

6)  Willy Custer - 373, 3.5071

7)  Mike Muir - 373, 3.4608

8)  Aaron Ploskunak - 372, 3.5704

9)  Bob Stanley - 372, 3.5072

10)  Jim Verga - 368, 3.5072

11)  Ross Scharf - 367, 3.5708

12)  Gil Pataky - 367, 3.6789

13)  Greg Fox - 363, 3.5702                           

14)  Denny Krivacek - 360, 3.617

15)  Chuck Kron - 356, 3.7302

16)  Lester Lucas - 353, 3.7297

17)  Jay Sabala - 348, 3.7303

18)  Steve Loringer - 347, 3.8514

19)  Leroy Moyer - 347, 3.7890

20)  Rick Bennardo Sr - 342, 3.6216

21)  Ron Culp - 340, 3.7302

22)  Lorenzo Frietze - 290, 3.7297

23)  Mike Peskar - 42, 3.6288


Retro Flexi Results


It was the end of the day, and with thirteen racers, it was decided to run a thirteen-man round robin. Steve Ploskunak, Jim Verga, and Dan Ebert jumped out to the lead at the start. Mike Peskar changed that with an amazing run of 35 laps in yellow, changing the leader board. Mike, Dan, and Jim shared the lead and Steve dropped to fourth tied with Gil. Heat 3 Jim and Mike took over the lead and Dan dropped down one lap. Heat 4 Jim Verga moved into first with a 33 in purple. Mike Peskar went  into sit-outs and Jim struggled in black. Dan Ebert moved into a one lap lead over Jim. Heat 6, Bud Bartos finally got his chance to run and both he and Dan scored 35 laps in the heat. Dan took a three-lap lead over Jim. Jim bounced back in heat 7 with a 35 in the orange lane. The sit-out racers were moving in and out, and with lap averages, the leader board changed. Bud took over the lead in heat 8, beating the field by three laps with his 35 lap total. By this point, Bud had wrapped up the win and Mike had second. Heat 13, with one minute to go in the race, the track lost power and could not be restarted. Penn-Ohio officials and racers agreed to take the lap averages after Heat 13 laps were subtracted from the totals. We wrapped it up and called it a day.


Retro Flexi Overall Results




1)  Bud Bartos - 33.85 lap average, best lap of 3.289 secs - fast lap time and new track record

2)  Mike Peskar - 33.4     

3)  Dan Ebert - 33.1     

4)  Jim Verga - 33        

5)  Bob Stanley - 32.5     

6)  Gil Pataky - 32.2     

7)  Steve Ploskunak - 31        

8)  Steve Koepp - 30        

9)  Leroy Moyer - 29.6     

10)  Lorenzo Frietze - 29.4     

11)  Lester Lucas - 29.4     

12)  Aaron Ploskunak - 29.2     

13)  Steve Loringer - 27.2    


Thanks to Lester Lucas for hosting Race 2 of the 2013-14 season. Congrats again to all the race winners and podium finishers. High fives to all the racers who broke track records at NESCR. We want to give Steve Koepp an “Oh Hell Yeah” for putting on the painting clinic Friday night.  We should be seeing many great paint jobs after learning Steve’s tips and tricks to painting concours-winning paint jobs. Thanks to all who donated race prizes – Parma, North East Raceway, Outisight, Denny K Chassis, and Captain’s Interiors. 


See everyone next month for race #3!

Next Month - 
November 30:


Washington Slot Car Club
1115 Allison Hollow Rd.
Washington, PA 15317


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Posted 21 October 2013 - 09:43 PM

Great race report, Dan!!!


And thank you!!!

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 09:31 PM

Nice report, Dan. Any photos?

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Posted 23 October 2013 - 10:25 AM

Great report... Go get them, Ricko Jr!!!


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Posted 23 October 2013 - 10:41 AM

Nice job, guys!

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Posted 23 October 2013 - 06:02 PM

Pictures are available on the Penn-Ohio Facebook site. Some pictures will be posted here later. The Penn-Ohio Facebook site is our primary source for communication and race information (results, events, track records, picture albums, etc.). 


Thanks for your kind comments,




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Posted 24 October 2013 - 01:44 PM

I've brought some pics over from the P-O Facebook page to add to the race report.


As everyone said, it's a great race report, Dan!

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