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Making a series simpler and increasing attendance?

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Posted 28 June 2019 - 07:12 PM

I like the "AM" and "PRO" classes in GTC. 

It gives the skill challenged racers a place to compete   :D 


we raced HO like that, it was cool to have a place for newbies to race.

the "AM" class can be speced out to keep cost down.

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Posted 28 June 2019 - 07:20 PM

Maybe make the slowest class the most restricted with spec parts. Racers need a car they can leave in there box between races and be competitive when they pull it out at the next race. Not everyone has the time or money to work on their stuff everyday.


I agree with all of da Big P's points, but the above is very important to keep Am racers coming back week after week.


Also tracks should have pre-built competitive AM class cars for sale and maintaining (for a fee of course) for those with more $ than time.



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Posted 28 June 2019 - 07:46 PM

The FSCS rules are located in this same folder that you posted on this thread.

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Posted 18 August 2019 - 04:58 PM

Dale emailed me and asked that I comment on the Arrive & Drive thread.  I declined because it's been so long since I raced and I don't see racing in my foreseeable future.  He emailed me a second time ... and the link in that thread brought me to this thread.


What hasn't changed is I'm not smart enough to keep my mouth shut.   :)




So my subject matter is two fold:

1) how does one simplify the rules, and at the same time,

2) increase interest and attendance. (like getting more local racers involved with the series when the series comes to their home track.)



Another point is that I think that the raceways should run weekly car class EXACTLY as the FSCS rules or change the FSCS rules to match up with the local raceway rules. In my experience, the best example of this is when the Pinellas Park hillclimb track was in Jacksonville. Rollin and Johnny ran weekly races whereby the weekly rules were identical to the MY Series rules. Consequently, Rollin had the best attendance at his MY Series races than any other raceway by far.



So what should we do? What's your opinion?




Johnny and I had the advantage of opening SCR&H after My Series had already started.  That made it very easy to simply adopt the Series rules as our local rules. 


When Bill opened The Raceway.biz in Cocoa, the Series rules were already in place and he adopted the same rules.  When he moved to Melbourne his focus shifted more to the oval and drag racing.  I get it ... you have to race what the customers show up to race.


At The Race Place in Holly Hill, Greg ran his NASCAR class at The Race Place based off of the Series rules. The original My Series GTP rules were exactly what we used to race at The Race Place on Tuesday nights back in 2006/2007. 


For us in Jacksonville ..... It helped a ton that the vast majority of our racers understood what we were doing and supported the raceway's decision to follow the Series.  I understand that it would be much harder for a raceway to change their existing rules to match any Series.  You would run the risk of alienating your current racers by making their cars obsolete. 


And we made a lot of money by having a "built" race car for each class for sale in the case.  We made sure that it was an A-Main capable car (in the right hands) before we would sell it.



Just my two cents and perhaps some outside thinking. Run amateur with a break out with very very loose rules and pro with some mild limitations? Amateur would give lesser racers, even newbies, a chance to win increasing attendance. Pro offers a chance for lesser racers to learn without being frustrated or spending so much money on testing or latest greatest.


Just my personal .02 .... breakout ain't racin' ... it's pacin'.  It only offers the illusion of equality.  Kind of like sealed motors.  


I know it works for a lot of local tracks.  It didn't work here when SCR&H's predecessor (Buddy's Slot Car Speedway) was open so we didn't adopt those rules and grew as a result.



I may have missed the boat here but anyways this is what I see....RULES.....not being sure what is regulations or isnt.   Most racers will not or in some cases cannot look online for the rules and most that do wont make a copy of the rules and get frustrated having to go back and forth to the computer and just say the heck with it. Now...that being said..I remember the days when you could go to the track and pick up a set of ALREADY printed out rules, ie. Parma Rules, USRA rules etc etc. It would be real nice if that was done still, and there would be (in my opinion) more racers because of knowing ahead of time the rules and regulations......Just my opinion....Kim


At SCR&H we created a rules pamphlet that mimicked the style of the old Parma Challenge Cup rules.  Every customer was given one and one was with every Starter Kit.  That format was/is very easy for a racer to keep in his box.  I've attached the original version from when we opened in 2010.  I wish I was smart enough to know how to rotate the image.


We also had the current Series rules hanging on the wall and sitting on the counter at the track.  Plus we emailed to every racer that wanted it electronically.


The current Series rules are posted on this message board which makes it very easy to update.






The problem:  How to attract the locals.
Possible solution:  A hybrid of multiple podiums as well as a championship.
Have qualifying then have two standalone races.  The slower half of the racers race against each other and have a podium.  Then the faster half have their own podium.  This has been working very well at P-1 for years.  It keeps the slower drivers coming back because they have a reasonable chance of making a podium.
If anyone that ran in the slower half, wants to compete in the championship and plans on traveling to the other FSCS raceways, then wherever their car stopped would be marked, as is currently being done when races are combined.  This driver's finish position would then be blended, on paper only, with the faster half's race, in order to assign the proper number of points towards the championship.




Technology kills racing. The cost to keep up is one of the main reason people quit.

Make the rules simple, with as few options as possible for the lower classes and let the fast class be the open class.

Maybe make the slowest class the most restricted with spec parts. Racers need a car they can leave in there box between races and be competitive when they pull it out at the next race. Not everyone has the time or money to work on their stuff everyday. Having spec gearing without specified tire size now requires a tire cutter. You need a simple class to get new people involved.

Plus Florida we have drivers traveling 2 plus hours to race. They need to know at least one class they will have the same equipment as everyone else.

Split drivers into A&b divisions and promote the piss out of the B guys. This was something I always did in my retro east race reports. You got to cater to the B not A pro drivers.

All Raceway’s that participate in the series need to run the series rules.

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Dale .... TonyP nailed it on the head.  You get better local participation when you keep the cost down so guys can afford to race more often.  THEN when you race that exact same class at a Series event, it's easy for them to participate.


Y'all should listen to Tony .... I believe that the closer the cars are to stock, the bigger the participation.  The more changes you allow, the smaller the number of racers that will participate.  

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Posted 08 November 2019 - 08:52 PM

If it aint cheap, folks aint coming. I saw this in sporting clays competition. Ya start with a fairly easy range setup where amateurs can bring field guns ,compete and have fun. Then ya got the upper level shooters beechin because they drive 2 hrs to shoot a fairly easy setup and it wasn't challenging enough,allthough nobody shot perfect 100 out of 100 scores. So to make the bitchers happy ya make the course tougher, add a 20 mph wind that day and the beginners are intimidated by the targets,they never come back,the whole thing dies off. Of course the bitchers are shooting 7k krieghoffs and berettas worth 10 k. If ya don't keep it cheap,it will die.
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