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SuzukaGTA race results - Jan 13, Toronto

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Posted 17 January 2017 - 10:03 PM

Race Report for January 13th 2017 SuzukaGTA

Well, those who were of the opinion that Friday the 13th was not an unlucky day may have been convinced otherwise after some of the chaos that took place Friday at SuzukaGTA.

In the modified class, cars were dropping like flies, including my own trusty, has yet to fail me Ingram chassis 41 willy’s. Initially I thought it had just spun the gear, but upon closer examination, the motor, which in this case is soldered in just broke loose, and I lost all drive. Not an easy fix so my night was done after only 32 laps, but that’s racing as they say.

Some other hi-low lights of the event had Chuck Ingram’s way cool short track Camaro perform a huge off going into the second corner launched over the wall and his car hit me in the leg 8 ft away from where it launched! Fortunately, the car was no worse for wear and he was able to soldier forth to a podium finish.
Dan LaPointe built a new modified and Tom Morvay had the task of shaking it down. It too suffered teething problems. Jim Toye had his modified move unexpectedly at the start of one race and it tried to knock the wall down….the wall won unfortunately, so he was done.
Dan Lapointe had his controller act up spoiling an opportunity to contend, Charles with a loaner car from Chuck spun a gear…….the list goes on….
Among some of the good that came out of the evening was the presence of friends whom I have not seen in far, far too long. Wayne, Brian and Trevor Larmour, whom I raced with in my karting years back in the 80’s and 90’s dropped by to check out the scene. After a bit of encouragement and goading, the racer in them could not pass up an opportunity to have a go at the racing and after a bit of practice, Brian and Trevor were supplied with some cars to try their hand in competition. They did well for their first go round and I look forward to when they join us again.

Thank You to Chuck and Dan for the loaners.

Now onto to the results;
We utilized 2 different formats for the evening in order to expedite the program.
Short Track started the evening off with time trials;

I managed to nip Jim Toye for TQ. He and I had a bye to the main event.

Time trial results Short Track; (11 entries) On red lane.
Terry 4.024, Jim 4.178, Charles 4.244, Vic 4.378, Peter 4.383, Chuck 4.398, Tom 4.589, Bob 4.598, Dan 4.720, Trevor 5.786, Brian 7.551

Heat One results; 50 laps top 3 advance to next heat;
1 Tom Morvay 50, 2 Bob Bainborough 50, 3 Dan LaPointe 47, 4 Trevor Larmour 39, 5 Brian Larmour 33

Heat Two results; 50 laps top 3 advance to the semi final;
1 Peter Czerwony 50, 2 Chuck Ingram 50, 3 Bob Bainborough, 43, Dan LaPointe 38, Tom Morvay 37

Semi Final 75 laps top 3 advance to the main final;
1 Vic Czerwony 75, 2 Chuck Ingram 73, 3 Charles Goertz 71, 4 Peter Czerwony, 5 Bob Bainborough 59

Main final; 125 laps no lane rotation, lane selection lowest to highest from qualifying. ( ) indicates lane.
1 Jim Toye 125 (Y), 2 Terry Dalton 122 (B), 3 Chuck Ingram 117 ®, 4 Charles Goertz 117 (W), 5 Vic Czerwony 112 (G)

Jim was fast in qualifying and backed it up with a solid drive in the main final to win by 3 laps over second. Chuck Ingram, after the air show crash earlier on came home 3rd. Charles Goertz, is still trying to duplicate the pace he had at Brant’s Hatch with his T-bird wound up fourth and Vic rounded out the field with his work in progress camaro/impala creation.

Prior to the main final we ran a little feature for the non qualified cars from the heat races;
Results; Little Feature 35 laps
1 Bob Bainborough 35, 2 Tom Morvay 32, 3 Dan LaPointe 32, 4 Trevor Larmour 31, 5 Brian Larmour 29

Bob scoops the win with his land yacht of a Ford against all the pony cars in the field, well done.

We ran the traditional 3 minute heats round robin format for this class to help expedite the program.

11 entries with many loaners in the field, primarily from Chuck Ingram. Thank You for your generosity.
Once all the carnage and failed cars had been cleared Vic Czerwony was on top of the podium by the narrowest of margins; about 15 ft in front of hard charging Chuck Ingram who was looking for his second win in the modified class. Blackie Noir sure gets around this place. Pete Czerwony survived to finish third.

1 Vic Czerwony 187 laps, 2 Chuck Ingram 187 laps, 3 Peter Czerwony 185 laps, 4 Bob Bainborough 166 laps, 5 Dan LaPointe 153 laps, 6 Charles Goertz 139 laps, 7 Trevor Larmour 132 laps, 8 Brian Larmour 130 laps, 9 Tom Morvay 114 laps, 10 Terry Dalton 32 laps DNF, 11 Jim Toye 8 laps DNF

This was the best attended event so far and I thank everyone for their ongoing support. I’m having a lot of fun, although admittedly I was exhausted by the end of the night. Between racing, trying to socialize, and race directing, the night was a blur!

Shout out to Chuck Ingram and Charles Goertz with helping keep things in order with the move up format, I’ll figure it out eventually.

Lets keep Brant in our thoughts, I’ll be forwarding the results and to show him vids and pics from the evening this week.

Next event here is; round 3 of the endurance series January 28th.

The next event for the Friday series is; February 10th for nascar and sports car.

Visit us on facebook; SuzukaGTA

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