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Clash at the Cave 2013

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#1 Mike Who?

Mike Who?

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Posted 09 December 2013 - 11:30 PM

Well the dust has settled from an outstanding 3 day race weekend at the cave. First and foremost thank you Todd for providing a world class raceway. Anyone who has been to the cave knows what I am talking about. This past weekend we had racers from the east coast, NorCal, and world traveler Chris Radisich who as of today is driving cross country to get back home (safe driving Chris). Friday started with the retro classes, F1, Can-Am and 32nd Can-Am. Saturday saw things heat up with LMP, JRL (our first go at it at the cave) and GT-12. Sunday was all about Eurosport racing, F1, ES32 and ES24.


Now for the results:


Retro F1

1. Todd Flammer       228.94

2. Chris Radisich       228.64

3. Bryan Warmack    222

4. Mike Aguirre         219

5. Tim Neja               218

6. Duran Trujillo       216

7. Dennis Samson   210

8. Jim Fowler           209

9. Mike Kravitz         207

10. Sam Rackham   205

11. Joe Chevy         201


Retro Can-Am

1. Chris Radisich     235

2. Duran Trujillo      232

3. Jim Fowler           228

4. Casey Scott        224

5. Bryan Warmack  223

6. Mike Kravitz        222

7. Tim Neja             218

8. Dennis Samson  210

9. Mike Aguirre       207

10. Joe Chevy        203

11. Sam Rackham  199

12. Tom Eatherly    171

13. Todd Flammer    37


32nd Can-Am

1. Chris Radisich    221

2. Jim Fowler          212.99

3. Bryan Warmack 212.56

4. Todd Flammer   204

5. Tim Neja            198

6. Dennis Samson 190

7. Joe Chevy          184

8. Mike Aguirre         69

9. Mike Kravitz        DNS



1. Herman James   267

2. Mike Aguirre       250

3. Chris Radisich    247

4. Dennis Samson  241

5. Tim Neja             240.06

6. Mike Kravitz        240

7. Joe Chevy          236

8. George Russell  234

9. Sam Rackham    227

10. Tim Hould         201

11. Todd Flammer    90



1. Chris Radisich   284

2. Casey Scott       282

3. Duran Trujillo     280

4. Todd Flammer   277

5. Mike Aguirre      266

6. Herman James  260

7. Dennis Samson 257

8. George Russell 254

9. Alex Freund      253

10. Mike Kravitz    246

11. Bill Vanderziel 241

12. Dan Mcleod    240.48

13. Sam Rackham 240.27

14. Tim Neja          187

15. James Grinstead 165

16. Tim Hould        92

17. Joe Chevy       89



1. Chris Radisich   302

2. Casey Scott       298

3. Herman James   296

4. Duran Trujillo    295

5. Mike Aguirre     291

6. Todd Flammer  290

7. George Russell 285

8. Tim Neja            273

9. Dennis Samson 272

10. Alex Freund     258

11. Joe Chevy       256

12. Sam Rackham 215

13. Mike Kravitz     175

14. James Grinstead 136


Eurosport races were done with 4 minute heats

Euro F1

1. Chris Radisich    318

2. Herman James   313

3. Casey Scott       312

4. James Grinstead 296

5. Mike Aguirre        294

6. Dennis Samson  282

7. Todd Flammer    111


Euro 32

1. Casey Scott        370

2. Todd Flammer    365

3. Herman James    334

4. Mike Aguirre        321

5. Dennis Samson   318


Euro 24

1, Herman James     455

2. Mike Aguirre         441

3. James Grinstead  420

4. Todd Flammer      417

5. Chris Radisich      410

6. Dennis Samson    384

7. Casey Scott          192


So there are the results!!!!


I would like to thank all those who helped with turn marshaling etc. I'll get the photos loaded soon.

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Mike Aguirre

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Posted 09 December 2013 - 11:40 PM

Well done Chris!  :)

Ron Thornton

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Tom Eatherly

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Posted 09 December 2013 - 11:49 PM


As you said, Todd and yourself really put on a heck of a weekend! I was only there Fri for Retro Can-Am, but man,I had a blast!

Thanks Mike for your help on my Can-Am sat  and to Bryan Warmack for his trying out my car and telling me; "Quit worrying, its working great!" Gotta appreciate input like that. Had fun guys. Can't wait for the rest of the report.

Tom Eatherly

#4 Mike Who?

Mike Who?

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Posted 10 December 2013 - 12:00 AM

Here are the photos....


DSCF0274(resized).jpg DSCF0275(resized).jpg DSCF0276(resized).jpg DSCF0277(resized).jpg DSCF0278(resized).jpg DSCF0279(resized).jpg DSCF0280(resized).jpg DSCF0281(resized).jpg DSCF0282(resized).jpg DSCF0283(resized).jpg DSCF0284(resized).jpg DSCF0285(resized).jpg DSCF0286(resized).jpg DSCF0287(resized).jpg DSCF0288(resized).jpg DSCF0289(resized).jpg DSCF0290(resized).jpg DSCF0291(resized).jpg DSCF0292(resized).jpg DSCF0293(resized).jpg DSCF0294(resized).jpg DSCF0295(resized).jpg DSCF0296(resized).jpg DSCF0297(resized).jpg DSCF0298(resized).jpg DSCF0299(resized).jpg DSCF0300(resized).jpg DSCF0301(resized).jpg DSCF0302(resized).jpg DSCF0303(resized).jpg DSCF0304(resized).jpg DSCF0305(resized).jpg DSCF0306(resized).jpg DSCF0307(resized).jpg DSCF0308(resized).jpg DSCF0309(resized).jpg DSCF0310(resized).jpg DSCF0311(resized).jpg DSCF0312(resized).jpg DSCF0313(resized).jpg DSCF0314(resized).jpg DSCF0315(resized).jpg DSCF0316(resized).jpg DSCF0317(resized).jpg DSCF0318(resized).jpg DSCF0319(resized).jpg DSCF0320(resized).jpg DSCF0321(resized).jpg DSCF0322(resized).jpg DSCF0323(resized).jpg DSCF0324(resized).jpg DSCF0325(resized).jpg DSCF0326(resized).jpg DSCF0327(resized).jpg DSCF0328(resized).jpg DSCF0329(resized).jpg DSCF0330(resized).jpg DSCF0331(resized).jpg


Mike Aguirre

#5 Tim Neja

Tim Neja

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Posted 10 December 2013 - 12:26 AM

The weekend was a BLAST!!! Can't wait for next year to do it again!! Chris R is the BOMB driver!! He won a LOT of class's with LOANERS!!! He took my Russ Toy 1/32 car and stacked lead on it till it wouldn't come out of the slot then blasted it around to take the win with that car!! He did it again with a Warmack F-1--not sure about all the others but he's a machine!!  Very fun racing---bite was superb and Todd, Mike, Mike K and Tim Hould really helped put on a great race!! Thanks to Todd for The Cave and The FOOD!!! Awsome!!! Cya again soon.

She's real fine, my 409!!!

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Posted 10 December 2013 - 12:29 AM

Todd, Mike Who, and Mike K:


Thank you for all the hard work in getting this first big race done. It was a great weekend all the way through. Some challenging conditions, some great racing, a few small glitches, but in the long run we all came out of it having had a lot of fun and cameraderie. It was good to see old friends again and to make some new ones.


I don't think I have ever run 9 classes of cars in three days before, but I would do it again at the Cave!

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Dennis Samson
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Samson Classics

#7 Russell Sheldon

Russell Sheldon

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Posted 10 December 2013 - 01:54 PM

Bryan's F1 Ferrari looks stunning!

Russell Sheldon
Cape Town, South Africa


#8 Chris Radisich

Chris Radisich

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Posted 11 December 2013 - 01:55 AM

Wow, what a weekend!


I'm sitting in a hotel in New Mexico on my long drive back to the east coast, the final leg of my trip across the world, still trying to recover from the weekend.


Firstly, thanks to Todd for putting a great flat track race on, and secondly thanks for putting it on the weekend that I arrived back from my long trip overseas, making it possible for me to be there.


Thanks to everyone who loaned me cars for all the races. Traveling as light as I was across the world I arrived with a controller and not much else to race. Thanks to my teammate Casey Scott for making the long trek out form Virginia, and for all his help. It would have never happened without you Casey.


Thanks Bryan Wormack for the loan of the very fast F1 car which I managed to TQ and then take a second place only 30 feet behind Todd.


Thanks again to Bryan Wormack for the loan of the Can-Am car. It was fast and smooth, and Duran and I had a race I know I will never forget, and we both raced hard on the same lap into the last heat. As always fun racing with you Duran!  


Thanks to Tim Neja for the loan of the Russ Toy 1/32 car. I've never run the class, so really had no idea what to do with the car when Tim loaned it to me as it bounced every time I tried to apply power. In New Zealand there is a Parma International 32 class powered by Parma Super 16d motors which is about as difficult to drive, so I figured a similar setup to those cars might work. Half a pound of lead later it went around the track pretty good, and as they say the rest is history. I cruised the car around and around, worrying that the motor might blow every time I went up the hill carrying all that weight, but it kept running and in the end turned  more laps than anyone else.


Thanks to Casey Scott for the loan of the JRL car I have been driving for the last year or so. The car is incredible, but unfortunately it's unbeaten record came to an end at this race. The tires I have been carrying around the world for the last few months hooked up ok in practice, but during the race they just got worse and worse, so all I could do was cruise and try to keep the car rolling. Sorry Casey.


A huge thanks to my SoCal Buddy Tim Hould for the LMP car. Without a doubt, that car was the best flexi car I have ever driven, and I'm still not sure how I ended up with it after having third choice of car between Casey, Tim and myself, but I sure am glad I got to drive it. Another TQ plaque, and first in the race was just incredible. The car never put a wheel wrong n the race, and I managed to drive it out of the slot once myself all race long. Truly an incredible car!


Another huge thanks to Tim Hould for the loan of his PMP GT12 car. We put together my Mack, but then TIm decided not to race so I tried his car and decided to race it. Another incredible car that just did everything right and another race win.


For my favorite class of all, 32nd F1 Eurosport Tim Hould again lent me one of his cars, this one the car he ran at the recent ISRA Worlds. I tried it out on Thursday Night, and immediately I knew it could be a winner on Sunday. Never changed anything on the car and it just went around the track without any real effort. In the race I got behind a little at the start, but by mid race had caught back up and then just worked on building a lead. Another win with another incredible car from Tim.


The only race I missed all weekend was 32nd Eurosport. With my 32nd F1 car and 32nd Euro still sitting in PA at home I figured it was just time to marshal a race and save what little energy I had by that point for 24th Euro.


For 24th Eurosport Casey had the same Horky chassis I've run in a number of races, including the third place in the New Zealand 24th Nats. The car was as good as usual, but I struggled to find a motor and tested a couple of Caseys, as well as a couple of Tim Houlds motors, finally settling on one of Tims. Late in practice I struggled to get the car hooked up, and it never really got any better after that, taking a 5th place finish.


Thanks also to the new Ruddick controller guys. They put up a DR40 as a prize for the highest points scorer on Saturdays races, and that was me, so I ended up with the shiny new DR40. Thanks guys.


An incredible weekend of flat track racing for me, and one that will stand out in my slotcar career forever. Winning so many classes, taking overall honors, and on top of that TQ'ing a few classes was amazing and, as my friends on the East Coast say, "You don't see that every day!"


Thanks also to everyone who showed up, it was a really fun event, and fun to catch up with so many West Coast friends, and also to meet a few I had not met before.

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