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2012 Formula Fords via 3D printing

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Posted 03 December 2018 - 11:20 AM

Two new 2012 versions of the Formula Ford has hit the tracks in Southern Ohio! There is a 1/32 and 1/24 version. 
The 1/32 scale version is a good-handling, true monocoque slot car. There is no need for a chassis!

This model has a minimum depth cockpit with a driver helmet attached inside.
 - Cut off the helmet, paint and put into the hole in the cockpit.
The motor is set 1 mm below the axle shaft and requires Slot.it offset crown gears listed below.
To assemble this slot car you do the following using the parts list below.
 1) Install bushings into the front and rear axle tubes. You can also use brass tubing with 1/8" OD and 3/32" ID.
 2) Install rear axle and crown gear, and rear wheels/tires.
 3) Install motor with pinion and lead wires.
 4) Attach guide flag to lead wires and snap into place.
 5) Install front axle, wheels/tires.
 6) Race, race, race and beat your friends!
Here is a list of parts that where used to design this car:
   M/T-SL1 slim can motor - 14,700 RPM @ 12v, 77.4 g/cm torque
   Minnow 18 Motor - 17,800 RPM
   SRC SP10053 short slim can (FF cross-section) motor - 22,500 RPM, 110 g/cm torque
   Policar PMX01 motor 25,000 RPM - Classic F1 standard motor
   PMTR1532 slimline (FF) motor 35,000 RPM
   BWA BWMS050 slot car motor - 14,400 RPM
   Or search eBay for "FF-050 Motor"
  (To use gears for 2mm shafts on these motors, use Slot Car Corner SST003 shaft adapter tubing.)
Pinion: Slot.it
   SIPI559o15 Brass Press-on 9 tooth inline only pinions for 1.5mm shaft
   SIPI6010o15 press-on 10 tooth brass Inline pinions for 1.5mm motor shaft 
Crown Gears: Slot.it offset 23-26 tooth
Rear Wheels: Slot.it
   SIW17309715A - 17.3 x 9.75mm lightweight aluminum wheels
   SIW17309715M - 17.3 x 9.75mm extra light weight magnesium hollow wheels
Rear Tires: SuperTire - 1407R
Front Wheels: Slot.it 
  SIW15808215A - 15.8 x 8.2mm short hub slot car body aluminum wheels
  SIW15808215M - 15.8 x 8.2mm extra lightweight magnesium hollow wheels 
Front Tires: SuperTire - 1400Z 
Guide Flag: Slot.it SICH17 pickup guide with short shaft
Rear Axle Bushings: NSR 4855 3/32 brass axle spacers 0.160" thick or 1/8" brass tubing
Front Axle Bushing: 1/8" Brass Tubing
The monocoque 'chassis' is available from Shapeways. HERE is a link to the Shapeways site.
The 1/24 version is a great-handling, monocoque hybrid slot car, that requires only a Slot.it in-line motor pod. This car handles a well as any Slot.it car in your box!




Any one of the following motor pods may be used:
- CH110 HRS chassis short can 0.5mm offset reverse inline motor mounting pod (this pod requires no trimming).
If you use any of these pods, you will need to trim off the small flange on the left outside of the pod. Trimming these pods has no negative effect on handling.
- CH49b HRS chassis long inline motor pod 1mm offset
- CH13b inline reverse motor mount 0.0mm offset
- CH114 HRS chassis long inline motor pod hard 0.5mm offset
- CH48b HRS chassis long inline motor mounting pod for boxer or flat 6 motors
- CH49 long inline for boxer/flat motor
- CH70 "0.5mm offset" (hypoid) reverse motor mount for standard FA130 size Mabuchi can motors (endbell drive)
Its designed for the following foam JK Products tires, but you could also use any type of rubber/silicone wheels and tires.
Rear .875" diameter - JK8785PPW
Front .812" diameter - JK8740PF
Use a 3/32" front axle sleeved with 1/8" brass tubing in the front axle tube in the car.
Guide Flag - use a Slot.it style snap-in flag:
- SICH17 pickup guide with short shaft
HERE is a link to the 1/24 version of the necessary monocoque 'chassis' from Shapeways.
If you have any questions about these fun cars please contact me: Racin67Chevy@yahoo.com.

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Posted 03 December 2018 - 02:35 PM


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Posted 13 June 2019 - 03:25 PM

I don't know how I did not come across this thread before!


What a great design!


I like the idea that the 1/32 scale does not require a chassis!


Thank you for sharing it.



Ernie Layacan

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Posted 13 June 2019 - 09:25 PM

been keeping my good eye on them in shapeways, the designer has been updating the design.

the 1/24 version is a bit pricey, I would get one if enough guys want to race them at BPR, hint, hint, hint, lol

fit a 35k motor and away we go

Mike Low
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Posted 13 July 2019 - 11:16 PM

So I went full tilt on the 1/32 car.  I hate to give bad reviews but after spending about $120-$140 in parts the car came off in the bank on the Hurricane and smashy-smashy.  I would have rather spent the money on something else.


Gotta admit the Slimline motor is a howler though....oooouuuuuwwwwooooooooo!


These run OK on a club track?  Plastic?

No Bueno on commercial wood.


Shapeways did a nice job getting me the part in about a week.  New Yawk Style~



Mike DiVuolo


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