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2016-17 OCC season-ending Enduro

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Posted 13 June 2017 - 05:42 AM

Lets start this with thanking NESCR for hosting this years enduro. Lester and his crew had the track in great shape.
NE All Stars 3,678 Dan Ebert, Jim Verga, Bob Stanley & Steve Ploskunak
The Board 3,575 Justin Porter, Jay Sabala & Ron Vincek
Niagara Posse 3,566 Dennis Dominey, Rodger Niznik, Chuck Kron & Bud Denning
Team Pacer 3550 Jim Pace, Alan Gallagher & Keith Nelson
NESCR 3545 Lester Lucas, Lorenzo Frietze, Nate Graham & Jeff Eve

The 2016/17 season ending enduro had 5 teams participate at NESCR in North e East, PA. It looked like we initially were going to have 4 teams but the Race O Rama trio showed up after being caught in an accident on the Ohio Turnpike near Strongsville, OH. Not the best of starts for the long distance travelers.
We drew for the JK supplied Cheetah 21 rolling cars and Parmas Steve Koepp painted .010 Zondas at 8:30. Blue printing started immediately as teams decided to forego with the set screws set-up for holding the motors in place, opting instead to solder them in.
The Niagara Posse team was the 1st team on the track, the boys worked fast. The extra time allowed them to shoot out of the gate to take the lead after the 1st 15 minutes. The NE All Stars had problems from the beginning as they immediately changed the supplied motor and the replacement wasnt much better.
During the 2nd segment, Just Porter turned up the heat and took the lead for the Board which they held into the halftime intermission. The totals after 2hrs were as follows:
1793 The Board Red 224.18 - Whi 209.07 Gre 237.24 Ora 239.24 Blu 217.03 - Yel 208.07 Vio 237.25 - Blk 217
1769 Team Pacer Red 221.21 Whi 229.17 Gre 205.03 Ora 220.15 Blu 214.06 Yel 223.22 Vio 224.22 Blk 227.14
1750 Niagara Posse Red 233.14 Whi 225.00 Gre 231.02 Ora 238.15 Blu 222.17 Yel 223.11 Vio 212.17 Blk 162.21
1740 NESR Red 220.00 Whi 223.12 Gre 186.12 Ora 228.02 Blu 208.25 Yel 231.13 Vio 230.05 - Blk 211.03
1683 NE All Stars Red 115.09 Whi 233.06 Gre 219.03 Ora 202.23 Blu 239.05 Yel 181.16 Vio 245.08 Blk 245.11

The 2nd half was all NE All Stars as they caught and ran away from the field. Each team had issues throughout the race and it was a matter of who could get their cars back on the track the quickest.
The Board lost a spur gear set screw and chewed the gear. Then braid issues caught them. Niagara Posse started out well then had to change their motor when it quickly lost speed. NESR had several issues with chewed spur gears and forced them to push hard in the second. Team Pacer decided to run with the original motor and it was becoming more tired as the day progressed. It was noticeably slower during the last 3 segments but the team weighed their options of replacing it. With the closeness of the race, this was one time that a change may have been beneficial. But whos to say the back-up motor would have been as fast. The NE All Stars went through several motors until they found one which was much faster than any other motors out there as the final totals showed. The picture of the 2nd half totals has several blurred images and Im unable to gather the individual lane information for each team. Following are the totals of the 2nd half.

1938 NE All Stars
1826 Niagara Posse
1805 NESR
1782 The Board
1781 Team Pacer

Id like to thank Jay and Justin for picking up the slack for me. Once my controller cooked, I was out of it mentally. Ran my 3 segments then deferred to them to carry the load. They both drove well.
It was good to see 5 teams from around Ohio, PA, NY and Canada participating. With the exception of motor markings coming off and a dispute regarding sportsmanship, the event went smoothly. Using the rotating theme of the season ending enduro, we will be reaching out to one of the western OCC participating raceways to see if they would be interested in hosting us.
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Ron Vincek

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Posted 13 June 2017 - 07:26 AM

Ron, thanks for the report. Very nice seemed all had fun. What ??  there was a Dispute Regarding Sportmanship at a slot car race ?? WOW  if there was only one that is a good thing. Wish I could have been there. Keep up the good work. You guys Ron, Justin and Jay are doing great job of running OCC. Thanks SK

Steve Koepp

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