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Pelican Park 2017 Oregon Hardbody racing

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Posted 23 June 2017 - 03:17 AM

June 21, 2017 - GTS, Contemporary GT Cars, 1975 to present


High-performance, production based, closed (hardtop) sports and super-cars


Great racing at Pelican Park last night, a good turnout of enthusiasts, a fine selection of race cars, and a brand-new Ford GT body for this guy to test my luck against the resident racers.


Twelve racers came to play: nine of the die-hard regulars were joined by "Bad" Bob McFarland and Paul Painter from "up north" and James (that's me) from down south in Winston.  The preliminary races were the usual mix of joyful mayhem winnowing the field down for the finals:


The Consi:


Those are Dave's meat-hooks carefully aligning Paul Painter's Daytona Prototype in the red lane.  Dave did not race this evening but came for the fun and to help out with the corner-marshalling.  In the white lane is Leo's "molded in red plastic" Ferrari Enzo.  Hey, Leo... I will continue to mock your lazy butt until you put some paint on that thing.   :D


Paul and Leo each had Main-Event level cars, but the luck-of-the-draw put the four fastest cars in the same Semi-Main qualifier.  Only two from each qualifier go to the Main, and Paul and Leo lost out.  I have been in the same situation and all I can say is "Sucks to be you".  :laugh2:



Rounding out the Consi field are Todd's Nissan 350Z in the blue lane and Tom's Bugatti in yellow.  This shot emphasizes the size difference between Paul's tiny D.P. and Leo's Enzo.



Consi final:  Leo 1st, Paul 2nd, Tom 3rd, Todd 4th.  Bad-Bob's Ferrari suffered a terminal body-break in the last chance heat race, leaving an empty slot in the Hooligan and another chance for glory for Todd.


The Hooligan:


The grid for the Hooligan finds Greg's Bugatti in the red lane, new Pelican member "Scary-Gary's" yellow Porsche is in white.  Gary is an experienced racer from Bend, OR, by way of Cottage Grove.  He has kicked my butt on the Cottage Grove track on more than one occasion, so I expect great things from him here once he becomes adept on the Pelican track.



Deke's Audi in blue, and Todd gets the yellow lane this time.  Deke is running my back-up car, under his custom Audi R8 body.  A series of red-lane draws against tough competition in the preliminary heats kept Deke from the top-eight qualifiers.



Hooligan final: Deke 1st, followed by Todd, Greg, and Gary.


The Main Event:


In the red lane is Basil's blue Ford GT.  The last time I raced this class at Pelican, Basil beat my Ferrari 458 soundly with his GT, inspiring me to build one of my own.... Thanks for that, Basil.  In the white lane is Paul's Jaguar XK 220.  Paul usually races a bright red/orange Countach.  Is this Jag new?



Cully's Ferrari 458 in the blue lane is a multi-Main-Event-winner.  In the qualifier, he led the entire race with my car close behind.  I had no incentive in the qualifier to try for the pass, since the top two transfer to the main.  But now the gloves come off, as they say.  That's my new white 2005 Ford GT in the yellow lane.



The Main was a real battle between James (me) and Cully in adjacent lanes.  The other two cars could not keep up and were not a factor, but Cully and I were very closely matched.  My car could pull away where I had the inside line: the bank and the following two turns, but Cully could close in on the pit row section and the donut.  The battle raged for several laps until Cully slipped by in the donut, only to be re-passed at the other end of the track.  I must have clipped him in the process, as he went into the weeds.


I relaxed and backed off to 90% and before I knew it, Cully was charging back up from behind.  The race was on again... pushing to the limit... Cully looking for a way to get by.  Had we not been in adjacent lanes, I expect that Cully would have had the win.  Cully races here every week.  He is just better than I at driving Pelican at the edge.  That said, he made another pass attempt on the inside of the donut, but could not get clear.  The next corner put him on the outside of the lead-on.  I did not mean to nerf him, but I could not help but smile when I did.


Main Event final: James 1st, Cully 2nd, Basil 3rd, Paul 4th.



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Posted 23 June 2017 - 08:09 AM

Great, lucky bunch to have so many scale builder/racers.

Matt Bishop

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John M Wimett

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Posted 23 June 2017 - 09:22 AM

Beautiful scale cars!


Lane changes must take awhile though.


Send your Pelican Park logo to Rick Dodge at Chelan Printing and Custom Signs in Chelan, WA

He will make up a box of vinyl (not paper) lane change stickers for your track that are re-useable and even have a small pull tab on them.

Rick is a slot car racer and he is always there to help out fellow racers.


John M Wimett

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James Wendel

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Posted 23 June 2017 - 02:04 PM

And a couple of obligatory glamour shots of the winning car:




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