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Mixing brands of lacquer paint? Tamiya, LifeTone, Spaz Stix?

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#1 Dan Miller

Dan Miller


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Posted 09 January 2018 - 01:00 PM

Need to choose some paints. Locally I have access to Tamiya PS rattle can paint. I can also get at Spaz Stix with a bit of trouble but it is available to me. Can I shoot the body a main color in Tamiya, highlight some detail in Spaz Stix fluorescent and get away with no conflict between the two brands of paint? I will be blowing .015" thick Lexan bodies.
I also notice that one of the board members here has tried out LifeTone paints from a taxidermy materials supplier. As their white and black lacquer paint is so inexpensive, I was thinking of using LifeTone as my backer over the Tamiya and Spaz Stix. Any problems with that?
At this time I have no paint in hand but will order soon. I just do not want to bring in a mess of paint that wants to go to war with each other. As these are all advertised as lacquer it would seem they should all get along with one another.
Also, which manufacturer makes lacquer flourescents that really pop vividly? It seems to me that Spaz Stix is the brightest but I have been told that Tamiya PS can really scream as well.
I will change between Tamiya rattle cans and a Paasche H airbrush as required, while painting the bodies, if that makes any difference.
Thanks for your help. I have not raced since 1986 and look forward to it once again. Back then I used Ulrich and Pactra, sold in small bottles, which now seem to be gone from the market. I liked the Ulrich best.

Dan Miller

#2 wbugenis


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Posted 09 January 2018 - 02:20 PM

I have been using House of Kolor base coat (from your auto body supply) with acetone as a thinner and cleanup.
Great color selection in solids, pearls, and flourescents.
You probably know someone locally who has some white or black on a shelf.


small quantities sold here:  http://www.blackgold...structions.html
Worth a try -  especially if you know someone in a body shop.

William Bugenis

#3 Ramcatlarry


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Posted 09 January 2018 - 05:25 PM

Should be compatible if you let it dry a few hours between coats (smell for fumes or use the hair dryer).


Spastic has not flaked off lexan like some others I have tried.  I brush water base for touch-up & detail over laquer primary colors.

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