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How to build a Legends or Sportsman Womp

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Posted 13 November 2018 - 02:43 PM

Here is a document with a discussion about the "winning" parts being used in AWRA racing Legends and Sportsman classes.


This document was authored by Steve Adkins for the AWRA who is responsible for its content. Contact the AWRA with any questions.

First, we will tackle the AWRA Legends car. The Legends class is the simplest and most popular of the AWRA classes. The following is the most popular set-up.
Chassis - The Parma steel is still the go-to platform (That's what crew chiefs call a chassis) and the Parma brass is second, and the Champion Thumper is third, but those are becoming as scarce as an honest lawyer, so lately, AWRA racers are using the Riggen 5003. There are several good choices out there, but the fastest is the 5003. Be careful, though. It bends easily. The alternative is the LVJ steel or brass Charger chassis.
Motor - The popular choice and best performer is the JK Mini Brute. Look no further.
Gears - The most common gear setup for AWRA cars is a 9 tooth pinion and a 28 tooth crown. Don't scrimp here. Get a quality crown, such as a Koford or pink Parma and a steel pinion. ARP and Sonic pinions are very good. I prefer the ARP beveled 9 tooth pinion.
Body - There are many choices for your Legends car, and there is no advantage in any one of them over the others. The most popular and most successful is the Champion 1937 Chevy Coupe. I prefer this as well because it comes pre-trimmed, saving time in the fab shop. The Parma 1933 Ford Coupe is also pre-trimmed and painted. Both bodies are a good choice. Pick ‘em.
Tires - The most popular tires of late are the Pro-Track Daytona Stockers, but beware; the Daytona Stockers may cause chatter if they are used on the front. The Parma O-rings are the better choice for the front.


This has been a winning combination.

Chassis - LVJ steel
Motor - JK Mini Brute
Gears - 9/28 pinion/crown. ARP beveled 9 tooth pinion, Koford 28 tooth crown.

Body - Champion 1937 Chevy Coupe
Tires - Pro-Track Daytona Stockers on the rear, Parma O-rings on the front.

The AWRA Sportsman class is also a simple class as far as construction goes, but the Sportsman Womps are faster than the Legends Womps. This is because the Sportsman bodies are more aerodynamic, the motor of choice is 17% faster, and the Sportsman Womps usually run on long road courses as opposed to oval tracks.

So what parts do you want when building a Sportsman Womp? Here's the scoop.

Chassis - Most of the legal chassis work well in this class, but here, the Riggen's tendency to bend along with the high speeds the cars attain make it a risky proposition. My call is to go with a Champion Thumper or Parma steel or brass in that order, if you can find one. If not, the JVJ Charger in either brass or steel will serve you well. The K&G Brute is my preference; the others are proven winners. The dark horse is the new H&R Stinger. This chassis will be legal in 2019 and it is based on the Champion Thumper. It will certainly bear watching.
Motor - For high-speed tracks, the JK Hawk 7 is the king, but it is notoriously squirrelly. On all but the longest tracks, it may be wise to consider the JK Hawk Retro motor.
Gears - The starting spot is again the 9/28 pinion/crown combo. Start there and adjust as needed. As always, get quality gears. The money you save with brass pinions and cheap crown gears is not worth the headaches of trying to get a good mesh with a warped crown.
Body - The Parma Kremer Porsche has dominated the AWRA Sportsman class in both numbers and in podium finishes. The best alternative is the Caveman Bodeez Late Model Wedge, but the Caveman Bodeez C-100 GTP has won some races as well. Lugs says this is the way to the front of the pack.
Tires - The most popular of late
are the Pro-Track Daytona Stockers, but beware; the Daytona Stockers may cause chatter if they are used on the front. The Parma O-rings are the better choice for the front.


To recap, try this combination.


Chassis - K&G Brute
Motor - JK Hawk 7
Gears - ARP 9 tooth beveled pinion, 28
tooth Koford crown.
Body - Parma Kremer Porsche
Tires - Pro-Track Daytona Stockers on the rear, Parma O-rings on the front.


Motor notes:
The JK Mini Brute, the Kelly Bullet, and the H&R Lightning appear to be identical.
The JK Hawk 7 and the H&R Crusher motors appear to be the same motor with different packaging.


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Posted 13 November 2018 - 05:55 PM

Thank you! Great info!

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