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Triathlon at Electron Raceway on 3/28/19

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Posted 29 March 2019 - 12:17 PM

Eight competitors showed up to participate in a Triathlon at Electron Raceway on 3/28/19. This particular Triathlon included the second race of the Can-Am 2019 Series.

Darrell, TNG (the new guy) came to play with his newly minted, OSCAR based 69 Camaro. The chassis was built by Jack and the body supplied by Rich. The car was powered by a Deathstar. I dont think Darrell was planning to race but entered the fray in Trans-Am and GT1. He did quite well for his trial by fire managing seventh in both races.

Racing was quite competitive, however; GT1, IMHO, was the most fun with no less than four competitors finishing on the same lap.
For those who do not want to read the long winded dissertation, the winners are listed below.
  • Rich, driving his Parma Super 16d powered Lotus won the Can-Am race
  • Bob won both the Trans-Am and GT1 races.


The Can-Am race grid included three Lotus; Rich, Bob and James. Richs Lotus was powered by a Parma S16D, while both Bob and James opted for Hawk 7s. Joe and Mark ran Lola T-70s. (Marks was powered by a Parma S16D). Scott ran his Honker and Terry ran his Cooper.

No fewer than five competitors broke the magic five second barrier. The quickest time was logged by Bob 4.765 seconds, followed by Rich 4.882 seconds and James 4.895 seconds. In fact, Bob was quickest of the bunch on all four lanes.

The initial heat featured the top three seeds; Bob, James and Rich and the fifth seed, Mark. Rich managed to win the first heat finishing with 22.4 laps. Bob was about a half lap down and James a bit more than a lap down from Rich who then rotated out. Bob blasted heat number two turning 24.5 laps while James posted 22.3 laps.

The race for all three podium spots was decided in the final heat. Rich entered the final heat on black lane with 69.9 laps. Bob rotated in on red, only a single section behind Rich. James rotated to yellow with 66.8 laps with a shot at the top two positions if either Bob or Rich faltered.

Bob pushed the pace trying to catch Rich and was hampered by a few unforced errors. Consistency paid off for Rich (94.39%) who won the race with 92.8 laps. So it was Rich, Bob, and James for first through third respectively. Both Joe and Mark posted personal bests.


As mentioned above, this was the second of three Can-Am races in the Series. For those unfamiliar with scoring of a Series, some explanation is in order. Each race is scored separately and points are awarded to each competitor based upon finishing order. Twenty points are awarded to the winner, fifteen to second place, thirteen to third, twelve to fourth and so on. Points are accumulated by each competitor over three races. The winner of the Series is the racer who has accumulated the greatest number of points for the Series. Trophies will be awarded to the top five competitors in the Series. Below are the cumulative results through the first two races. Bob currently holds the top spot with 35 points, closely followed by Rich (33 points) and James (28 points). Although these three competitors are well positioned to occupy the podium for the Series, Joe does have a slim chance for third, if one or more of the top three falter.



Bobs 67 Camaro was the quickest of the bunch turning the only fast lap under five seconds (4.990). James, Rich and Mark were close, all turning in the 5.0s. Interestingly enough, no single entrant dominated the quick times on individual lanes. Rich was quickest on red; James on white, Mark on yellow and Bob on black.

Bob took the early lead finishing with 22.6 laps in the first heat followed by Rich (four sections behind) and James only two sections behind Rich. James rotated out after heat number one. In heat number two, Bob increased his lead over Rich to just over a half lap.

The race for the podium came down to the final heat. Bob entered the final heat on yellow leading the pack with 68.4 laps, more than a lap ahead of his closest competitor. Rich rotated in on red for the final heat with 67.3 laps while James rotated to black only two sections behind Rich.

Bob avoided trouble and ran a good heat to win, finishing with 91.3 laps. Meanwhile, Rich and James battled it out for the second and third steps of the podium. Early on, James made an unforced error and Rich cruised to second place finishing with 90.3 laps. James was third, a lap down from Rich.

As mentioned above, Darrell had his trial by fire in the Trans-Am race. He did quite well for the first time out and even ran a 20.3 lap heat on the white lane (his final rotation). He ran an OSCAR based Camaro powered by a Deathstar. I drove Darrells car in practice and a few observations are in order. First, the tires were extremely small and the car might benefit from larger diameter rubber. Second, the chassis is solid, a Jack Roeber creation that should serve Darrell well. Third, the installed Deathstar was one of the most anemic power plants I have ever encountered. A better Deathstar or ProSlot 16D will yield a major improvement. With his HO experience, Darrell should move up the learning curve rather quickly. Watch out guys!





The top five competitors including Bob, Rich, James, Joe and Mark were all able to break the magic five second barrier. The quickest lap time was set by Richs Jaguar XJ220 on the white lane with a time of 4.75 seconds. Joes Enzo, and James Jaguar XJR8LM was within a whisker turning 4.755 and 4.785 seconds respectively. Richs Jaguar was quickest on all lanes with the exception of black where Bob was a whisker quicker.
In the first heat, Rich, James and Bob battled for supremacy. Rich ran 23.4 laps to edge out James by a single section. Bob ended up about a half lap behind the leader.

Bob rotated out after the initial heat but the battle between James and Rich continued into the second heat. Rich was able to open a bit of a gap on James; however near the end of the heat, Mark crashed in the fish-hook turn blocking Richs path. Rich slowed and James finished the heat a section ahead of Rich.

As the number four seed, Joe did not rotate in until heat number five. Prior to the race Joes Enzo was shod with properly fitting tires. (Editors note: As I mentioned in the last write-up, Joes front wheels had been too small, forcing the front of the body to rub on the track. At the time, I stated that, New front wheels were purchased and will be cut down to the proper size prior to the next GT1 event. This should make a competitive Joe, even more competitive - watch out guys! Wow that was an understatement). Coming late and having precious little practice Joe turned 22.2 laps in his first heat and then went wild turning 23.6, 24.1 and 24.6 in his final three rotations.
The four top seeds entered the final heat with the following lap totals; James at 71.0, Rich at 70.3, Bob at 70.1 and Joe with 69.9. Although James held the edge, it was anybodys ballgame. About halfway through the heat, James de-slotted entering the lead-on. The car was difficult to reach and James lost at least a lap due to this off. The race for the podium became a battle between Bob, Joe and Rich. A bit later, Bob took a slight lead and Joe challenged Rich for second place. In the end it was Bob, Rich, Joe and James for first through fourth with 94.6, 94.5, 94.5 (about a foot behind Rich) and 94.1 respectively.


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Posted 31 March 2019 - 11:01 AM

Attached is a report which details the Can-Am series through two races in a different way

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