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SERG Series-Speed Report - St. Louis area

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Posted 03 March 2017 - 05:23 PM

Speed Report

SERG Series – Snake Pit Speedway


Mark Horne


A big thanks to Chas B for hosting another race of the SERG Series. We had a blast. With just seven drivers the night went pretty quickly by. Three to four regulars were out of town at REH slot cat heaven. Voting took place for the next season starting in July. The JK Dyson Mazda 7215B body was voted in. These are available pre-painted for those who wish not to do it themselves so that will be real easy.


Chas B was the Pole winner at the last race and he chose the Orange lane for qualifying. This lane gets a lot of use resulting in the cars being a bit jumpy around the donut and off the top turn from dirty braid. After qualifying Chas B stepped up and cleaned the braid to fix the issue.


First up was Tom P having missed several races due to health issues. He back in form and turned a good lap of 3.449”. Bill M on only his second visit to Snake pit stepped up his speed and turned a 3.605” About 0.250” faster than the first visit. Jeff G was next and turned an identical time to Tom P. Trackmate does not record the next fastest lap so they were headed to a showdown after normal qualifying. Ken W always at or near the top of the speed charts turned a whopper 3.207”. Jamie showed no worries when he turned a lap of 3.261” His car was fast after a bunch of tuning in practice. Mark H also on his second visit to SPS did not quite have enough to threaten the fast drivers. Chas B finished normal qualifying with a 3.312”.

We then had the showdown to set the field. Tom P went first and turned a 3.441” bettering his first time by 0.008”. Jeff G squeezed the trigger and on the third lap bested Tom P with a 3.383”.


Qualy Results:

1)    Ken W                       3.207”

2)    Jamie M                    3.261”

3)    Chas B                      3.312”

4)    Mark H                      3.388”

5)    Jeff G                        3.383”*

6)    Tom P                        3.441”*

7)    Bill M                         3.605”

* indicates showdown tie breaker time for the fifth position.


First heat race was Jeff G in Yellow, Tom P in Green and Bill M in Orange. For much of the first stint only a couple of laps separated all three drivers. Bill M and Tom P were dicing and both began to succumb to the stresses by having several offs. This gave Jeff G some comfort room and motored on to a 12 laps lead after the first stint. Both Tom P and Bill M said they just were up to speed in the first lane and it showed in the next lanes. Jeff G scored 120 or better in all four lanes while the battle between Bill M and Tom P was carried out. In the last stint both Bill M and Tom P score 114 laps and were chasing each other non-stop. Tom P scored fast lap at a 3.207” in Yellow the previous stint with Bill M just behind at 3.211” also in Yellow. Jeff G’s fast time was a 3.228” in the Blue and last lane.


Results Heat 1:

1)    Jeff G                        485

2)    Tom P                        456

3)    Bill M                        430

As a note all three drivers bested their previous lap best lap totals.



Heat 2:

Ken W selected Yellow for his starting lane. Jamie M was on Blue, Chas B went to Green and Mark H started in Orange. The first stint pretty much set the tone for the whole heat. Ken W had a rocket and it was handling exceptionally well. Chas B had a fast car but it would de-slot more often than anticipated causing lost laps. Jamie M and Mark H were neck-n-neck and finished on the same lap of 126. After the lane change it would be a different story for all but Ken W. Jamie M turned his best total in Yellow at 129. Chas B found better handling in the Blue lane and scored 121 laps. Mark H just could not get the handle on the Green lane and was de-sloting a bunch dropping his total to 116. Ken W in Orange pounded out 131 laps with little drama.

In the third stint Jamie M found the gremlins in Orange with Chas B and Mark H having solid runs. Ken W again driving smooth and clean turned yet another 131. Going into the final stint it was going to be a showdown with Jamie M warning Mark H about how he was going to make up his one lap deficit and take second place away. Ken W had an unusual failure and the car sounded like a tire was coming apart. He backed way off to bring the car home but still managed his second best lap total for the night at 133. Jamie M and Mark H were on the pace and the laps were tight. In the third stint Jamie M hooked up his controller wrong and lost about four laps. So there is why the battle between the two was so tight. Chas B was again fast but was pushing real hard to make up lost laps. This led to a few more offs than would have been expected. In the end Jamie M made up the one lap and totals were even at 497. Jamie M however was at 5 feet and Mark H was at 65 feet.



Race 2 results:

1) Ken W            530

2) Mark H          497-65

3) Jamie M        497-5

4) Chas B          482



Final results:

1) Ken W            530

2) Mark H           497-65

3) Jamie M         497-5

4) Jeff G              485

5) Chas B            482

6) Tom P             456

7) Bill M             430


We hope to see you at the next round on April 6th at Full Throttle Raceway.

Mark Horne

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