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Penn-Ohio Race #9 results - 4/19, Bristolville, OH

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Posted 29 April 2014 - 08:12 AM

Moyer wins the final race at Bristolville

 Race #9 - Bristolville Center Raceway, Bristolville, OH

Bartos wins Championships in 3 classes


      Concours sponsored by Outisight Designs    


It was a great weekend for racing, but also a sad day for regional racers in the Tri–State area. This would be the last race of the season and the last race for the fabled Flat track at Bristolville Center Raceway. BCR will be closing its doors after eight-plus years of racing in the Youngstown-Warren, OH, area. Everyone will have their favorite memories of racing at Bristolville. The lasting ones are the ones that make the most impact and most recent. For many it will be watching or racing in the final race on the road course.  


The Flexi B Main was run and a real battle ensued. First through fifth were separated by three laps. The power went off and Leroy Moyer had beat Bud Bartos by sections. The last race on the track and trackowner Leroy Moyer won the heat and overall besting some of the top Penn-Ohio racers. Leroy scored his first Penn-Ohio victory and first major win on the track he owned. It was quite a moment for him and others at the track. Congrats to Leroy!!!  


Concours took place prior to qualifying. Dan Ebert’s blue and yellow O/S Superbird picked up Stocker honors over Aaron P and local racer Tom Wenger.


In F1, Dan used a Steve Koepp-painted Parma BRM to take the concours win. 


Steve Ploskunak’s Parma Ti22 painted white with blue and gold accent flames was a crowd favorite in Can-Am.  


Retro Flexi had Tiffany Rathborn winning with a “Noose”-painted Coupe. The body was signed by all the racers in attendance.


Local racer Tom Wenger put 3three cars on the concours podium across the classes. His green and silver themed cars caught the voters attention.                                                                                    

Stock Car:       1st - Dan Ebert
                        2nd - Aaron Ploskunak
                        3rd - Tom Wenger
F1                   1st - Dan Ebert
                        2nd - Tom Wenger
                        3rd - Steve Ploskunak
Can-Am           1st - Steve Ploskunak
                        2nd - Tom Wenger
                        3rd - Brian McPherson
Retro Flexi       1st - Tiffany Moyer Rathborn
                        2nd - Steve Ploskunak
                        3rd - Aaron Ploskunak                                                                                                    

Concours Points Champions

Stock Car    Aaron Ploskunak                                                  F1        Aaron Ploskunak
Can-Am    Steve Ploskuank                                                     Flexi    Aaron Ploskunak



F1 Qualifying
Team R-Geo racer Chris Radisich traveled in from eastern PA. He used his flat track driving skills and R-Geo GVP tuning fork chassis to take the top seed in F1.  Chris used JK Hawk power to blast a 7.073 on the tricky round course. Steve Koepp was the only other racer to break into the 7.0 range. Willy Custer’s 7.185 rounded out the top three qualifying positions.

  • 7.0738             Chris Radisich
  • 7.0989             Steve Koepp
  • 7.1857             Willy Custer
  • 7.2784             Al Rutti
  • 7.3417             Bud Bartos
  • 7.3419             Steve Ploskunak
  • 7.5065             Pat Klingerman
  • 7.5144             Ricky Bennardo Jr
  • 7.5867             Aaron Ploskunak
  • 7.6260             Brian McPherson
  • 7.6781             Dan Myers
  • 7.7024             Greg Fox
  • 7.7695             Rick Senior
  • 7.8004             Tom Wenger
  • 7.8966             Ross Scharf
  • 7.9120             Leroy Moyer   
  • 8.0744             Larry Moyer
  • 8.2085             Dan Ebert
  • 8.4130             Gil Pataky
  • 8.5557             Jim Verga
  • 9.1094             John McMillan
  • 9.1463             Lester Lucas
  • 9.7928             Quin Barnes

Can-Am Qualifying
Chris continued his fast laps around the BCR Flat track. His 6.916 was quick time and he had a 6.92 for a back-up. Chris used JK Hawk power in his Can-Am also to secure the TQ spot in Can-Am. The R-Geo GVP tuning fork chassis was hooked up with 8/29 gearing. Chris picked the small windowed pan version chassis for the race. The car weighted in at 123 grams. Al Rutti blasted out a 6.922 just missing the top spot. Willy Custer was third and the only other driver to break 7.0.                                                                       

  • 6.9165             Chris Radisich
  • 6.9221             Al Rutti
  • 6.9364             Willy Custer
  • 7.0392             Dan Myers
  • 7.1493             Steve Koepp
  • 7.1611             Bud Bartos
  • 7.1697             Steve Ploskunak
  • 7.2053             Leroy Moyer
  • 7.3083             Ricky Bennardo Jr
  • 7.3359             Pat Klingerman
  • 7.3377             Dan Ebert
  • 7.3613             Aaron Ploskunak
  • 7.3640             Brian McPherson
  • 7.4518             Jim Verga
  • 7.5580             Greg Fox
  • 7.6050             Leroy Moyer
  • 7.6179             Gil Pataky
  • 7.7371             Jim Applequist
  • 7.7886             Rick Senior
  • 7.8966             Ross Scharf
  • 8.0403             Tom Wenger
  • 8.1081             John McMillan
  • 8.2742             Lester Lucas
  • 8.9818             Quin Barnes

Stock Car Results

A Main
The first race of the day on the BCR tri-oval. Bud Bartos jumped out to the lead, one lap over Dan Ebert and three over Chris Radisich. Bud clobbered the field with a 45 lap run in purple in heat 2. Dan was down by six now with Chris still in third. Bud was solidly in the lead. Steve Ploskunak started his charge to the front in heat 4 and 5. He moved into second ahead of Dan and Lorenzo Frietze by six laps. Stint 6 and Bud was in command of first. Steve had a lock on second and was coming out of the lower lanes with a seven-lap cushion over Chris R and Dan. Seven heats in and the top two spots didn’t change. Chris pulled ahead of Dan for third place by two laps. Final heat, Bud cruised home with a ten-lap lead for the A Main win. Steve took a nice second place with the fastest car in the A Main and fast lap of the Stocker Mains. Chris and Dan battled in the last heat. Dan picked up one of the laps he lost in heat 7. However,  the wily veteran Chris Radisich just played it safe and took the final podium spot.

  • 332                        Bud Bartos
  • 322                        Steve Ploskunak
  • 317                        Chris Radisich
  • 316                        Dan Ebert
  • 305                        Lorenzo Frietze
  • 301                        Rick Senior
  • 298                        Lester Lucas
  • 261                        Tom Wenger

B  Main
The B main started with Al Rutti leading Steve Koepp and Aaron Ploskunak. Steve moved into the lead with a 44 in the black lane. Al dropped to second and Aaron struggled in orange but hung onto third after two heats. With three stints in the books, Steve increased his lead over Al with Jim Verga now moving into third place. Steve continued to run over the field with a comfortable eight-lap lead over Al. Ricky Junior started his charge to the front with a 43 in blue lane in heat 4. The leader board didn’t change until heat 7 when Al moved to the outside lanes. Ricky Jr used a 43 in yellow to Al’s 35 in white to grab second from him. The final heat had Steve moving to blue with a six-lap lead over Ricky going to the orange lane. Al was seven behind Ricky and just two ahead of the comeback kid Aaron Ploskunak. Steve used his speed and lane advantage to pick up two more laps on Ricky for the win in the final heat. The 337 lap total gave Steve the overall win in the Stocker class also. Ricky finished ten laps up on the third place car. Aaron P ran strong in black while Al fought the tough red lane on the oval. Aaron used the lower lanes to overtake Al in the final two heats for third.

  • 337                        Steve Koepp
  • 329                        Ricky Bennardo Jr
  • 319                        Aaron Ploskunak
  • 311                        Al Rutti
  • 299                        Jim Verga
  • 299                        Larry Moyer
  • 234                        Quin Barnes
  •  87                         Jim Applequist

Stock Car Finish

  • 337      2.5782             Steve Koepp               
  • 332      2.5778             Bud Bartos                  
  • 329      2.5778             Ricky Bennardo Jr
  • 322      2.5774             Steve Ploskunak - fast lap
  • 319      2.6869             Aaron Ploskunak
  • 317      2.6872             Chris Radisich
  • 316      2.7378             Dan Ebert
  • 311      2.6287             Al Rutti
  • 305      2.7461             Lorenzo Frietze
  • 301      2.7378             Rick Senior
  • 299      2.6910             Jim Verga
  • 299      2.7378             Leroy Moyer
  • 298      2.7388             Lester Lucas
  • 261      2.8002             Tom Wenger
  • 234      2.6911             Quin Barnes
  •  87       2.9724             Jim Applequist

F1 Results

A Main
Chris Radisich had the orange qualifying lane to his liking and started the A Main with the lead. Bud Bartos was one lap behind in second with Steve Ploskunak and Al Rutti tied two back for third. After two heats, Al Rutti took his turn in the hot orange lane and tied Chris for the lead. Bud held station one lap down in second with three racers locked up at 45 laps apiece. Stint 4 the dog fight began, Steve, Chris, Bud, and Al all ran on top with 69 laps. Ricky Jr and Willy came onto the radar two laps out of the lead. Heat 4, Chris and Steve were still tied and would remain on the same lap the rest of the race in the lead. Bud held onto third with Ricky and Willy just one down. Ricky Bennardo made his move in heat 5 to tie Bud and move ahead of Willy. After six lane changes Chris and Steve were still tied with Ricky two down. The top two didn’t change after 7 but Al Rutti began his charge for a podium spot and tied Ricky and Willy for the third. The final heat and what a terrific race between Chris and Steve - neither gave an inch, fighting for the win. Chris finished ahead of Steve in the final heat in one of the hardest fought races of the year. Al Rutti used the black lane to beat both Ricky (red lane) and Willy (white lane) for third place. The 190 lap total was good enough for a one - two finish in the overall F1 for Chris and Steve.

  • 190      7.0297             Chris Radisich - fast lap
  • 190      7.0298             Steve Koepp
  • 184      7.1894             Al Rutti
  • 183      7.0305             Willy Custer    
  • 182      7.2491             Ricky Bennardo Jr
  • 177      7.3594             Steve Ploskunak
  • 176      7.2009             Bud Bartos
  • 167      7.4697             Pat Klingerman

B Main
Local racer Tom Wenger and local legend “Evil” Dan Myers started with the B Main lead. Leroy Moyer and Greg Fox followed one lap down. The handsome one Leroy Moyer took the lead in heat 2 after besting the entire field with a 23. Fox and Wenger were now one lap behind the leader. Leroy extended his lead to two in the third round. Second jammed up with Myers, Fox, and Wenger all tied at 64 laps. Leroy continued his lead in stint 4. Aaron Ploskunak ran a solid 24 in blue to take over second in front of Myers. Aaron ran another strong heat and took over the lead in heat 5. Leroy and Myers were now tied for second. The positions stayed the same in the sixth but Greg Fox pulled into third with Leroy. Heat 7 and the Freeport Flyer Aaron Ploskunak had a solid thee-lap lead on Myers and Fox. The final heat and Aaron didn’t let up one bit. His heat high 23 put him in the winners circle. Four laps down was second place Dan Myers.   Leroy Moyer took over third with a good run in green while Greg Fox struggled in red. Congrats to Aaron on the B Main win and sixth overall in F1. 

  • 178      Aaron Ploskunak
  • 174      Dan “Evil Dan” Myers
  • 173      Leroy Moyer
  • 171      Greg Fox
  • 167      Tom Wenger
  • 166      Ross Scharf
  • 166      Brian McPherson
  • 160      Rick Senior

C Main
The F1 C Main had Gil “I can’t qualify” Pataky taking a three-lap lead over Jim Verga and John McMillan. Heat 2, Jim Verga moved ahead of John by one and Gil stayed in the lead by three. Dan Ebert used a heat 3 high 21 laps to pull into third behind the leader Gil and second place Jim. After 4, Jim pulled within one of Gil and Dan held third down. Gil would increase his over the final three heats, but Jim and Dan locked up in a fight for second. Dan pulled ahead of Jim after a 22 heat high in yellow while Jim was in red. Heat 7 Gil was still cruising while Dan pulled out another lap on Jim. The final heat and Gil raced past the field with a 22 to take the easy win. Dan couldn’t hang on in white, while Jim followed Gil through traffic. Jim came back from two laps down to beat Dan for second by three sections.  

  • 167      Gil Pataky
  • 161      Jim Verga
  • 161      Dan Ebert
  • 158      Larry Moyer
  • 149      John McMillan
  • 134      Lester Lucas
  • 121      Quin Barnes

Overall F1 finish

  • 190      7.0297             Chris Radisich - fast lap
  • 190      7.0298             Steve Koepp
  • 184      7.1894             Al Rutti
  • 183      7.0305             Willy Custer    
  • 182      7.2491             Ricky Bennardo Jr
  • 178      7.2994             Aaron Ploskunak
  • 177      7.3594             Steve Ploskunak
  • 176      7.2009             Bud Bartos
  • 174      7.3589             Dan Myers
  • 173      7.6404             Leroy Moyer
  • 171      7.7400             Greg Fox
  • 167      7.5801             Gil Pataky
  • 167      7.4697             Pat Klingerman
  • 167      7.6896             Tom Wenger
  • 166      7.4709             Ross Scharf
  • 166      7.3099             Brian Mcpherson
  • 161      7.8603             Jim Verga
  • 161      8.1795             Dan Ebert
  • 160      7.8004             Rick Senior
  • 158      7.9594             Larry Moyer
  • 149      8.3989             John McMillan
  • 134      8.9001             Lester Lucas
  • 121      8.7901             Quin Barnes

Can-Am Results

A Main
Chris Radisich put his Can-Am into the 6.9s laps and into the lead with Steve Koepp in the A Main. Four racers were tied for second one lap behind, Al Rutti, Bud Bartos, Leroy Moyer, and Willy Custer. Some tight racing followed in heat 2 as Koepp, Bartos, Custer, and Radisich were all tied at 47. Stint 3, Willy ran 25 laps in blue. This put Willy in the leader position for the rest of the race. Steve Koepp and Chris were tied for third. Willy continued to lead after 4 and Steve pulled ahead of Chris by one. The leader board never changed the rest of the race. The top three were never challenged by the rest after heat 6. Chris managed to get one lap back on Steve in the last heat but settled for third. Steve never broke into the two-lap lead Willy had after heat 6 and came home second. Hatless Willy Custer ran a smooth and consistent race to prove that not only could he win on a flat track, but that he could win without his lucky race hat on. Willy took home the A main and the overall, plus his good finish moved him up in the overall points positions.

  • 194      Willy Custer                
  • 192      Steve Koepp
  • 191      Chris Radisich
  • 187      Al Rutti
  • 183      Bud Bartos
  • 173      Dan Myers
  • 172      Steve Ploskunak
  • 152      Leroy Moyer

B Main
The B main was a snooze fest as Ricky “what the hell am I doing in a B Main” Bennardo led from start to finish. Aaron Ploskunak challenged Greg Fox and Brian McPherson for a podium spot in the first three heats. After heat 4 Greg and Brian held a two-lap advantage over the rest while they battled for second place. Greg held a lap lead over Brian until heat 7. Brian ran a 23 in blue, while Greg had the red lane blues falling one lap behind. The final heat Ricky took the checker with a six-lap lead over Brian. Greg Fox finished third one lap behind Mr. REM Brian McPherson. 

  • 183      Ricky Bennardo Jr
  • 177      Brian McPherson
  • 176      Greg Fox
  • 174      Larry Moyer
  • 174      Dan Ebert
  • 172      Jim Verga
  • 169      Pat Klingerman
  • 167      Aaron Ploskunak

C Main
BCR local Jim Applequist and Gil Pataky shared the lead at the start of the C Main. They shared the lead until heat three with Rick Senior chasing one lap down. Heat 3 “Apple” took over lead with Gil one down followed by Senior, Ross Scharf, and Tom Wenger. Stint 4 Gil tied it back up as Gil and Apple pulled away from the rest. Ross and Rick Sr. were deadlocked for third.  Gil moved to the lower lanes and took control of the race after heat 5.  Apple had a solid second going and Ross moved into third. The rest of the field faded in heat 6 as Gil, Apple, and Ross forged ahead. The door opened for Ross when he ran a 23 in yellow. With Apple finishing in white and red, Ross made his move and took second away in the final heat. Gil opened up a nice lead over the last two heats finishing with a seven-lap cushion over second place Ross Scharf. Jim ran a nice race to follow up in third. Gil’s C Main win and lap count placed him seventh overall in the CanAm standings. 

  • 177      Gil Pataky
  • 170      Ross Scharf
  • 168      JimApplequist
  • 165      Tom Wenger
  • 163      Rick Senior
  • 152      Lester Lucas
  • 142      Quin Barnes
  •  95       John McMillan

Can-Am Overall Finish

  • 194      6.8086             Willy Custer- A Main winner
  • 192      6.9204             Steve Koepp
  • 191      6.9705             Chris Radisich
  • 187      7.0794             Al Rutti
  • 183      6.9764             Bud Bartos                  
  • 183      7.1987             Ricky Bennardo Jr
  • 177      7.3086             Gil Pataky
  • 177      7.3596             Brian McPherson
  • 176      7.1401             Greg Fox
  • 174      7.2495             Larry Moyer
  • 174      7.3595             Dan Ebert
  • 173      7.2496             Dan Myers
  • 172      7.2987             Steve Ploskunak
  • 172      7.4689             Jim Verga
  • 170      7.3599             Ross Scharf
  • 169      7.3601             Pat Klingerman
  • 168      7.7910             Jim Applequist
  • 167      7.0907             Aaron Ploskunak        
  • 165      7.5792             Tom Wenger
  • 163      7.5792             Rick Senior
  • 152      8.1794             Lester Lucas
  • 152      7.1410             Leroy Moyer
  • 142      8.1312             Quin Barnes
  •  95       7.9101             John McMillan

Retro Flexi Results

A Main
Local racers Pat Klingerman and Jim Applequist showed Gil Pataky the way around the track in the Flexi A Main. Jim moved out in front after 2 with Gil and Pat one behind. With three heats down, Gil moved back into a tie with Jim. Pat still held onto third. Heat four and nothing changed at the top, but now we had a three way tie for third, Pat, Aaron P, and Dan Ebert. Apple flexed his muscles in the fifth heat moving ahead of Gil for good. Pat and Dan faded as Aaron took over third place. Aaron used a 16 to tie Gil for second while Jim was cruising three laps ahead. Gil ran a race high 17 laps in blue to take over second from Aaron in heat 7. Jim showed he knew his way around the Bristolville track when he ran a 16 in red for the win. Gil finished three behind for second and a big points day. Only one point separated Gil and Dan in the Flexi points. Gil’s finish put him solidly into second place in the yearly points chase. Congrats to local BCR racer Jim Applequist on his win in the A Main.

  • 127      Jim Applequist
  • 124      Gil Pataky
  • 123      Aaron Ploskunak
  • 118      Dan Ebert
  • 115      Pat Klingerman
  • 106      Lester Lucas
  • 103      Tiffany Moyer
  • 101      Quin Barnes

B Main
The start of the B main it was apparent that the winner would come from this race. Leroy Moyer, Bud Bartos, and Al Rutti all scored 17 laps in the first heat.   Leroy Moyer lit it up in heat 2 with an 18 in the yellow lane. That provided him with a one-lap lead over Bud and two on Al. Heat 3 remained the same with Chris Radisich and Steve Koepp lurking one lap back of the top three. Stint 4 Leroy moved out to a two-lap lead with Bud and Al tied. Bud cut into Leroy’s lead by one in heat 5 with Al in third. Leroy ran into some traffic in green and Bud pulled back onto the same lap after six rounds. Al Rutti and Steve Koepp were tied one lap back for second. After 7 changes, Leroy ran another 18 in the blue lane to take back the lead. Bud trailed by one lap with Al and Steve right on his heels. The final showdown, the final heat, the final few laps on the BCR Flat track with Leroy lined up on purple, Bud in black, Al in orange, and Steve K in green. Bud pushed hard, but Leroy maintained his lead. Steve came up with 17 laps to pass Al for third. The power was shut off  and a winner declared. Leroy “the Handsome One” Moyer was the winner by sections over season Flexi Champ Bud Bartos. It was a storybook finish for a part of this region's slot car history.  Congrats to Leroy on his first Penn-Ohio win and the last win on his home track.  

  • 133      Leroy Moyer
  • 133      Bud Bartos                  
  • 132      Steve Koepp
  • 131      Al Rutti
  • 130      Chris Radisich
  • 121      Steve Ploskunak
  • 113      Jim Verga
  •  56       Larry Moyer

Flexi Retro Overall Finish

  • 133      6.5900             Leroy Moyer - B Main winner
  • 133      6.4197             Bud Bartos - fast lap
  • 132      6.7498             Steve Koepp
  • 131      6.8101             Al Rutti
  • 130      6.6993             Chris Radisich
  • 127      7.1888             Jim Applequist
  • 124      6.8683             Gil Pataky
  • 123      6.9685             Aaron Ploskunak
  • 121      6.9195             Steve Ploskunak
  • 118      7.1896             Dan Ebert
  • 115      6.9788             Pat Klingerman
  • 113      7.3105             Jim Verga
  • 106      7.8490             Lester Lucas
  • 103      7.3592             Tiffany Moyer
  • 101      7.6412             Quin Barnes
  •  56       7.1404             Larry Moyer

Special Awards:
“The Frank Award”                 Steve Koepp
Most Improved Racer             Ross Scharf
Rookie of the Year                  Bob Stanley
Racer of the Year                    Dan Ebert
Points Champions
Stock Car                                 Bud Bartos
F1                                            Steve Koepp
Can-Am                                   Bud Bartos
Retro Flexi                               Bud Bartos
Special thanks to the entire Moyer family for serving the Tri-State area with a special place to visit and race. Leroy, Larry, and the rest of the family always made everyone feel at home and welcome. The year-end awards banquet will always be remembered for the buffet meals put on by the BCR staff. It was a sad day for the Penn-Ohio crew. Bristolville was one of the three founding raceways on the Penn-Ohio Series. We will miss racing at the track. Thanks for the memories. 
Steve and the PO staff would like to thank all the racers that pitched in during the year to make each race just a bit easier to manage. Thanks to all who donated awards or race prizes - Parma, Outisight Bodies, Bristolville Raceway, R-Geo Products, BRP Racing Products, and Ralph Thorne Racing.


See you next season!


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and the 2014-15 season schedule


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Great report, Dan!

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No, this is better than great. It is an exceptional race report!


But that's always the way Dan does them...

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