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Race results from MVH - 5/15, Can-Am on the Aristocrat

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Posted 17 May 2018 - 10:02 AM

Can-Am on the Aristocrat – 5/15/18


This week at MVH it was back to the American Aristocrat to race retro Can-Am. We had a decent turnout of eight racers, including Carlo Tonalezzi, author of the recent slot racing book A Day at the Races – Slot Car Superstar, published in 2015. While in the area for work he stopped by to check out the world famous MVH and take a few photos. Peter and Richard convinced him he should race with Peter providing him a loner to run. He usually races 1/32nd scale and didn’t get a lot of practice before the race which put him at the back of the pack but he had an enjoyable time nonetheless.   


With eight racers running in 4/4 format we ran 16 heats allowing an adequate (though not ideal) four marshals on the corners.


Eight Can-Am Cars in Tech:



Ernie “The Ernstigator” LaChance was back on the track this week and had the car and motor to beat. He posted the fastest lap on the outside lanes (5.078 on Green), then did the same on the inside lanes (4.701 on Purple). By the end of the evening he’d set the fastest lap on the middle 6 lanes with Ray Lee besting him on red and Peter Lentros doing the same on black.


But in slot racing, going fast doesn’t always guarantee first-place. At the move to the inside lanes Peter held a slight lead over Ray with both racers logging 135 laps while in third place Ernie held a similar lead over Dave Panich with both showing 134 laps on the counter. Further back, Dan Savage and Rich Girvin were in a race for fifth place and on the same lap with a tally of 129 while Richard Payne was two laps off their pace. Carlo rounded out the field with 114 laps.   


The move to the inside lanes started precipitously for Peter as he took a ride into the wall, impacting the handling of his car and giving Ray an opening to move into the lead. Meanwhile, The Ernstigator was struggling on the black and yellow, enhancing Dave’s shot at the podium while Dan fell off the pace (out of the slot?) giving Rich G room to improve his position.


The final lap totals show an evening of close racing throughout the field as Ray hung on for the win just 9 sections ahead of Dave. Four laps back Ernie was able to edge out Peter by 23 track sections to claim the bottom step on the podium while Rich G got around Dan to take 5th place by 18 track sections. Dan's claim to 6th place was by only 8 sections over Richard P while Carlo finished the evening quite a few laps off the pace. In a rare instance, everyone logged their fastest time in the same lane (purple).


Finishing order, laps completed, best-lap time and best-lap lane:

            1)      Ray Lee                   279/24    4.759         PU

            2)      Dave Panich            279/15    4.797         PU

            3)      Ernie LaChance       275/0      4.701         PU

            4)      Peter Lentros           274/2      4.868         PU

            5)      Rich Girvin               267/7      4.917         PU

            6)      Dan Savage             266/14    4.822         PU

            7)      Richard Payne         266/6      4.883         PU

            8)      Carlo Tonalezzi        232/24    5.195         PU


Upcoming Events:


     MVH Tuesday Night Retro-Racing Schedule for the remainder of May:

            5/22        Coupes on the Figure 8

            5/29        Can-Am on the King


     May 19th – Final NERR Series Race at 1010 Raceway in Bristol, CT:

            Coupes on the King followed by the Awards Banquet

                    NOTE:  Track opens at 7:00 am, power will go off at 9:15 for Tech


Cars on the Podium (L to R): 2nd Place – Dave Panich, 1st Place – Ray Lee, 3rd Place – Ernie LaChance



Ray’s 1st Place Chassis:

1st Place - Ray.jpg           1st Place - top.jpg


Dave’s 2nd Place Chassis:

2nd Place - Dave.jpg           2nd Place - top.jpg


The Ernstigator’s 3rd Place Chassis:

3rd Place - Ernie.jpg           3rd Place - top.jpg



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