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Customer relations?

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Posted 16 December 2017 - 11:35 AM

I know this thread will be deleted but I am posting it anyway.
After taking the time and energy over two race weekends to run and document the performance of my questionable RH motors for JK to evaluate he now tells me he does not want the motors as I am incompetent, dishonest, and biased against him. All this before he has even heard the results.
As anyone who knows me understands I have always been a supporter of the RH motors and have never wanted a change of motor rules. I do however want the current problems with this motor corrected as it will surely have a negative effect on Retro racing if it is not.
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Posted 16 December 2017 - 12:22 PM

Tell you what, Raisin, I won't delete this thread but I am going to lock it. But I am going to toss my two pennies on the table...

Until yesterday, only a single supposedly 'defective' motor had been returned to Tim to investigate, and that was sent in by a trackowner and not the racer himself. Now he has a grand total of two and he has discovered some interesting info that will likely be shared soon. You yourself waffled on whether or not to supply Tim with the motors you believed had problems, first you wouldn't, then you said you would, then you again wouldn't, and now a month later you're willing to do so. I really can't blame Tim for not being willing to spend the time and money to go through your motors now.

This leads to my basic issue with all the RH motor bitching and moaning: everyone seems perfectly willing to disparage the RH motors in public in various places, including here, and the seller has indicated his willingness to look into any supposed problems and to cover racers' costs. Yet virtually no one seems to want to provide the physical evidence for JK to check and analyze. Why is that the case? And how fair to JK is that?


So many of the rabid Retro racers seemingly fail understand how few companies are willing to supply bespoke motors for the extremely tiny niche hobby of 1/24 Retro racing. IMO JK Tim is highly motivated to provide the very best motors for Retro that he can, given the constraints of price and manufacturing access he has to work with. Yet there are howling masses who demand more, insisting on near-pefect equality in motor performance at minimal cost, when there hasn't been anyone in the world who has been able to provide that.


Wish I could understand why so many slot racers seem willing to cut off their noses to spite their faces.


BTW, further discussion of Raisin's initial post here will not be permitted. Any new threads started to continue it will be deleted. If you want to vent your spleens on this subject, take it to Cessbook or elsewhere please. If JK Tim wishes to provide any comments in rebuttal, I will add them to this thread.

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