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Looking for early USRA Nats results

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Posted 07 February 2020 - 08:43 PM

I'm posting the below, cut-n-paste, of an email my local racer, and friend, Mark, had sent out to a prominent ex-wing racer. He wasn't able to help, so I'll throw it out here, for anyone who could possibly help. Once Mark has it as fully compiled, as possible , I'll make sure I get a copy, and post it here.


My name is Mark Rosenwinkel and I’m a lifelong slot car racer.  Mike Swiss was kind enough to share your email with me.


While I primarily race HO, I have dabbled over the years in 1/24.  Lived in Chicago my entire life and am recently retired.  I was the first HOPRA national director and oversaw most all of the first ten year of the HOPRA national race.  I read all the slots magazines of the day and have retained most of them to this day.  Raced 1/24 briefly in the mid 1980s.


I’m a bit of a pack rat but also a historian of the nationals in both scales.  I do not post on Slotblog, but am very familiar.


Tony, I am trying to complete my records of the USRA national and am missing a few key items from the early years.  I’ve worked and contacted a few old friends that I thought might be able to help, including Paul Pfieffer and Jim Stevens.  I have tried with others, including Paul Kassens OWH – no one seems to be able to fill in the few remaining items I am seeking.  This is all simply for my own interest in having complete information.  My intent is to finish compiling the full information from each race to include, TQ name and time, names and lap totals for each main, locations, tracks and any surviving photos.  The lats piece of this I have worked on for some time is the 1970 NCC six race national series in the year prior to the first USRA nationals in 1971.


I am complete back to 1983 and absent one item, would be 100% complete back to 1979.  So, for the USRA Nats, here’s what I am trying to collect still:



  • I have Dan Bloodworth as the TQ, but do not have his time
  • I have the names of the top three only, looking for the names of the rest of the main
  • I need lap totals for the entire main



  • I only need the lap totals for the main, I have everything else
  • Wondering if I can validate that this might have been the first nats winner to feature full side dams and air control



  • I need the lap totals for the entire main
  • I have the names for the top three, but need the names for 4th-8th



  • This might be the year I have the least for – almost zero pictures
  • I need the name and time for the TQ
  • I need all the lap totals for the main
  • I need the names for 4th-8th



  • Need the time only for TQ
  • Need names for 4th-8th in the main
  • Need all lap totals for the main



  • TQ time only
  • All laps totals for the main



  • The irony, is that this race in Inman, SC, was the only one I entered, finishing 2nd in Group 15


1970 NCC:

  • Mostly incomplete for Race #3 in Seattle at Empire Hobbies & crafts.  I do have a few old pictures, but order unknown
  • Almost nothing for Race #5 in Metairie, LA at Model Car Raceways


I know you’ve been around and deeply involved for many years, especially in this period.  I appreciate in advance any assistance you are able and willing to help me out with.  Also if you can think of anyone that may also be of help. 


Apologies for all this, especially since we have never met.  But thank you for any consideration.


Mark Rosenwinkel

Mike Swiss
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Two-time G7 World Champion (1988, 1990), eight G7 main appearances
Eight-time G7 King track single lap world record holder

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Posted 07 February 2020 - 09:21 PM

if 1971 is what is considered the first nationals at Parma won by Dan Bloodworth then ....dan won the race with my back-up car and top qualifier was another Ohio racer from from Columbus i believe  last name stewart  i distinctly remember as i had TQ nearly all day running early with a 25 wire wind on the ridiculously powered and glued Parma King i think i was forth but cant remember the race lol ( i was bumped to 2nd fastest)


the east coast guys way over-glued the inside of the lane to compensate for the outside glue..instead of wiping the outside a little..it was a sight to see all the Pros crash and burn in qualifying one after the other

John Wisneski

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Posted 07 February 2020 - 10:12 PM

1979 was at Buzzarma , I will ask Buzz.

Nick Cerulli

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Posted 07 February 2020 - 10:17 PM


Here are the results from the 1970 NCC race 5 in Louisiana:



                                Laps                   Qualifying

1) Mike Steube       363                       5.74

2) Lee Gilbert         357                        6.21

3) Rick Davis          355                       5.93

4) Joel Montague   339                       6.22

5) Don Aspenson   327                       5.93

6) Bruce Erickson   299                       6.01

7)Tom Hansen        295                      6.05

8) John Anderson   295                      6.08


These are from the Dec 1970 issue of Miniature Auto Racing slot car newspaper. I have full tech sheets available if you're interested.

Rick Franchi
Founder and owner of
Aero Racing Products since 1987

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Posted 08 December 2020 - 11:21 PM

From something that I copied off of the internet several years ago. This data sheet has the following:

1st Dan Bloodworth

2nd Scott Stuart

3rd Brand Kaaren

4th John Wisneski

5th Rick Baltezor

6th Jan Limpach

7th Stuart Steinberg

8th Alan Payne


This sheet has the A main finishers from 1971 to 2009, inclusively.

Doc Dougherty
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