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Car pics and set-ups for Motown on Feb 11

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Posted 08 February 2018 - 08:51 PM

I've had just about zero time to work on cars and such since November. Now, with our first race of 2018 a few days away, here is how and why I'm going set up my existing stuff for the race. I'll be at the track all day on Saturday so I'll have some time to sort it all out. These are the starting points..............


First, the Can Am car that won the Motown race in October (unfortunately, I wasn't driving it, I'd loaned it out....... :crazy: )


This car is 8 rails/side of .039 wire full soldered on a 3.9" wb and .9" guide lead

With the center plate in and the added lead back near the motor, it goes ~~ 107 gr all up.

Race day testing may indicate differently but I generally don't do well with lighter cars @ Motown.

With the weights as shown, I'll start with JK 8713PP at full width. Motor is @ 9-28




Second, the car that won at FTH in November


This one is 6 rails of .047 (3 brass, 3 steel) with the rails unsoldered on 3.9" wb and .9 GL

As shown with the lead added on the rear tabs, this will go ~~ 102 gr all up. I have a center weight available for +4gr.

This car will probably start with JK 8703 and may go to narrowed fairly quickly.

Motor will run 9-28 and I think this will be the race car.




Third is a car I've had for about a year and have a couple of wins with it.


This is my first brass/steel hybrid car. It's 8 rails/side (4 brass, 4 steel) unsoldered on 4" w and 1" GL

As shown it will go ~~ 110 gr all up and I do have a center weight available.

This car is not super fast but it is easy to drive and dependable just in case of weird conditions. It's very good in flat turns.

This car can run almost any untreated tire and any hub size.




Last is the my only stock car remaining alive.....


This is 2 rails/side of .062 built on the R-Geo platform.

Conundrum at Motown with stockers is to be loose enough to not be tippy in the flat turns.........

..........But at the same time, have enough bite to hold the two very tight banks on the inside lanes.

I'm going to start with 8713 pp natural to help hold the banks

Then I'll just run it heavy in hopes that'll negate the tipping in the flat turns.

I'll probably run an 8-27 in hopes that will be done accelerating before it hits the banks.




As mentioned, I'll be there all day Saturday to help anyone out. Or....you could just stop in at the track to point and laugh while I'm thrashing away.

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