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Triathlon at Electron Raceway on 4/18/19

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Posted 19 April 2019 - 04:50 PM

Six regulars showed up to participate in a Triathlon at Electron Raceway on 4/18/19. This particular Triathlon included the third and final race of the Can-Am 2019 Series. Susan made some delicious ginger cookies which were devoured by the group post haste. Ron made an appearance to test out a few rides and deliver a repaired Enzo to Bob. He also displayed a few new recently completed 1950 Olds projects and a brand new True Scale McLaren P1. We hope to see Ron back in action soon.


As mentioned above, this Triathlon included the final race of the Can-Am 2019 Series. As a point of reference, pre-race standings are shown below.


Realistically, Bob, Rich and James had the top three spots well in hand. The situation going into race #3 was as follows
  • Bob held a clear advantage for the overall title.
  • Richs only clear path to victory was to win the final event.
  • James was solidly in third place. In order to overtake Bob for the overall win, James would have to win the final event and Bob would have to finish in third place or worse.
  • Joe looked like a shoe-in for fourth; however, with a good finish, Mark had a chance to unseat Joe.
The Can-Am race grid included three Lotus; Rich, Bob and James. Richs Lotus was powered by a Parma S16D, while both Bob and James opted for Hawk 7s. Joe and Mark ran Lola T-70s. (Marks was powered by a Parma S16D). Scott ran his Honker.

Fast forward to the final race:

The rotation was set-up so that the top four seeds would run together in the final heat. All of the heats leading up to the last were quite close. The standings entering the final heat were as follows.
  • Bob rotated in on red, leading the pack with 69.3 laps
  • James rotated to black with 68.8 laps
  • Rich rotated to yellow with 68.2 laps
  • Joe rotated to white with 66.9
  • Mark and Scott were in the barn with 88.9 and 78.3 laps respectively.
Throughout the heat, Bob was able to maintain his lead, backing off a bit near the end to save a crown gear. Rich and James battled it out for the second spot. About halfway through the heat, a crown gear in Richs Lotus began making a great deal of noise. As is our usual practice, the race was stopped a couple of times for quick adjustments. When the race was resumed the gap between Rich and James was closing. Late in the heat, James made an unforced error and Rich flew by. In the end it was Bob, Rich and James for first through third respectively (see the table below for race results and an image of the field).


Subsequent to the race, the Can-Am 2019 Series points were tallied. The leader board, in fact, the entire field positioning did not change from the prior race. The final points standings are shown below. Bob won the Series with Rich second and James third.



Sports Car

In the True Scale Sports Car class, the Ferrari 458 and Ford GT have emerged as the most competitive rides. Below is a summary of results achieved by True Scale Sports Cars since June of 2018.


Fast forward to the most current event and the grid looks a bit different. In practice, Bobs usual ride, a black Ferrari 458 had serious gear issues after an altercation with another car. Mark stepped up and loaned Bob a competitive yellow Ferrari 458. James, Mark and Scott all ran Ford GTs. Rich ran a brand new McLaren P1.

Throughout the race, James and Rich battled for the top spot. Bob drove the loaner 458 a bit conservatively in an effort to return the ride undamaged. That being said, in the final heat he turned up the heat a bit running a very competitive 5.089 second lap. Going into the final heat, James was in the lead by two sections over Rich. Bob was a couple of laps down. Rich could not close the gap and in the end it was James, Rich and Bob for first through third respectively



The GT1 race featured the same top driver/car combinations as in the prior GT1 event. As you may recall the four top finishers in the prior GT1 race all finished on the same lap and had fast lap times within a whisker of each other (see table below for prior race data). With such keen competition, finishing order would come down to consistency and a bit of luck.


Fast forward to the current GT1 race:

Check out the fast lap times of the top five competitors. They are all in the 4.8 second range (see the table below). This is amazing. No single car dominated the field. A shout-out goes out to Mark for a personal best lap time of 4.889 seconds. In fact, Rich and Mark battled it out in one heat from start to finish neither able to break away from the other. Dont count Joe out either. He turned fast laps on both the red and white lanes.

Going into the final heat Bob was in the lead with 70.1 laps. Rich and James had completed 69.8 and 69.4 laps respectively. Joe was about a lap down from James. Mark was in the barn with 90.4 laps and if one of the top four faltered, might make the podium. Scott was also in the barn with 83.1 laps. As I recall, the final heat was clean. No competitor gained or lost ground on another. So, in the end, it was Bob, Rich, James, Joe for first through fourth respectively.


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