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Boola Bash/NASCAR Enduro - 10/22-24, Piranha, Whittier, CA

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Posted 14 September 2021 - 12:35 PM

  The last major SCRRA Retro race of 2021 will be the Boola Bash and will be held next month at Piranha Speedway on October 22-24. The same schedule of races as last year with Retro Pro, Nascar Enduro, F1, and Can Am.


   As usual the 3 HR Nascar Enduro will be run on Saturday with F1 to follow about an hour after the end of the Enduro.  Retro Pro will be on Friday and Can Am will be run on Sunday and all races will be on the Piranha KIng track.   Nascar Enduro tech will begin at 9 AM on Saturday as we hope to get the race started no later than 9:30 as the F1 race follows the Enduro and we need to keep things moving along smartly.  The SCRRA wishes to thank all the racers for helping to keep things running smoothly over the years and on time!     :good:


  Same basic Nascar format as always with no qualifying and Concours determining the lane choice for the top 3 and the computer picking the rest. 12 minutes on each lane, 2 times through 8 lanes so the race is technically 3 hours and 12 minutes long.  Lane changes will again be 1 minute and 15 seconds and working on the cars will be allowed during the change over.


   We will again attempt to keep track calls to an absolute minimum. If several cars are off on the floor but are easily within reach of marshalls there will be NO track call. However if one car is buried in a totally inaccessible spot, a track call will obviously be necessary.  Under the bridge will also be a track call.  We've never had any issues in the past with excessive track calls and it seems when things get going and everyone settles in there are very few offs.


  A quick rundown again of the simple NASCAR rules. Basically, the chassis are Retro Coupes but with a Nascar body and a 4 1/2" wheelbase and this will be checked at tech. .812 rear tires with .050 clearance and .750 fronts with .015 clearance and a maximum width of 3 1/8".   This year again, along with the hard to find Electric Dreams Mercury Cyclone we will be allowing several new bodies, the JK Products B125B Chevy and the B126B Ford. The JK Mercury Cyclone B137B and the O/S Mercury Cyclone 653 will also be allowed and all bodies must be .010.  Piranha Speedway will have the JK bodies in stock. The maximum rear body height with spoiler included is 1 9/16" and spoilers can be as wide as the body.  All cars must have interiors that fully connect the windows and no part of the chassis may be seen when viewed from above.  All cars must have 3D drivers with shoulders and arms and the drivers head must be no lower than the windows and must be seen when viewed from the side.  All other SCRRA rules will apply.


   As usual, teams can be made up of 3, 4 or 5 drivers and there is no rule governing driving time or driving order and teams will be left to determine this as they see fit.


   Retro Pro will be at it's usual time slot of Friday evening with tech inspection starting at about 6PM.


  As usual you can sign up for the Enduro here on Slotblog and Piranha will also have a sign up sheet going. At this point the Covid situation and the necessity of masks for the race weekend will have to be determined as we get closer to race date.  


  So, a simple schedule summary....


         Friday, Oct 22 -          Retro Pro on the King track          6PM tech


         Saturday,  Oct 23  -    Nascar Enduro on the King track       9AM tech   

                                              F1 on the King track with tech approximately 1 hour after the end of the Enduro


         Sunday,  Oct 24  -       Can Am on the King track             10AM tech      


                                   Sign ups will be started shortly....See you there!   :good:


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