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Retro Rumble/GRRR race results - 9/28-29, Pinellas Park, FL

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Posted 01 October 2019 - 11:26 AM

Alright folks.....here is the Southern Retro Rumble (Round 2) Race Report for everyone.
First of all, Elaine & I would like to thank all of the racers that took the time out of their lives to make it to this event and made it a memorable fun two days of retro racing here at Fast Eddie's.
I also want to thank all of the sponsors that provided race prizes and contributed to making this event successful.
Bud Bartos Racing Products, DOMINATOR Chassis, Gator Region Retro Racing, Jersey John Chassis, JK Products, PAW Braids, Port Jefferson Raceway, Ralph Thorne Racing, Tony P Chassis, Ultimate Racing Products.
Everyone that raced at this event won something which is awesome in itself thanks to all of our sponsors.
Here are our big winners on the sponsored chassis's.
Jay Guard - Dominator Snake F1
Paul "Pacman" Chesler - Tony P
Richard Washburn - Jersey John
Day one on Saturday we kicked things off with GT Coupe.
Barry Hutchins won Concours with his nicely painted Noose body.
With 15 entries we started Qualifying.
Danny "DZ" Zona won TQ with a fast lap of 4.344 for a new track record in GT Coupe at Fast Eddie's SC&R.
With 15 racers the the top 8 made the A-main and the remaining 7 ran in the B-main for total laps over all.
Here's how everyone finished.
A-main results -
DZ 301.11 laps
Terry Tawney 298.11 laps
Brian Ambrose 298.6 laps
Aaron Rothstein 294.6 laps
Rick Moore 288.3 laps
Jay Guard 286.7 laps
Eddie Hoffman 275.19 laps
Jeff Bonanno 254.6 laps
B-Main results -
Bobby Robinson 280.7 laps
Mike Moock 267.19 laps
Ken Green 265.18 laps
Eddie Fleming 263.7 laps
Donny "Shrek" Caron 261.19 laps
Tom Harrington 260.13 laps
Barry Hutchins 219 laps
After a nice lunch break we started with Tech on the 4.5" Stockcars.
With 21 entries it was Mark "Ace" Kemp winning Concours with his awesome painted Jack Daniels Stockcar.
In qualifying it was Jay Guard winning TQ with a fast lap of 3.472 while qualifying on orange and a new track record
Since we had 21 entries we would run 9 in the C-main with two move ups from C & B mains. Top 6 made it into the A-main.
A-Main results -
Jeff Bonanno 395.2 laps
Aaron Rothstein 384.6 laps
Rick Moore 383.3 laps
Eddie Hoffman 381.8 laps
Jay Guard 378.9 laps
Mike Moock 376.14
Ken Green 254 laps
DZ 78 laps
B-Main results -
Eddie Hoffman 378.3 laps
Ken Green 372.9 laps
Bobby Robinson 369.13 laps
Grant Goerner 365.4 laps
Randy Shearl 362.12 laps
Donny "Shrek" Caron 361.14 laps
Mark "Ace" Kemp 359.13 laps
Don Bonanno 359.2 laps
C-Main results -
Bobby Robinson 374.3 laps
Grant Goerner 365.13 laps
John Putnam 365.3 laps
Terry Tawney 351.13 laps
Mark Weidner 347.13 laps
Guy Ateniese 342.7 laps
Chad Mervine 330.3 laps
Tom Harrington 307.13 laps
Barry Hutchins 173.13 laps
Day two Sunday, we would start with CanAm class first on the Hill Climb track.
Tony P won Concours with another nicely painted Noose body.
With 20 entries we moved on to qualifying on orange.
DZ won TQ with a fast lap of 4.347.
Top 6 would make the A-main with 2 move ups in the C & B mains.
A-Main -
DZ 307.18 laps
Jeff Bonanno 301.8 laps
Rick Moore 298.18 laps
Bobby Robinson 298.11 laps
Terry Tawney 294.17 laps
Eddie Hoffman 291.13 laps
Jay Guard 290.10 laps
Brian Ambrose 84 laps
B-Main -
Eddie Hoffman 290.3 laps
Jay Guard 289.6 laps
Donny "Shrek" Caron 284.18 laps
Marcus Ramos 282.18 laps
Grant Goerner 277.7 laps
Tony P 269.18 laps
Don Bonanno 266.4 laps
Randy Shearl 99 laps
C-Main -
Tony P 280.18 laps
Grant Goerner 280.7 laps
Eddie Fleming 273.6 laps
Mike Moock 272.18 laps
Richard Washburn 255.19 laps
Tom Harrington 253.1 laps
Paul "Pacman" Chesler 193 laps
Barry Hutchins 115 laps
OK...after a little lunch we moved over to the Tri-Oval for some Formula 1 racing Indianapolis style on the super speedway.
Jay Guard won Concours with his personally painted F1.
Since we only had 11 entries in this class we ran it round robin with 3 sit outs.
In qualifying it was DZ winning TQ with a blistering lap of 3.286 for a new track qualifying record for F1's.
Although i didn't run in this race since i was trying to take it a little easier the second day with my neck it was by far the most fun race of the weekend even to just get to watch.
The close racing side by side with the open wheel cars was awesome on the big track. Hearing all of the racers laughing and just watching them having a great time running F1's was great knowing we made the right choice to run the F1's on the huge Tri-Oval.
Here's how everyone finished.
F1 results -
DZ 410.1laps
Rick Moore 402.9 laps
Jeff Bonanno 400.13 laps
Jay Guard 400.6 laps
Donny "Shrek"Caron 395.13 laps
Terry Tawney 394.4 laps
Eddie Fleming 394.3 laps
Don Bonanno 390.9 laps
Bobby Robinson 385.11 laps
Tom Harrington 368.2 laps
Paul "Pacman" Chesler 357.13 laps
Over the weekend it was great to see all of the camaraderie with all of the racers and everyone helping one another out and being unselfish.
I would like to take a second to identify all of the rookie retro racers that joined us in the event this weekend and did a fantastic job.
Guy Ateniese, Paul "Pacman" Chesler, Chad Mervine, Barry Hutchins, Mark "Ace" Kemp, John Putnam, Richard Washburn.
Congratulations to all of you in this event and we hope to see you at future races.
Congratulations to all of the podium winners in your races.
In closing, i need to give special thanks to my wife Elaine for everything that she does to support me and the raceway as well as my Son John for everything that he does.
Without either of them i would not be able to have the Raceway open.
We look forward to hosting the 3rd Southern Retro Rumble next year and hope you get the chance to join in the fun.
All pictures can be viewed on my Facebook page at Fast Eddie's SC&R.
Fast Eddie


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Posted 01 October 2019 - 07:07 PM

Good report Eddie and a great racing event.


The Rumble is the premiere retro event in the south. Thanks for putting it on. 

Eddie Fleming

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