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OSS Race #3 race report - 10/10, Inman, SC

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Posted 12 October 2015 - 08:33 AM

I want to give a big thanks to Micheal Cannon, and the whole Upstate Speedway crew for allowing us to come race for the day. It poured rain all day but we got to stay dry inside and play toy cars all day long. This was the first time they got to host a traveling series but they handled it great. Superb race directing and very accommodating. This was also my first trip to Upstate Speedway personally and I couldn't have had more fun. The Corner Climb was an absolute blast to race on, probably one of my favorite tracks around now.
The turn-out was light as expected since this is the race that is the farthest away from our core group of racers, about 3-1/2 hours east of Atlanta. The Mid-South USRA bunch came to their first OSS race and had a blast. Thanks to all those guys for coming over, too! Those who missed this race, missed a good one.
Once again we had race prizes donated by Angry Turtle Slot Car Products, including their new "Gear Goo" gear lube. Upstate Speedway raffled off lots of great prizes all day long, too.
First up on the days agenda was IRRA® Can-Am on the Ogilvie Grandstand. We were welcomed with hot coffee and fresh doughnuts and once the drivers were all revved up on cafeifine and sugar we had six drivers line up to qualify with Donnie Zorro taking the pole and winning in a very close race. Guy Spaulding led most of the race, but in the end he could not hold-off a hard charging Donnie Zorro and finished second. Congrats to James Johnson for his first podium in the OSS series with a fine third place finish.
TQ: Donnie Zorro 4.06298
Concours: Greg Cool
Overall Results
1) Donnie Zorro - 308 laps
2) Guy Spaulding - 302
3) James Johnson - 274
4) Charlie McCullough - 266
5) Adam Vaughn - 236
6) Greg Cool - 195

First place Can-Am: Donnie Zorro
Chassis: R-Geo DS6
Chassis builder: DZ
Gear ratio: 9/26
Body: O/S Ti22 Short NN
Body painter: DZ
Controller: Third Eye Hitman
Rear tires: Kelly Retro full hub
Second place Can-Am: Guy Spaulding
Chassis: R-Geo Dragon Slayer
Chassis builder: UNK
Gear ratio: 9/27
Body: Ti22
Body painter: Unk
Controller: Difalco
Rear tires: JK 8713T
Third place Can-Am: James Johnson
Chassis: JK
Chassis builder: Tommy Flythe
Gear ratio: 9/27
Body: O/S Ti22
Body painter: Tommy Flythe
Controller: Difalco
Rear tires: Kelly Retro
The top three Can-Am finishers.
Race 3 Can Am Drivers.jpg
The top three Can-Am cars.
Race  3 Can Am Cars.jpg

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#2 Ralph Thorne

Ralph Thorne

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Posted 12 October 2015 - 08:50 AM

Next up on the agenda would be the 4-inch NASCAR race on the tricky Corner Climb. I was able to get in a rhythm and run a nice pace and go flag to flag in what turned out to be a very clean and close race. Mike Parker earned a very respectable second place finish in his first OSS race. DZ had some trouble early in the race and was able to mount a hard charge back through the field and finish third.
TQ: Ralph Thorne - 4.0679 secs
Concours: Teddy Hoots
1) Ralph Thorne - 207 laps
2) Mike Parker - 203
3) Donnie Zorro - 202
4) Guy Spaulding - 200
5) Bobby Beauchemin - 199
6) Shane Parent - 194
7) Matt Haines - 193
8) Charlie McCullough - 191
9) Teddy Hoots - 185
10) James Johnson - 168
11) Drew Stephens - 165
12) Robby Vaughn - 164
13) Fenton Dean - 158
14) Adam Vaughn - 158
15) Greg Cool - 117
First place NASCAR: Ralph Thorne
Chassis: JK X25
Chassis builder: Ralph Thorne
Gear ratio: 13/37
Body: O/S COT Toyota
Body painter: Ralph Thorne
Controller: Difalco
Rear tires: Kelly
Second place NASCAR: Mike Parker
Chassis: JK X25
Chassis builder: Mike Parker
Gear ratio: 14/34
Body: O/S COT
Body painter: Mike Parker
Controller: Ruddock
Rear tires: N/A
Third place NASCAR: Donnie Zorro
Chassis: JK C11
Chassis builder: DZ
Gear ratio: 13/37
Body: Kelly Daytona
Body painter: Biscuit
Controller: Third Eye Hitman
Rear tires: Kelly
The top three NASCAR finishers.
Race 3 Nascar Drivers.jpg
The top three NASCAR cars.
Race 3 Nascar Cars.jpg

#3 Ralph Thorne

Ralph Thorne

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Posted 12 October 2015 - 09:21 AM

For the grand finale we signed up 15 driver's again to go to battle on Upstate's newly-acquired Grandstand. This race was extremely close and filled with drama all the way down to the wire.


James Merriman started out by laying down a blistering fast TQ time. James and Ralph started out the race by setting a fast pace and we were neck and neck in the first few heats until I lost 10 laps due to a lead wire that came unsoldered off of the motor. That left James in cruise control until he ran into lots of unsuspected trouble in purple requiring some extensive repairs to his hot rod. After that it was anyone's race, and in the end Matt and Bobby had a dog fight for the win. Matt came out on top by just a few feet over current USRA National Champion Bobby B. I was able to charge back to fill out the last spot on the podium.


TQ: James Merriman 3.4763

Concours: Mike Parker


Overall Results


1) Matt Haines - 234 laps

2) Bobby Beauchemin - 234

3) Ralph Thorne - 230

4) Shane Parent - 229

5) James Merriman - 227

6) Guy Spaulding - 227

7) Teddy Hoots - 221

8) Mike Parker - 218

9) James Johnson - 209

10) Matt Page - 207

11) Fenton Dean - 188

12) Drew Stephens - 166

13) Donnie Zorro - 108

14) Greg Cool - 94

15) Charlie McCullough - 14


First place GTP: Matt Haines


Chassis: JK

Chassis builder: Pooh Bear

Gear ratio: N/A

Body: O/S Bentlee

Body painter: Mike Parker

Controller: Third Eye

Rear tires: N/A


Second place GTP: Bobby Beauchmin


Chassis: JK X25

Chassis builder: Bobby Beauchmin

Gear ratio: 13/35

Body: OS Bentlee

Body painter: Bobby Beauchmin

Controller: Third Eye

Rear tires: JK


Third place GTP: Ralph Thorne


Chassis: JK X25

Chassis builder: Ralph Thorne

Gear ratio: 13/37

Body: O/S Bentlee

Body painter: Ralph Thorne

Controller: Difalco

Rear tires: Kelly


The top three GTP finishers.


Race 3 Nascar Drivers.jpg


The top three GTP cars.


Race 3 GTP Cars.jpg

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Posted 12 October 2015 - 10:18 AM

WTG, James Johnson... podium Can-Am!

Glad to help with identifying GTP purple lane issues... but it co$t me dearly. Next time I will know I can call track and ask for a lane inspection. Mike's NASCAR should have gotten concours; it was the only one sporting an interior.

I hope the OSS tracks get a vacuum job before we show up next time, in NASCAR had to clean fuzz from my oilites twice causing the rear to bind up and car to slow down... others too got the 'fuzz'. I volunteer to vacuum if I can get inside three hours before everyone else hahahaha.
I had a great time. Made lots of new friends and that Corner Climb is definitely the coolest track I've been on!
Drew Stephens deserves kudos - I commended him before and after the GTP race for stepping up as a young local racer who ain't scared of the fast guys from out of town!
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Posted 12 October 2015 - 12:21 PM

Sounds like you guys had a blast. Congrats to all the winners, and it's really exciting to see you guys come to our tracks here in SC for these races. Would have been nice to see Muffin again, too. But 3.4 on the Grandstand? Did you check to ensure his tires were actually touching the track??!!
So sorry I missed out, but duty called. My cars were ready - Richard painted a nice Ti and CoT for me. Maybe I'll have the chance to bash a wall or two next time.
Again, congrats to all!

Jim Beasley
South Carolina, USA

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Posted 12 October 2015 - 03:43 PM

Sorry about the lint. I wish I had known while you were here. I certainly would have cleared that lane. I suppose it came from rags used to clean. Feel free to mention that when you're at the track next time.

Michael Cannon

Upstate Speedway

100 McMillian St.

Spartanburg, SC 29303

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Posted 12 October 2015 - 04:20 PM

If you have a Sam's or Costco by you, buy a 25 pack of microfiber towels ($12-15?).

They work superior and do not unravel like old T-shirts or bath towels.
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