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Impressed with GoodGuyTim

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Posted 17 October 2014 - 06:36 AM

I'm dealing with an agent for the seller of the Model A, who is a friend of the car's actual owner, and so far the transaction has been most pleasurable.
Tim has been the general manager of a car dealership in the Portland area for fifteen years, as well as a car collector himself. I mentioned elsewhere that he currently owns six Ford Model As of his own.
Of course, when I began to consider the purchase of the car with the thought of driving back to Atlanta, I queried him thoroughly regarding the condition and reliability of this particular 1930 Tudor. That he is an owner of multiple Model As with a long history with them added much veracity to the responses he gave me regarding the one I am purchasing.

But Tim went a little further a few days after I transmitted the deposit to secure the car. A couple of days ago, Tim sent me an email with this info:

I spent about an hour last night walking through the car. I would get a distributor cam (B model or A) if you can. The one on it looks a little worn and is probably original. I cranked it over by hand and it gives a little less point opening than I personally like. Picky I know, but thinking things through for you. It's easy to replace actually.

I was deeply impressed by Tim's actions and info on a couple of levels.

First, that he would expend an hour in going over the car in this manner to help spot any potential issues before our long trip, especially in such detail that he removed the distributor top to inspect the cam for the ignition points, a part about the size of the top on a screw-top soda bottle.

And second, that his knowledge of Model As is at a level that not only allowed him visually to discern the wear on the cam, but that he actually has an opinion on how much "lift" or dwell is best for a good-running Model A engine.

Can't believe that someone who was only interested in rolling another "unit" over the curb and pocketing his "spiff" would act in this admirable manner. My confidence in the car's ability to make the drive has increased considerably as a result.

So I'm going to suggest that Tim revise his email address from goodguytim@... to greatguytim!

I'll be picking up a new distributor cam from the local Model A parts house today (yes, there is a good one less than 50 miles up the road - Mike's "A" Ford-able Model A Parts, who so far has had every part I have wanted in stock!).
For some reason unknown to me, the replacement distributor cam sold for As is the cam design used on the 1932 Ford Model B four-cylinder engine, maybe a more effective profile or something, and it's a direct replacement. Cost for the cam is a whopping $11.50 so I splurged an additional $1.25 and bought a new cam retaining screw and washer in case we damage the old screw while installing the new cam.
I'm really liking Model A parts prices, I'll tell you. For another example, a complete coolant hose set (admittedly just three hoses) was $7.
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