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Race results from MVH - 3/5, F1 on the King

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Posted 07 March 2019 - 10:33 AM

The Fangs Were Out – Formula 1 on the King – 03/05/19


By my reckoning it has been quite a while (almost 6 months) since the MVH Tuesday night retro series ran Formula 1 on the King, but this week F-1 was back with nine racers going through tech. The race was run in 4/4 format with 5 marshals to keep things moving.


F-1 Cars in Tech:



Wayne Secore’s first heat provided some excitement as he hit the wall in the bank and "disconnected" the guide mount. Discussion followed whether he hit the wall and broke the mount or if the mount broke and he hit the wall, but in either case the car was unable to continue. Rather than hold up the race for repairs he went back out with a loner car.


The early heats saw Peter Lentros and Dan Savage set the pace though Peter was having some handling problems and couldn’t match Dan’s pace. As more racers cycled in Bob “Woody” Hazelwood and Dave Panich upped the ante, cruising past the previous pacesetters. Unfortunately for Woody, his motor really preferred some temperature and while it was warming up he was falling somewhat behind Dave, but by the second heat he was up to speed and gaining ground.


At the change to the inside lanes Dave had logged 154 laps for a 3-lap lead over Woody while Dan’s 146 lap total put him two laps up on Peter. The middle of the pack was hotly contested with Richard Payne posting 139 laps and holding a 1-lap lead over Tom Smith and a 3-lap lead over Rich Girvin. Wayne and Tom F closed out the field.


During the move to the inside lanes Peter remedied his handling problem and started putting up lap totals equaling or bettering the race leaders. He was clearly going to get by Dan to finish on the podium but he’d have to cover a lot of ground to catch Woody and Dave. Though he managed to add 8 laps to his first half total, he still had to settle for third, almost 10 laps off the pace. Dave and Woody ran neck-and-neck for the last 4 heats giving Dave the win by 3 laps, the same margin he held mid-race.


As Dan missed the podium by just one lap to finish in 4th, Richard P managed to put some serious distance between himself and his pursuers to claim 5th by an 8 lap margin. Tom struggled on the inside lanes, allowing Rich G to slip past him by a gap of just over a lap at the finish. Wayne and Tom F remained in the same order as in the first half.  


Though the racing was close, the lap totals didn’t reflect the really close lap times as Dave, Woody and Peter all shared fast-lap honors with identical 4.499 times (which was probably to be expected as they were all running identical Dominator “Fang” chassis with JK Hawk Retro "9R" motors). If Peter's car had been handling as well at the beginning as it was at the end he would have been in the race for the win. Rich G and Tom S also put up identical lap times of 4.999 seconds and were separated by just one lap in the final standings.


Final Standings, laps completed, fast-lap time and lane:

  1. Dave Panich            309/8      4.499      YL
  2. Woody Hazelwood   306/2      4.499      YL
  3. Peter Lentros           296/17    4.499      BL
  4. Dan Savage             295/8      4.671      WT
  5. Richard Payne         282/9      4.827      YL
  6. Rich Girvin               274/15    4.999      YL
  7. Tom Smith               273/5      4.999      WT
  8. Wayne Secore         260/7      5.101      BL
  9. Tom F                      223/10    5.273      WT                  

Upcoming Events:


      MVH Tuesday Night Retro-Race Schedule for March:

                    March 12         Can-Am on the Aristocrat

                   March 19         Coupes on the Figure 8

                   March 26         Stock Cars on the Royal


      NERR Races in March:


            1010 Raceway in Bristol, CT:

                    March 9            Stock Cars and Coupes on the King


            Modelville Hobby in Ashland, MA:

                    March 23         Stock Cars on the Royal

                                            F-1 on the King


Podium: (L to R):  2nd Place – Woody Hazelwood, 1st Place – Dave Panich, 3rd Place – Peter Lentros



Dave’s 1st Place Dominator “Fang” Chassis:

1st place - Dave.jpg


Woody’s 2nd Place Dominator “Fang” Chassis:

2nd place - Woody.jpg


Peter’s 3rd Place Dominator “Fang” Chassis:

3rd place- Pete.jpg

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