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Recap-track test of new F1 chassis

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Posted 14 August 2014 - 04:12 PM

OK.....here's the absolute ultimate F-1 chassis design......... :sarcastic_hand:


OK sooooo, maybe not the one. OK, OK....maybe not the absolute best. OK, OK, Ok already......maybe just pretty good most of the time...........sorta.


The following three chassis designs have sort of percolated out of maybe fifteen or so that I've done in the 6-8 months. Some of these have been built many times over, some are relatively new or even brand spanky new. All but the last one have been raced to wins. The last bout of testing for the ones shown was just completed @ Eddies Slot Car World in Vallejo Ca. The test venue was the infamous Motherlode flat track. The ML has 11-12 turns in it's ~~ 130' length as is generally thought of as being one of the definitive flat tracks in the USofA. With the package that we run for F-1 here in NorCal, a respectable lap time is anything under 7 sec. and best of race times have been maybe 6.6 sec. ish.


The most forgiving........................


This is a spinoff of an R-Geo kit that I first built up back in February. This is the most recent of three and has been worked over a lot. This one uses the R-Geo 1" nose with uprights and a 3/4" bracket. All main rails + the forward 1/2 rail are 1/16" bronze. None of the rails are full soldered. Pans and center weights are 1/16" brass, lead outboard of the bracket (blue arrow). 


  • It seems to me that the tuning fork cars make the car very absorbent and flowing.
  • This car is @ 116 gr as shown and is running JK 8713 P and 9/30 on the S7 mini brute.
  • Best time with this car was 6.64...........avg was about 6.70.
  • This car would race very well at any track and has come within a hair of a win as a loaner.







The fastest so far.......................


This is one of many multi rail .047 cars that I've built lately. This one is 5 rails/side with a sixth 1/2 rail in front. With all the weights removed, this car was raced to within 10' of a win on a speedway track and is about 95 gr that way. Predecessors to this particular car have two flat track wins. This car and it's nearly identical brothers have been fast everywhere.


  • This car is running an 8-28 and JK 8703P. With all the weights shown, it runs about 115 gr. There are brass weight tabs next to the bracket.
  • The multi rail cars like this one put the power down a little more directly than the tuning fork shown above.
  • This car is a little less forgiving than the tuning fork but generally, a little faster. Best times with this car were 6.55.






The newest.....by a little.


This center spine car was run for the first time yesterday. This is 3 rails of .047/side but with an .062 center spine.


  • This car was running 8-29 with JK 8703P @ .825" and .058" clearance. Weight as shown is 106 gr.
  • This car puts the power down exceptionally well but was too light to really race well.
  • Best times with this car were 6.48 but it was not easy to drive at that speed.
  • I'd put 8-10 gr. of lead on the center pans and maybe under the front axle.
  • With legal minimum .790 tires and .040 clearance, this might well be very promising.





So which one is da bestest? obviously, there isn't one best. The point here being that three entirely different frame designs can ultimately be very good and while one will be the best on any given day.....which one that is, can change from day to day.

Jim Fowler

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Posted 14 August 2014 - 04:20 PM

Well that just solidifies my thinking and the REAL problem!!!  I can't find a flat track design that is ALWAYS great!!  Sometimes yes---sometimes no--the F-1 cars continue to be a little bit of a "bugger"!! So I'm building a Samson look-a-like--it was GREAT last week at the flat track races!! So another one under the iron!! Thanks for all your notes and feedback Jim!!!  

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Posted 14 August 2014 - 07:30 PM



A Samson lookalike will be more or less like #1 above and you could do a lot worse. I have had one of these in the box for over 6 months, have tried it on every track we have up here, and it has been good at every track. At any given track and condition, there has always been something better but the "better" one has not always been the same thing. I'd classify this one as a general purpose design, meaning one that will be generally good, never bad, and can usually be tuned better. This one has replaced my older Samson original clone (2 rail brass, 1 steel) as the car that is just always there when all else fails.

Jim Fowler

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Posted 14 August 2014 - 08:45 PM

My Samson has won the last two times out on the Flat Track, and it is the conventional Samson, which is not as advanced as Dennis' new one that he and Herman race.... that Chassis was built in early 2012, and is running with his upgraded ball bearing front wheels.. So, that design, just like Bryan's Tuning Fork, is always good on our Flat Track...

Mill Conroy

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Posted 14 August 2014 - 09:53 PM

Yes......^^^........I agree fully. That is why my first clone of the DS-1, like yours, was always the steady Eddie in my box. I thought this one (the top one above) was maybe even better than that original as a general purpose car although the original DS-1 is still great too. At the end, it comes down to which one of several different designs happens to tune up better or quicker than the others.

Jim Fowler

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