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Triathlon at Electron Raceway - 2/21/19

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Posted 22 February 2019 - 04:04 PM

Seven regulars showed up to race a Triathlon at Electron Raceway on 2/21/19. We ran True Scale Trans-Am and True Scale GT1 as usual. Just to shake it up a bit, Rich suggested that the third race be a closed car shoot-out. All three races were close; however, the GT1 contest ended in the closest finish ever (See image below).



Some general observations are in order
  • Cars were well prepared in each and every class
  • Fast lap times for top competitors in each class where within thousandths of seconds of each other
  • Every race was settled in the last heat as the three top competitors ran head to head. In two of three races, the top three were separated by a lap or less entering the final heat.
  • Scott set a personal best in Trans-Am. His True Scale cars are solid and his times and laps/heat are improving to the point where he is becoming quite competitive with much more experienced drivers
  • The closed car shoot-out was great fun with a mix of OSCAR and True Scale cars. Although the True Scale cars comported themselves well, it was obvious that OSCAR cars have the upper hand. James and Bob were kind enough to eschew their top OSCAR rides. Either could have pummeled the field. The smaller wheels and hence the lower C.G. of the OSCAR cars more than offset the advantage of a sidewinder/anglewinder motor configuration enjoyed by the True Scale rides

The grid was filled with the ever popular 67-69 Camaros and its kissing cousin, the 68 Firebird. The single exception was the 67 Mustang fielded by Joe. The Mustang was shod with brand new, full size tires which hobbled its performance a bit.

The Trans-Am race was fairly clean with few wrecks; however, Marks 69 Camaro de-slotted on the high speed straight leading into the bank. The car was rear ended and suffered a broken butt. Some plastic welder will make it all better.
Bob took the early lead by winning heats one and two; however, Rich and James were not far behind. Richs third heat vaulted him into first place by about a half lap over Bob. Rich managed to expand his lead a bit to win the race with 91.1 laps. Bob was second with 90.3 laps and James third with 89.2 laps

Rons 67 Camaro was quite competitive, turning a fast lap about .005 seconds behind the leaders. Consistency kept Ron from a podium finish; however he finished comfortably in fourth.

The battle for fifth was hard fought with Mark, Scott and Joe quite evenly matched. Mark managed fifth. Scott turned a personal best in terms of laps with his 67 Camaro to edge out Joe for sixth by only a single section.










Closed Car Shoot-Out

Any True Scale, OSCAR or Pelican Park spec closed car was allowed with a few exceptions. The exceptions were as follows.
  • No Porsche 917s (These are likely the best of the closed cars)
  • No Dirt Devils (Bodies are not scale because they may be severely slammed
  • No GT1s (This class will be raced separately)
The grid was a mix of OSCAR and True Scale rides. James (Firebird Trans-Am), Joe (Ferrari Testarossa) and Mark (Enzo) selected OSCAR based rides. Bob (Ferrari 458), Rich (GT40), Ron (GT40) and Scott (Ford GT) selected True Scale cars.

James OSCAR spec Firebird took the early lead in heat #1 with Bob and Rich not far behind. Bob managed to close the gap in heat #2.
Going into the final heat, James was first, two sections ahead of Bob (Ferrari 458) and more than a half lap ahead of Rich (GT40). Rich managed to pass Bob but fell short of catching James. In the end it was James with 91.9 laps, Rich with 91.8 laps and Bob with 91.3 laps for first through third respectively.

Ron, Mark and Joe battled it out for the fourth spot. Going into the final heat, Joe was in the barn with 83.4 laps while Mark was also in the barn with 84.4 laps. Ron needed at least 22 laps (above his average for three heats) to best Mark. Ron ran a good heat of 22.2 laps to finish fourth with 84.6 laps.











The GT1 grid looked very familiar. In fact, competitors raced the same rides as in the last contest held on 1/31/19. The only addition was Marks competitive Nissan R390. The grid included two Jaguar XJR8LMs (James and Ron), two Nissan R390s (Mark and Rich), two Enzos (Bob and Joe) and a Toyota GT-One (Scott).

The race was decided on the final heat in the closest finish ever at Electron Raceway. Going into the final heat, James and Rich were within a few inches of each other while third place Bob was about a half lap down. The heat progressed with James and Rich neck and neck. Then Rich began to pull away a bit. As the power went off, Rich was leading, however, James coasted past Rich to finish a whisker ahead for the win. Bob finished third.

Joe ran a good race to finish fourth with a personal best of 92.5 laps and a fast lap of 4.876 seconds










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