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Testing on the BPR flatster

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Posted 11 May 2018 - 02:39 PM

Soooo.............what's a NorCally guy doing posting about testing at BPR??? Wellll.............much of this is about how to approach a "road" event. Meaning, a track you only see once a year or so. Another part is a shout out to my buddy Tim Neja who happened to be there last night when I started the testing process. It's always good to have another experienced driver/racer give some input and help keep you "centered" so to speak. Tim and I have tested and tuned together enough times that I have a good idea of what his input means to me as a different racer with different cars, and he's driven my stuff enough to what it'll usually feel like. Either of us can usually tell the other that "this thing is a slug" or "it needs more weight" or..............whatever.


I got my retro cars on the track following the flexi LMP races Thursday night so the glue was well spread and the "tack" was mitigated enough that the track was pretty good for retro cars. I had brought 4 ea. Can Ams and F-1s each with a different chassis design and dimensions. I also has a mix of motors and gears varying from Retro Hawks and TSRD3s with gears from 7-28 to 9-29. The time was short so the process was to run each of the different cars and make mental notes about how each one "felt". That means power band felt good but car was tippy, or car handles great but have to go reallly hard to go fast, to......YOW!....this one sux....back in the box with this one. The challenge is to mix and match those differing characteristics to come up with a competitive package. That means.....this motor in that car with a different body and narrow tires....as an example.


So,in short order, I got through all the cars. There were a few that I just shelved more or less immediately. They were either just not fast enough or had too much motor or whatever. F-1s came down to two really good cars. One clearly had a power advantage while the other was much more comfortable to drive but I had to go super hard to turn a good lap. So. boiling down those two really good cars, I decided to try the motor/gear combo from the first car with the chassis from the second and maybe a different body. How that shakes will be figured out today. Both of these cars were good enough to race as is but I need to find a tenth in the combination between the two.


The Can Ams were all decent but nothing was feeling really competitive from the start. I ran all four cars and had mixed results. Most needed weight and one or two needed a motor or gear change. During the course of this first hour on the track, I tested the "tried and true" 9-29 gearing with a TSR motor. Much to my surprise this was better than the 8-28 that I just assumed would be where I needed to be. I also discovered that......yes, the TSR in fact has the potential to race better than the faster Retro Hawk.


So, now I have an idea of what to work on. I've culled the fleet of eight down to four and will concentrate on tuning those when I get to the track this afternoon. We'll see how it shakes.



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Posted 11 May 2018 - 07:28 PM

A word of advice Jim  for the Saturday retro races:  Watch out for that Warmack guy  :shok:   I'd include Dale Yamashita as well but he decided to give us all a chance and attend a family gathering instead.  Thanks for posting.

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Posted 11 May 2018 - 11:14 PM

So that's the kind of stuff one does to be "a contender!" Sounds far more effective than just blowing the dust off of 'em and maybe getting a set of tires if they're too crusty!



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Posted 12 May 2018 - 11:14 PM

Any Report on the racing today. Thanks





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