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Black flag excessive deslotters

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#51 Dave Crevie

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Posted 24 December 2017 - 12:56 PM

Speaking as a very highly seeded pro who has never fallen off in my entire life, I say if someone falls off three times

within a month's time, hang him from the yardarm.


That bit of levity aside, I would like Mike Swiss to jump in here. Most of us who have raced with Mike know that he can

exhibit a bit of a short fuse. But I have, over the years I have known him as a track owner, witnessed him take newbies

that most of us thought were just plain incompetent, and make them into decent racers. I have seen him hold birthday

parties with kids I would have just ushered out of the store, and have them participate in impromptu races and not only

behave, but have fun. And you never know, one of those might come back and get involved on a regular basis. There

is a part of most of us who want to correct a situation, rather than just rag about it. Making good, considerate participants

of those we might think are lost causes is a segment of that part. 

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Posted 24 December 2017 - 01:54 PM

This reminds of the time some kid told his dad he needed a faster motor. I said no, you need to practice staying on the track & not fall off so much. He blinked his eyes twice & told his dad he needed a faster motor.  Sometimes stupid is what stupid does.

Reminded me of a father-son team in late 60's...The kid impaled his car in the outer wall Brooklyn raceway...they stopped the race and everybody gathered round as in "Will you look at that"?!?


Faster motors can result in some "interesting crashes"

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John Wisneski

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Posted 24 December 2017 - 03:09 PM

I've done this long enough to know if they're willing to listen or not. I've helped lots of people & showed them how to maintain their cars, but kids have a real short attention span. some adults are the same way.

Very often my pit spot would be near one of the turns. When a car came off I would marshal it. If a car came off too many times I would give it a once over before putting it on. I would do some quick repairs and needed maintenance and back on it went. A very common problem was that the guide was too tight. I'd tell the racer and more times than not the response was "I like it like that" I'd put the car back on untouched. But needless to say, the next time he came off he did some walking. Never once did they come back and ask how to maintain their car. NEVER!  


You can't fix stupid.

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Posted 25 December 2017 - 02:47 AM

One time, I was helping a new owner set-up a customer's car he just bought from the sales counter. I was soldering in the oilites, conditioning the braid & breaking in the tires.  Then, he pulled me aside & tells me don't ever do that again in front of a customer.  I was trying to help this guy out (he knew nothing about slot cars) & I wasn't ever working for him at the time..A bad start for a new business & in fact, he didn't even last two years.  Some people can't recognize some of us are the good guys.

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Posted 26 December 2017 - 06:43 PM

I would like to aplologize to Terry Watson for painting him as a complainer but never doing anything positive. The fact is, I only know Terry by what he posts on Slotblog and nothing else. I didn’t mean to judge him as a person but just by what he posts. That was wrong on my part and I'm sorry :give_rose:


Santa Claus called me and told me just a few of the good things Terry has done for this hobby:


-I have witnessed not only once, but on three separate times in the past year or year and half, Terry Watson going to a raceway counter and purchasing at FULL retail a RTR slot car to give to a local young racer. New and young racers who already have a mentor in either an adult or a father at the track.


-I have also watched Terry give away two of his personal and winning cars to young racers..... one was a Can Am car and the other was a GTP car to get two more young people into slot racing.


-I have watched Terry countless times, buy a racer a new gear or a pair of tires to help them keep going.


-He recently was helping a father and son duo starting to race Group F wing cars by not only rebuilding their cars with new bodies that cost him 25.00 a piece and then driving them twice to Fort Wayne, a 190 mile round trip twice to coach, wrench and help them with their beginning effort.


High praise indeed! :D :good: So I will now take my lashes and retreat back to my vintage cave, but happy in knowing someone will go to such great lengths to help promote slot cars.

P.S. I say "NO" Black Flag for frequent deslotters

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