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GT1 and Can Am at STR on 6/11/18

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Posted 12 June 2018 - 06:17 PM

The field was sparse with five participants showing up to race GT1 and Can-Am at STR on 6/11/18. Track conditions were quite good for both classes.
  • In GT1 James and Bob battled it out for supremacy. In the end, James edged out Bob by a few feet. Rich finished a distant third, about 4 and a half laps behind the leaders.
  • The Can-Am race was a much closer contest with Bob and James (both driving OSCAR based Resilient Resins Lotus 30s) and Rich driving a True Scale Spec. GT40 (Scholer chassis, Fujimi plastic body). In the end it was a Lotus sandwich. Bob, Rich and James finished first through third respectively.

The first two heats featured Ron (Enzo) and Nick (Nissan). Early on, Ron launched his Enzo in the bank, flying into Bobs cabinets, dislodging the Enzos front bodywork and bending the chassis front end. The race was stopped to give Ron the opportunity address the front end issues. After the launch, Ron seemed to be driving conservatively in and attempt to avoid further body/chassis damage. After two heats Ron had completed 42 laps, far off of record pace. Nick finished his first two heats with only 40 laps.

The race began to take shape as Rich faced off against James in heats numbers five and six. After each had completed two heats, James was about a lap ahead of Rich. It was clear that James Jaguar XJR8LM was quicker than Richs Jaguar XJ220 and that Rich would have a very hard time overtaking James for total lap count. James was first of the top seeds to complete his rotation with 93.3 laps. Rich finished two heats later with 88.7 laps. With Rich and James in the barn it was up to Bob to challenge for top spot.

After his first two heats, Bob had completed 45+ laps, about a lap off James pace for the same two heats. Bob took it to a new level for his final two heats (on red and white lanes) turning 24 laps in each. Wow, what a finish. Both Bob and James finished with 93.3 laps. James edged out Bob by a few feet. Rich was a distant third.



James and Bob selected OSCAR based Lotus 30s for the Can-Am contest. Rich and Ron both ran their True Scale Scholer based Ford GT40s. Nick entered his OSCAR based Chappie. In practice, it seemed to me that the True Scale cars, especially, Richs GT40 were quite competitive with the OSCAR based rides. I noticed that Bob and James were turning laps right at the five second mark (about the same lap times as my GT40). Ron seemed to be about .1 seconds off the pace. All of this led me to believe that the race was going to a hard fought battle. In the end, it was.

The first heat featured Rich on Blue and Bob on Red. About halfway through the first heat, Bob, running a few sections ahead of Rich de-slotted blocking Richs path. By the time the marshal re-slotted the cars, both had lost at least a half of a lap. It is interesting to note that this was the only off for Rich during the entire race and the lost time was not Richs fault but that is racing. When the heat ended, both Bob and Rich finished with 22+ laps. Bob began to pull away from Rich in heat #2. After the completion of heat #2 Bob had a half plus lap lead over Rich. Bob then rotated out.

James and Rich battled it out in heat #3. At the end of the heat Rich had turned 23 laps while James was very nearly at 23 laps. The battle continued into heat #4. Both competitors ran well. Rich was first in the barn with 89.5 laps. It was now up to James, in his final two heats to attempt to overtake Rich. Again this turned out to be a great finish. James came within a section of besting Rich. So it was Rich and James in the barn for first and second place respectively.

Ahh, but it wasnt over yet. The fat lady had yet to sing. Bob rotated in on blue for heat #9 having completed only two heats. Up to that point Bob had averaged 22.5+ laps/heat, a bit higher than either Rich or James. In the end, Bob maintained his average lap count and finished the race in first place with 90.7 laps, a bit more than a lap ahead of Rich and James who finished in second and third place respectively.


Rich was quite pleased with the performance of his True Scale GT40 with a second place finish in a close contest. But, keep in mind that Richs performance of 89.5 laps with a fast lap of 5.054 seconds was far from record territory in the Can-Am class. The OSCAR based cars; with their much smaller rear wheels and lower CGs have the advantage over their True Scale counterparts. Looking back at history, the top lap count in Can-Am was 93.5 laps notched by Bob driving his OSCAR based Lotus. The fast lap for the Can-Am class was set by Richs OSCAR based Lotus at 4.882 seconds. Both records were set in October of 2017.

All of us were somewhat surprised by Nicks Chappie. It looked like the Chappie body might be competitive as a True Scale ride, which would add some more diversity to the mixed class run at Electron Raceway. The Chappie is wider than the GT40 in front but a bit narrower in back. Ron vowed to mount an old Chappie on a True Scale chassis and try it out. The results might prove to be very interesting. Only time will tell.


Rich Vecchio

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Posted 13 June 2018 - 01:14 PM

Looks like fun. Im on the east coast. Do you have pictures of the track ?
Dale Granger

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Posted 13 June 2018 - 01:18 PM

Oops. Ok I found them.
Dale Granger

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