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Penn-Ohio Race #6 results - 2/21, North East, PA

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Posted 26 February 2014 - 10:27 AM

 Bartos and Ebert with Double Wins at North East

 Race #6  North East Slot Car Raceway

Bartos, Ebert and Ricky Jr.  set new track records

  The mild weather brought 24 racers out to compete in the Snow Capitol of the United States.    Lester  Lucas and his team had the 2 tracks ready  and it showed with Lap Total records being broken in every class.    Bud  Bartos and Dan Ebert shared the wins in the Wine Country of Northwestern PA.  Seven of the Ten, Penn Ohio track records were broken at NESCR.   The Smith’s Hot Dogs were cooking and the Puleo’s Greek sauce was hot.  But the cars were even hotter with some outstanding paint jobs this month.  It is a shame that a couple of the cars would have easily won in earlier months.  The competition was that stiff in the Concours this month.   Stocker class, Bob “the painter’ Stanley had an orange with green/white flames Outisight SuperBird for the Concours win.   Aaron Ploskunak used his new reptile paint job this time in F1 to take the top spot.  The Freeport Paint shop must have worked OT with a sweep in the F1 Concours class.    In Can Am the judges liked Steve Ploskunak’s  white TI 22 with  multi colored metal flaked reverse flames running up the sides of the car.   Flexi was the toughie 2 super looking cars.  Bob Stanley again won out over Leroy Moyer’s Flamed Ferrari.  Bob’s Ferrari was the same color scheme as his Stocker , but had  a trick old school lace design used in the entire car.  {Check out the Penn Ohio Face Book Page for pictures of these beautiful paint jobs }

Concours Sponsored by Outisight Designs

Stockers:          1st   Bob Stanley

                        2nd  Aaron Ploskunak

                        3rd  Steve Ploskunak

F-1                   1st  Aaron Ploskunak

                        2nd  Steve Ploskunak

                        3rd  Kevin Cosgrove

Can-AM           1st  Steve Ploskunak

                        2nd  Kevin Cosgrove

                        3rd  Brian McPherson

Retro Flexi       1st   Bob Stanley

                        2nd  Leroy Moyer

                        3rd   Steve Ploskunak                                                                                                         





F1 Qualifying

 Ricky Junior flew the coop with his Pro Slot powered F1.  He turned a 3.5283 just missing the record set by Mike Muir.  Ricky piloted his R-Geo tuning fork car covered with a Parma BRM body to the top of the heap.  Bud Bartos just missed with a fine 3.539 run.  Steve Koepp  and Dan Ebert  were the only other racers to break the 3.6 barrier.



  1. 3.52831                       Ricky Bennardo Jr
  2. 4.53926                       Bud Bartos
  3. 3.57230                       Steve Koepp
  4. 3.58517                       Dan Ebert
  5. 3.61607                       Bob Stanley
  6. 3.65361                       Greg Fox
  7. 3.68537                       Jim Verga
  8. 3.74115                       Steve Ploskunak
  9. 3.75123                       Willy Custer
  10.  3.7608                        Denny Krivacek
  11. 3.76110                       Brian McPherson
  12. 3.80981                       Rick Senior
  13. 3.82440                       Lester Lucas
  14. 3.83405                       Ross Scharf
  15. 3.85036                       Pat Klingerman
  16. 3.88254                       Aaron Ploskunak
  17. 3.88876                       Kevin Cosgrove
  18. 3.94905                       Leroy Moyer   
  19. 3.98553                       Jay Sabala       
  20. 3.98703                       Gil Pataky
  21. 4.12713                       Dave Seagraves







Can Am Qualifying


  The green flag dropped and the Green Machine of Bud Bartos flew into the bank.   After a few laps he held the top spot and the Track TQ record with a quick 3.4171.   Bud used a Hawk powered Bartos chassis for his record setting performance.  The square nosed Parma TI 22 kept him locked down in the corners with Alpha rubber provided the grip.  Ricky Junior came up short with his R-Geo GVP tuning fork car at 3.4362.   Steve Koepp and Dan Ebert were the only other racers to crack the 3.5 bubble.          



  1.  3.41718          Bud Bartos
  2.  3.43627          Ricky Bennardo Jr
  3.  3.47940          Steve Koepp
  4.  3.49399          Dan Ebert
  5.  3.51995          Steve Ploskunak
  6.  3.52746          Mike Peskar
  7.  3.52874          Bob Stanley
  8.  3.55041          Lorenzo Frietze
  9.  3.62164          Greg Fox
  10.  3.62207          Jim Verga
  11.  3.62293          Willy Custer
  12.  3.63731          Lester Lucas
  13.  3.64353          Brian McPherson
  14.  3.64589          Aaron Ploskunak
  15.  3.70333          Rick Senior
  16.  3.71712          Denny Krivacek
  17.  3.72227          Gil Pataky
  18.  3.73986          Ross Scharf
  19.  3.78170          Jay Sabala
  20.  3.80938          Pat Klingerman
  21.  3.86087          Leroy Moyer
  22.  3.94433          Kevin Cosgrove
  23.  4.05547          Larry Moyer
  24.  4.07714          Dave Seagraves          







Stock Car Results

A Main

Lester Lucas and Steve Ploskunak led the way in the first of two Stocker races.   They battled back and forth for the lead the entire race.   Bob Stanley kept them in his sights but lane advantage held him back in the early stages of the race.   The race came down to the last heat.   Bob had reeled the leaders back in but it wasn’t enough as he fell two laps short of the win.  The final heat had Steve and Lester on the same lap most of the entire 2 minutes.  When the power was shut off  it was Natrona Heights” Steve Ploskunak  just sections over Lester Lucas.

  1. 364      Steve Ploskunak
  2. 364      Lester Lucas
  3. 362      Bob Stanley
  4. 346      Lorenzo Frietze
  5. 332      Aaron Ploskunak
  6. 301      Larry Moyer

B Main

The B main proved to be a much cleaner race with higher lap totals.   Dan Ebert used lane advantage to take the early lead.  He maintained that lead until heat 5.  Bud Bartos was piling up laps in the higher lanes and once he moved to the lower sets, he passed Dan in the standings.  At that point, the win was all Bud’s.  But a battle developed for the two remaining podium spots.  The final heat had Ricky and Steve in the lower lanes trying to catch Dan and Denny in green and white.  Ricky used the inside track to grab second place.  Dan was able to hang on to third after a battle with Denny for the spot.  Steve Koepp just missed  finishing on the same lap with Denny.  These 4 racers were separated by 2 laps on the 55 foot Oval.    All this was going on and Bud was cruising to the win with Track Records in tow.  Bud broke Denny’s Lap Total record by 8 laps.  Bud also broke the Fast Lap record too with a 2.187 in the black lane on the NESCR Tri Oval. 


Overall Stocker Finish

  1. 394      2.187               Bud Bartos                  Track Record for Laps    Fast Lap of the Race
  2. 383      2.239               Ricky Bennardo Jr
  3. 382      2.239               Dan Ebert
  4. 381      2.223               Denny Krivacek
  5. 381      2.260               Steve Koepp
  6. 369      2.273               Jim Verga
  7. 364      2.349               Steve Ploskunak
  8. 364      2.278               Lester Lucas
  9. 362      2.238               Bob Stanley
  10. 346      2.348               Lorenzo Frietze
  11. 332      2.1994             Aaron Ploskunak
  12. 301      2.629               Larry Moyer




F 1  Results

A Main

Heat one North East Raceway’s and hometown favorite Bob Stanley moved to the lead with Steve Koepp and Dan Ebert following on the same lap.  Greg Fox followed two laps down.  Stint number 2, Bullet Bob showed his speed and jumped to a one lap lead over Dan and two on Steve.   Bob continued his run and Steve K moved into second after a strong run in yellow.  Bud moved up the leader board and tied Dan for third.   Heat 4 the field separated a bit, Bob took a 3 lap lead over Steve and Dan trailed Steve by one.   Heat 5 Dan threw down a 50 lap total in Blue for high heat of the race.  This bumped him to second when Steve only pulled 46 in white.  Dan moved to one lap down in #6, when Bob moved to the white lane.  Steve dropped out of third when both Bud and Jim Verga ran 48 laps to move 6 laps behind Dan.   Stint 7 Bob started to slow and Dan took advantage of Bob’s misfortune to take the lead by one lap.  Bud moved into third with a good run in orange.    Final heat, Dan in yellow {yes Gil yellow} Bud in white and Bob next to him in green.   Dan cruised to the heat high 48 for his First F1 victory in the Penn Ohio.  Bob struggled in white with motor power but hung on by a thread to beat the hard charging Bud for second.  Ricky Bennardo put on a late run to pull himself from last to fourth in 2 heats.  Ricky nipped both Jim and Greg Fox by sections.   Dan set a new track record for lap total. He used a Denny K built Zee railer chassis.  He also ran the fast lap of the race and new fast lap record with a TSR powered Chicagoland McLaren car.

  1. 378       3.570010        Dan Ebert                    New Track Record  Total Laps       Fast lap for race
  2. 374      3.570185         Bob Stanley
  3. 374      3.616872         Bud Bartos
  4. 369      3.570017         Ricky Bennardo Jr
  5. 369      3.621341         Jim Verga
  6. 369      3.628591         Greg Fox
  7. 356      3.620971         Steve Koepp

B Main

Willy Custer led the pack the first heat in the B.  The field quickly spread out in the second stint with Willy in control, Steve P second and Denny K third.   Steve Ploskunak found green lane to his liking and pounded out a race high of 48.  This vaulted him to the lead after 3 heats.  Willy took his turn in green and moved back into the lead with Steve.   Ross Scharf moved into third when Denny faltered in purple lane.  Five heats in and Steve moved back into the lead by one lap.  Denny came charging back with a nice run in yellow to tie Ross for third.   Steve put his stamp on the race in heat 6 with a 46 in the black lane.  Steve opened up a large lead and the race was now on for the last 2 podium spots.  Steve cruised in black, while disaster struck Willy.  He lost a tire while in purple.   He got the tire on in less than 15 seconds and got back out to finish the heat.  After that, Willy took charge and held off challengers Ross and Denny.  Ross cut back into Denny’s one lap lead and almost pulled off  a podium spot.  But the Washington Wizard held on and beat Ross by one section for third.    Congrats to Steve on the B main win.

  1. 365      3.620               Steve Ploskunak
  2. 354      3.730               Willy Custer
  3. 352      3.788               Denny Krivacek
  4. 352      3.788               Ross Scharf
  5. 341      3.739               Brian McPherson
  6. 335      3.839               Lester Lucas
  7. 335      3.839               Rick Senior





C Main

The C Main was all FCR National Champion Aaron Ploskunak from start to finish.  He started with a 2 lap lead and just built on it the entire race.  The rest of the race was a back street gang fight for the 2 remaining podium spots.   Gil, Jay Sabala and Dave Seagraves were all tied for the second spot.  Kevin Cosgrove moved into contention in heat 2.   Heat 3 Gil popped back into second with Jay one back.  Heat 5 things opened up, Gil put a secure hold on second and Kevin on third.    Nothing changed the rest of the race as Aaron pulled into Victory lane with Gil and Kevin in tow.

  1. 349      3.788               Aaron Ploskunak
  2. 339      3.897               Gil Pataky
  3. 334      3.839               Kevin Cosgrove
  4. 330      3.948               Jay Sabala
  5. 326      3.839               Pat Klingerman
  6. 326      3.949               Dave Seagraves
  7. 325      3.897               Leroy Moyer

Overall F1 finish

  1. 378      3.570010         Dan Ebert                    New Track Record for Laps and Fast Lap
  2. 374      3.57018           Bob Stanley
  3. 374      3.61687           Bud Bartos
  4. 369      3.570017         Ricky Bennardo Jr      TQ
  5. 369      3.62134           Jim Verga
  6. 369      3.62097           Greg Fox
  7. 365      3.62074           Steve Ploskunak
  8. 356      3.62097           Steve Koepp
  9. 354      3.73015           Willy Custer
  10. 352      3.78883           Denny Krivacek
  11. 352      3.78888           Ross Scharf
  12. 349      3.78856           Aaron Ploskunak
  13. 341      3.73903           Brian McPherson
  14. 339      3.89790           Gil Pataky
  15. 335      3.83968           Lester Lucas
  16. 335      3.83916           Rick Bennardo Senior
  17. 334      3.83965           Kevin Cosgrove
  18. 330      3.94857           Jay Sabala
  19. 326      3.83989           Pat Klingerman
  20. 326      3.94952           Dave Seagraves
  21. 325      3.89791           Leroy Moyer







Can-Am Results

A Main

The first heat and Bud knocked a 50 out of the park.  The Steve’s and Bob Stanley trailed by one lap.  Again the Mighty Bud swung and cranked another 50 over the fence with second remaining unchanged. Stint 3,  Ricky JR stepped up in green and he swatted a 50 to move into second with Steve and Bob.  Heat 4 was the only time Bud didn’t have sole possession of the lead.  Both the Steve’s ran 50 with Steve K tying Bud and Steve P taking over third place.  Heat 5, Bud clubbed another 50 lap run in blue and ran the fast lap of 3.460 on his last lap in the session.  Ricky Junior moved into second, him and Bud held their positions the rest of the race.  Steve Koepp held off a late charge by Dan Ebert in the seventh heat to maintain and take third place.  Bud finished in yellow and Ricky in Orange.  They both managed to add another lap advantage over their closest rivals.  Bud finished with 396 and broke the old record by 9 laps.  His Bartos chassis with JK power was running on all cylinders, Congrats to Bud on a great win.


  1. 396      3.460               Bud Bartos
  2. 393      3.507               Ricky Bennardo Jr
  3. 390       3.507              Steve Koepp
  4. 388      3.507               Dan Ebert
  5. 386      3.569               Steve Ploskunak
  6. 386      3.507               Bob Stanley
  7. 376      3.678               Mike Peskar
  8. 369      3.620               Greg Fox



B Main

Gil Pataky started with his sensitivity just right as he pulled into the lead with Willy Custer in the B.  After 2 heats it was still Gil and Willy with Aaron one down. Stint 3 had Willy moving to Red, Gil in black. Gil proved black was faster with a nice 48 lap run to take over the lead.  After 5 sessions, Gil still had a one lap lead over Willy.  Jim Verga started his charge to front and tied Aaron for third.  With 6 in the books, Gil was moving to the upper lanes. Willy was able to pull him back and tie for the lead.  Aaron jumped back into third over Jim by 2 laps.  The race was winding down .  Willy and Gil were deadlocked at 333 with Aaron 3 laps back.  Final Heat, Gil is in green and Willy yellow.  Willy ran strong and just out powered Gil with a barrage of 3.5 laps to take the B main win.  Gil settled for second and Jim ran Aaron down to edge him out by feet for the last Podium spot.                                                                       

  1. 383      3.507               Willy Custer
  2. 381      3.628               Gil Pataky
  3. 376      3.569               Jim Verga
  4. 376      3.566               Aaron Ploskunak
  5. 364      3.679               Lester Lucas
  6. 364      3.632               Brian McPherson
  7. 359      3.616               Rick Senior
  8.  40       4.117               Denny Krivacek


C Main

North East Raceway’s Lorenzo Frietze  jumped out to a quick lead and added laps to it every heat but one.  After that it was just a race for second and third.  Kevin Cosgrove,  Jay Sabala,  Ross Scharf and Leroy Moyer  all joined in the run for the last two podium spots.   After 4 heats, Lorenzo had a 5 lap lead over Ross and 8 over Jay.   It looked like Jay was a lock for third until heat 5 when the wheels fell off Jay’s freight train.   Jay dropped to last and Leroy, Pat Klingerman and Kevin took over the number 3 spot.  Now with first and second locked up, third was up for grabs.  Pat faded and Kevin moved ahead of Leroy by a lap.   The last heat and the Top 3 all put on the afterburners and jetted away from the field.  Lorenzo ran his race high 47 in the last heat to score his win.   Ross followed up with a clean 45 for his second place finish.  Kevin “ the green fog” Cosgrove  vaporized the rest of the field with a come back finish for the final podium spot.

  1.  361     3.726               Lorenzo Frietze
  2.  344     3.788               Ross Scharf
  3.  338     3.628               Kevin Cosgrove
  4.  332     3.897               Leroy Moyer
  5.  328     3.788               Pat Klingerman
  6.  307     4.108               Dave Seagraves
  7.  306     3.788               Jay Sabala
  8.  297     3.949               Larry Moyer


Can Am Overall Finish

  1. 396      3.4601             Bud Bartos                   Track Record  for Total laps
  2. 393      3.5072             Ricky Bennardo Jr
  3. 390      3.5070             Steve Koepp
  4. 388      3.5075             Dan Ebert
  5. 386      3.5698             Steve Ploskunak
  6. 386      3.5077             Bob Stanley
  7. 383      3.5078             Willy Custer                 Winner B Main
  8. 381      3.6284             Gil Pataky
  9. 376      3.5697             Jim Verga
  10. 376      3.5666             Aaron Ploskunak
  11. 376      3.6788             Mike Peskar    
  12. 369      3.6209             Greg Fox
  13. 364      3.6792             Lester Lucas
  14. 364      3.6327             Brian McPherson
  15. 361      3.7261             Lorenzo Frietze                        Winner C Main
  16. 359      3.6165             Rick Senior
  17. 344      3.5700             Ross Scharf
  18. 338      3.6286             Kevin Cosgrove
  19. 332      3.8978             Leroy Moyer
  20. 328      3.7883             Pat Klingerman
  21. 307      4.1088             Dave Seagraves
  22. 306      3.7883             Jay Sabala
  23. 297      3.9497             Larry Moyer
  24.  40       4.117               Denny Krivacek



Retro Flexi Results


A Main

Mike Peskar showed the field the way around the Orange in Heat one.  Bob Stanley was second and Pat Klingerman third.  Stint two Mike continued his lead with Bob and Dan Ebert trailing by 2 laps.   At heat 4 things changed, all of the top 3 were tied at 129 laps.  Bob dropped off  the pace set by Dan and Mike.   Mike and Dan remained tied until heat 7 when Dan ran a race high of 35 laps in orange.  Dan took the 2 lap lead into the last heat.  Mike was in red and Dan in white.  Dan used the lane advantage and followed Mike the entire heat for the win.  Bob Stanley cruised in third unchallenged for the position.


  1. 264      Dan Ebert
  2. 262      Mike Peskar
  3. 258      Bob Stanley
  4. 260      Gil Pataky
  5. 231      Pat Klingerman
  6. 212      Leroy Moyer
  7.     3      Aaron Ploskunak








B Main

The B was a real slugfest with numerous track calls and cars leaving the track.   Bud , Steve Koepp and Jim Verga held down the top spots after one heat.  Bud pulled into the lead in heat 2 and held it for the rest of the race.   Jim V pulled into second one lap ahead of Steve Koepp.  Stint 4 Jim had his motor seize up and pulled from the race.  This put Steve Koepp solidly into second and Steve Ploskunak in third.   Steve K challenged Bud in heat seven and pulled within one lap.   But the Bud Man let it hang out in the black lane with an outstanding 34 laps to take the win.  Steve Koepp cruised in with the second spot, followed by Steve Ploskunak.

  1.  262     Bud Bartos
  2.  258     Steve Koepp
  3.  229     Steve Ploskunak
  4.  223     Larry Moyer
  5.  221     Dave Seagraves
  6.  218     Lester Lucas
  7.  112     Jim Verga




Flexi Retro Overall Finish


  1. 264      3.3981             Dan Ebert                    Track Record Total Laps
  2. 262      3.4567             Mike Peskar                            
  3. 262      3.3437             Bud Bartos                   B Main winner             Fast Lap of Race
  4. 258      3.4607             Bob Stanley
  5. 258      3.4056             Steve Koepp   
  6. 250      3.5700             Gil Pataky
  7. 231      3.5197             Pat Klingerman
  8. 229      3.6165             Steve Ploskunak
  9. 223      3.7890             Larry Moyer
  10. 221      3.8982             Dave Seagraves
  11. 218      3.7258             Lester Lucas
  12. 212      3.7268             Leroy Moyer
  13. 112      3.4611             Jim Verga
  14.   3        3.7305             Aaron Ploskunak





Thanks to Lester Lucas and his helpers at NESCR for hosting the Event.   Special thank you to Bryan Ebert for helping out and taking pictures throughout the day.  Thank you to Mrs. Bob Stanley for the emergency Hot Dog run.  

   Thanks to Parma, NESCR, Eagle, North Gallery Raceway and Ralph Thorne Racing for prizes and awards.  See everyone next month at REM Raceway.  Special shout out to R-Geo for the F1 kit door prize which was built by Denny K Chassis works exclusively for Penn Ohio Racing.  Thanks to everyone

Next Month

March 22, 2014

REM Raceway

8529 Mentor Ave
Mentor, OH 44060
(440) 255-7227


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Posted 26 February 2014 - 11:13 AM

Nice report Dan!

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hey Dan,


The way you say it makes me feel like I'm there! Thanks


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