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Lexus RC-F slot car commercial

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Posted 05 April 2019 - 04:54 PM

I guess any exposure is good exposure- I leave it to you to decide....



"What I love about it is the way the spot uses the slot-car device in a genuinely new way. At one level, it's a metaphor for driving in America circa 2019. Plastic cars in an increasingly plastic world. The lanes of the track are a symbol of our conformity. There are forces, Lexus says, trying to take the joy out of driving, and they're succeeding.

The new RC F Track Edition is the antidote to that.
And damned if it doesn't actually seem like it is.
The slot-car metaphor works at another level as well, making a subtle dig at electric cars. EVs have been generating a lot of (wait for it) buzz lately about performance. Anyone who has floored the throttle of a Tesla Model S in Insane mode or, better yet, Ludicrous mode, knows that those cars leave many internal-combustion performance cars- including this one-in their dust. For the RC F Track Edition, Lexus claims an ever-so-barely-in-the-threes 3.96-second zero-to-60-mph romp. In Ludicrous mode, the Model S can reach 60 mph a full second faster.
Advantage: Tesla.
Or is it?
The One Track Mind spot seems to ask if performance driving is really just about a noiseless, gearless rocket-sled launch to 60 mph, or is it about having a car that you can not only accelerate with the throttle, but steer with it as well? A car with a beating heart and a pirate's soul, and an engine you can hear three counties over?
Isn't it the combination of all of its capabilities that makes a vehicle worth driving?
To make sure we get the message, Lexus intends to run the ads not just during the Final Four and the NCAA Division 1 Men's Championship game, but most of the early summer's major sporting events, including the Indianapolis 500 and the NBA and NHL playoffs.
Because there will be only 50 RC F Track Editions available for the entire country, Lexus is hoping to use it as a halo for the standard RC F.
Shades of the original Ford Mustang GT350.
What Lexus doesn't say is where exactly one can enjoy the kind of performance depicted in the spot, except on racetracks.
Maybe those powerslides are metaphors, too." - George Levy Car and Driver

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Posted 06 April 2019 - 03:58 AM

Excellent, MG, thanks for posting clip and comment. 


The guy analyzes it very well, and I like his comment at the end about where you're going to actually be able to use this kind of performance... 


It's actually kind of surprising that Lexus thinks slot cars are well enough known for the metaphor to work... From everything I've heard these days, I wouldn't have thought so. Most of my friends and family only know about them because of me. 



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