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Penn Ohio Race #3

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Posted 03 December 2013 - 12:12 PM

Gil Pataky and Steve Ploskunak

Score first Penn Ohio wins at Washington

 Race #3  Washington Slot Club

6 Records broken with Henry and Bartos also in Victory Lane

  The Penn Ohio traveling troop made their way to southwest PA for Race 3 on the 9 race trek.  The newly refinished UK was in tip top shape with 6 track records being broken on the day.  Before action moved to the 55 foot Verga built paperclip Oval, concours judging took place.  Stocker Concours was won by Dan Ebert with a Denny Hamlin lookalike Parma Cyclone car.  Cap Henry’s F1 sported his team colors in blue with orange detailing.  Mr Green, Greg Fox, had his Parma TI 22 flamed over guess what (?)  a bright green main color.  Mr Concours, Aaron Ploskunak, popped up on the Concours radar with a Parma Lola painted blue with flames.

Concours Sponsored by Outisight Designs

Stockers:          1st   Dan Ebert 

                        2nd  Aaron Ploskunak 

                        3rd  Cap Henry

F-1                  1st  Cap Henry

                        2nd  Aaron Ploskunak

                        3rd  Steve Ploskunak

Can-AM          1st  Greg Fox

                        2nd  Steve Ploskunak

                        3rd  Aaron Ploskunak

Retro Flexi       1st  Aaron Ploskunak

                        2nd  Leroy Moyer

                        3rd  Greg Fox                                                                                                           



As F1 qualifying shook out, racers quickly figured out that if they put a quick lap together, they would run the lap counter just before the 90 turn as hard as they could.  This did result in deslots and some hard wall shots.   Ricky Bennardo, he took the chance and it put him in the pole position with his R-Geo ride.  His 4.692 will be the Track Qualifying Record to beat the next time at WSC.  Willy C, Cap, Steve Ploskunak and Bud all ran in the 4.7’s but couldn’t break the 4.6 barrier set by Ricky.

F1 Qualifying

  1. 4.692               Ricky Bennardo Jr.    Track Record
  2. 4.744               Willy Custer
  3. 4.754               Cap Henry
  4. 4.757               Steve Ploskunak
  5. 4.776               Bud Bartos
  6. 4.904               Steve Koepp
  7. 4.935               Greg Fox
  8.  4.979              Mike Peskar
  9.  5.077              Ross Scharf
  10.  5.098              Aaron Ploskunak
  11.  5.113              Gil Pataky
  12.  5.139              Brian McPherson
  13.  5.265              Bob Sax
  14.  5.357              Rick Bennardo Sr
  15.  5.370              Dan Ebert
  16.  5.410              Leroy Moyer
  17.  5.500              Kevin Cosgrove
  18.  5.585              Lester Lucas


Can Am Qualifying

The Amherst Assassin, Bud Bartos, covered the field by a half a tenth in qualifying.  Bud used a JK Bartos built car with JK Retro power covered by a Parma TI 22.  Bud’s 8/29 geared JK pulled a 4.610 for the top spot and Track Record in qualifying.  Cap Henry was the only other racer in the 4.6’s.  He also used a Bartos Built JK X25 with JK Hawk power.  Greg Fox just missed the 4.6’s with a fine 4.714 run for the third spot.  Willy, Rick Jr, Steve Koepp and Bob Sax rounded out the group hitting the 4.7 mark.


  1.  4.610              Bud Bartos                   Track Record
  2.  4.675              Cap Henry
  3.  4.714              Greg Fox
  4.  4.749              Willy Custer
  5.  4.761              Rick Bennardo Jr
  6.  4.772              Steve Koepp
  7.  4.790              Bob Sax
  8.  4.839              Brian McPherson
  9.  4.866              Steve Ploskunak
  10.  4.959              Mike Peskar
  11.  4.959              Aaron Ploskunak
  12.  5.009              George Katakis
  13.  5.013              Ross Scharf
  14.  5.013              Rick Bennardo Senior
  15.  5.046              Gil Pataky
  16.  5.011              Dan Ebert
  17.  5.207              Larry Kowicki
  18.  5.226              Jim Verga
  19.  5.327              Leroy Moyer   
  20.  5.393              Kevin Cosgrove
  21.  5.407              Lester Lucas


Stock Car Results

With an eleven man round robin, leaders changed quickly as racers moved in and out on the track.  The Verga Paperclip Oval also has definite inside lane advantage so the inside early racers will show leading the race.   Eventual winner and heat 1 leader, Bud Bartos ran a 54 in black and moved to a quick 3 lap advantage.  Stint 2 showed Bud increasing his lead to 6 laps over Steve Koepp,  followed by Mike Peskar.  Bud was still in the lead, but with moving to the outer lanes his lead lessened.  With Bud on sit outs, Steve Koepp took over on the track leader board.  Bud still held the lap average lead.  Steve left the race on sit outs and Mike Peskar and Rick Senior then locked up for the on track lead.  Cap Henry was into his 5th run and was averaging 50 laps a heat.  So Cap was now one of the average leaders just behind Bud.  Seven Heats were in and Cap moved to the lower lanes.  Bud had a slim lead over Cap in average and Rick Senior was the on track leader.   Heat 9 Cap Henry was now the leader and finished with 402 laps.  Bud had been averaging slightly over 50 and now moved to blue and purple.  Bud just needed 50 a heat to move ahead of Cap.  Meanwhile Ricky B had run a steady race and pulled into a chance for a podium spot with Steve Koepp.  Stint 10, Bud ran 54 to solidify his hold on the lead.   Ricky finished and took over second place on the leader board.  The Final heat, with Bud racing in purple and Steve in blue, both racers needed good heats to move into the lead positions.  When the checkered flag dropped Bud ran 54 bumping Cap to second.   Steve Koepp ran 52 to overtake Ricky and take third place.



Overall Stocker Finish

  1. 413      2.0783             Bud Bartos
  2. 402      2.0266             Cap Henry         Fast Lap of Race
  3. 394      2.1872             Steve Koepp
  4. 391      2.0821             Ricky Bennardo Jr
  5. 382      2.1881             Rick Bennardo Sr
  6. 381      2.1400             Mike Peskar
  7. 380      2.1406             Dan Ebert
  8. 373      2.1405             Jim Verga
  9. 354      2.2493             Lester Lucas
  10. 314      2.2494             Aaron Ploskunak
  11. 119      2.5190             Steve Ploskunak



F 1  Results

A Main

Steve Koepp came out of the gates firing on all cylinders.  His 36 laps in black put him in a one lap lead over Ricky, Greg Fox and Steve Ploskunak.  Steve K continued running the high lap total again, moving 2 laps ahead of second place Steve P.  Greg Fox pulled into third with Ricky, and Bud one behind.  Stint 3 and Steve K still held a 2 lap lead over Steve P.   Ricky moved to third when Greg struggled in purple.  Heat 4 and the race started to warm up for the lead.   Steve Koepp moved to white and Steve P ran in orange and put him one lap down.  Ricky was still in striking distance 4 laps down.  Steve P hit the turbo button and ran his race high of 36 laps in white to propel him into a tie with Steve.  Cap Henry ran back to back 36 lap heats in black and purple.  This moved him into third with Ricky B.   Heat 6 and the “Battle of the Steves”  was on.  Both tied at 209 with 2 heats to go, while Ricky was just 3 laps back.  Cap faltered in yellow moving him 4 back.   The showdown continued with Steve P in green and Steve Koepp in Blue.  Both ran 35 to stay 4 laps ahead of Cap Henry, who moved one lap ahead of  Ricky.  The final heat and Steve Ploskunak ran another 35 in blue, while Steve Koepp ran into traffic in purple.  This gave Steve P his first overall win in the Penn Ohio Series!!!!  Steve Koepp took second in a well fought race.  Cap dueled with Ricky and ended with them both running 33 laps.  Cap took the nod for the last podium spot.

  1. 279      4.726               Steve Ploskunak           New Track Record   Total Laps
  2. 277      4.757               Steve Koepp   
  3. 273      4.702               Cap Henry                   New Track Record   Fast Lap during racing  
  4. 272      4.736               Ricky Bennardo Jr
  5. 264      4.899               Greg Fox
  6. 261      4.789               Willy Custer
  7. 258      4.887               Bud Bartos
  8. 247      5.062               Mike Peskar



B Main

The B main ran as a 10 man round robin.  The first round of action, REM’s Brian McPherson led the way with 33 laps.  Bob Sax and Gil Pataky followed one lap down.  The B Main quickly became a 4 man race with Bob, Brian, Dan and Gil pulling away from the rest of the field.  With 3 down Brian was still leading by a lap over Bob.  Dan moved into 3rd over Gil Pataky.  Positions didn’t change until stint 5 when Bob Sax made a big move in the black lane taking a 3 lap lead.  Gil took third back over, while Brian stayed in control of second.   Bob added to his lead.  Dan found some handling late in the race to run back to back 34’s, to take over third place for good.  That wasn’t enough to catch Brian, when he also ran 34 in the last heat for his second place finish.  Bob Sax finished steady and won the B main by 6 laps and took 7th place overall in F1’s.

  1. 261      Bob Sax
  2. 255      Brian McPherson
  3. 254      Dan Ebert
  4. 249      Gil Pataky
  5. 244      Aaron Ploskunak         
  6. 233      Rick Senior
  7. 228      Ross Scharf
  8. 224      Lester Lucas
  9. 215      Kevin Cosgrove
  10. 137      Leroy Moyer


Overall F1 finish

  1. 279      4.726               Steve Ploskunak           New Track Record   Total Laps
  2. 277      4.757               Steve Koepp   
  3. 273      4.702               Cap Henry                   New Track Record   Fast Lap during racing  
  4. 272      4.736               Ricky Bennardo Jr
  5. 264      4.899               Greg Fox
  6. 261      4.789               Willy Custer
  7. 261                              Bob Sax
  8. 258                              Bud Bartos
  9. 255                              Brian McPherson
  10. 254                              Dan Ebert
  11. 249                              Gil Pataky
  12. 247                              Mike Peskar
  13. 244                              Aaron Ploskunak
  14. 233                              Rick Senior
  15. 228                              Ross Scharf
  16. 224                              Lester Lucas
  17. 215                              Kevin Cosgrove
  18. 137                              Leroy Moyer

Can-Am Results

A Main

The first 3 heats of the A main were a bit of a crash fest.  Cap Henry survived the carnage and charged to the lead.  Willy Custer and Steve Koepp followed one lap down.  With everyone racing 2 rounds, Cap ran a 36 giving him a 4 lap lead.  Bud moved into second and it looked like the third podium position may come from the B main.  Bud gained solid footing on second place after 3 rounds.   Cap was 3 laps ahead with Steve Koepp a distance third.   Everyone put in four heats and Cap pulled out to a 4 lap lead after a nice 36 lap run in white.  Bud was in total control of second.  Third place was log jam with Steve K, Ricky and Greg Fox all on the same lap count.   The top 2 didn’t move in 5 stints, but 3rd place was a dogfight.  6 heats, Bud started a late charge for the lead as Cap started to fade.  Steve Koepp finally shook off the challengers in heat 6 for 3rd and closed the deal with a 36 in round 7.   Bud’s 36 lap run in orange, put him one lap from the lead in round 7.  The final heat had Cap in purple and Bud in white.  Bud ran hard with a 35 to tie Cap, but the “Bellevue Bullet” held his ground and won by 10 sections to check off a flat track win on his “to do” list.

  1. 278      4.664               Cap Henry
  2. 278      4.663               Bud Bartos                   Fast Lap of Race
  3. 272      4.739               Steve Koepp
  4. 267      4.811               Steve Ploskunak
  5. 266      4.725               Ricky Bennardo Jr.
  6. 264      4.706               Willy Custer
  7. 261      4.818               Greg Fox
  8. 249      4.705               Brian McPherson
  9.  94       4.925               Bob Sax

B Main

The B main was a, “who is in what lane” to determine the early leaders.  Gil Pataky and Dan Ebert started the race with 33 laps followed by Aaron and Jim Verga with 31.   Round 2 , Gil moved to the lead with Aaron one lap down and Dan in third.  Stint 3 and Gil increased his lead by 2 laps with Aaron and Dan now tied for third.    Aaron began his march to the front in purple with an outstanding run of 35 laps.  He poured it on the next 2 heats to take command of the lead for the reminder of the race.   Dan was fading in the upper lanes, so Gil now had a firm hand on second place.  George Katakis quietly improved his position throughout the race to take home third place.  Aaron cruised home a winner and put plenty of pressure on the A main group to top his total.  He just missed the podium with a 4th place overall.   Gil Pataky took the second podium position with a nice run.


  1. 268      4.806               Aaron Ploskunak
  2. 265      4.956               Gil Pataky
  3. 257      4.893               George Katakis
  4. 255      4.837               Rick Senior
  5. 254      4.936               Dan Ebert
  6. 253      4.970               Jim Verga
  7. 251      5.000               Ross Scharf
  8. 248      5.027               Leroy Moyer
  9. 235      5.101               Larry Kowicki
  10. 231      5.226               Lester Lucas
  11. 132      5.473               Kevin Cosgrove


Can Am Overall Finish

  1. 278      4..664              Cap Henry
  2. 278      4.663               Bud Bartos               Fast Lap of the race and New Track Record
  3. 272      4.739               Steve Koepp
  4. 268      4.806               Aaron Ploskunak
  5. 267      4.811               Steve Ploskunak
  6. 266      4.725               Ricky Bennardo Jr
  7. 265      4.956               Gil Pataky
  8. 264      4.708               Willy Custer
  9. 261      4.818               Greg Fox
  10. 257      4.893               George Katzakis
  11. 255      4.835               Rick Senior
  12. 254      4.936               Dan Ebert
  13. 253      4.970               Jim Verga                                                                    
  14. 251      5.000               Ross Scharf
  15. 249      4.705               Brian McPherson
  16. 248      5.027               Leroy Moyer
  17. 235      5.101               Larry Kowicki
  18. 231      5.226               Lester Lucas
  19. 132      5.473               Kevin Cosgrove
  20.   94      4.925               Bob Sax



Retro Flexi Results

Eleven racers held on to tame the UK for the final time of the day.   Gil Pataky led the pressure cooker of a race from start to finish.  With limited marshals, it became a, “who could stay out of trouble” race.   Gil, Bud and Bob Sax showed they had the speed and handling to take it to the front of the pack.  Bob came out 2 laps short of challenging for the win.  Bud started slow and came on strong to challenge his teammate for the win.  No team orders were sent out for the leader to back down.  Rumor has it, Gil turned down the sensitivity on his radio to silence any team commands.   Bud ran the fast lap of the race in pursuit of the “Kindergarten Commando”, but his efforts fell short as Gil won by sections.  Congrats to Gil on his first Penn Ohio Victory!!!!

Flexi Retro Overall Finish


  1. 187      4.609   Gil Pataky
  2. 187      4.461   Bud Bartos                   Fast Lap of race  New Track Record
  3. 185      4.641   Bob Sax
  4. 178      4.698   Steve Koepp
  5. 176      4.753   Dan Ebert
  6. 176      4.829   Leroy Moyer
  7. 173      4.638   Aaron Ploskunak
  8. 171      4.910   Steve Ploskunak
  9. 167      4.669   Jim Verga
  10.  145     5.171   Lester Lucas
  11.  56       4.593   Greg Fox



Thanks to Ron Culp and his staff for holding another fine event at his facility.  Once again, the fresh cut fries and beef mushroom sandwiches were top shelf.  I am sure no one went away hungry.   Thanks to Parma, Ralph Thorne Racing, Denny K Chassis, and Gil Pataky for prizes and awards.  See everyone next month at Route 93.



Next Month

Route 93 Raceway
2211 Manchester Rd

Akron, OH 44314

(330) 861-5000


December 21st, 2013


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Posted 03 December 2013 - 12:36 PM

Thanks for the race report Dan.


Congrats to Steve and Gil!

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Posted 03 December 2013 - 12:38 PM

Great recap!

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Posted 04 December 2013 - 09:45 AM

Good report Dan. Thanks for all your work. It was good Steve P won F1. He drove a good race. I just chocked on Purple, flying of the track between Lesters legs twice was not good. LOL I always have fun at that track. I think we have a very good group of guys that race Penn- Ohio. That is what makes it fun. Hope to see everyone at Rt 93 on the 21st. SK
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Steve Koepp

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