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Triathlon at Electron Raceway 5/20/19

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Posted 23 May 2019 - 08:01 AM



For those who do not want to read the long winded dissertation that follows, below is the summary of the results. Many images of the cars and tabular results have been posted (simply cursor down to view).
  • In the Trans-Am it was Rich, Bob and James for first through third respectively. Rich also won the Concours award with his 69 Camaro
  • In Sports Car it was Bob, Rich and James for first through third respectively. Joe won Concours with his Ferrari 458
  • In GT1 it was Rich, James and Bob for first through third respectively. Ron won Concours with his Toyota GT-One.
This event was the first of a series of three Triathlons. Points are awarded on the basis of finishing order for each race and will be accumulated over the three Triathlons. Awards will be presented subsequent to the final event. Below is a table showing the points totals for each individual through the first event.


It has been over a month since our last Triathlon at Electron Raceway. Vacations and family commitments just got in the way. We bid farewell to Mark until the fall as the nomad travels to Washington for a respite. Unfortunately, that limits the number of potential racers and makes it more difficult to achieve a quorum for races at Electron. We welcome Nick back to Electron Raceway. Due to a long-standing commitment he has been unable to attend Thursday evening races. Since most of our races for the foreseeable future will be on Monday evenings we hope that Nick will become a regular at Electron Raceway.

Seven slot-heads showed up to participate in a Triathlon at Electron Raceway on 5/20/19. It was too bad that Scott, a regular participant, was unable to make the race. Eight participants would have been ideal and would have allowed for a marshal near the lead-on. The track conditions were excellent as Electron Raceway was cleaned and sprayed prior to the event.

Electron Raceway.jpg


The Triathlon held on 5/20/19 was the first of three in a Series. The Series is ostensibly for True Scale Trans-Am, Sports Car and GT1 cars. (For those who do not possess one or more of the specified rides, I will allow the closest OSCAR based alternative).

Concours Awards

Prior to the start of each race, participants voted on Concours by secret ballot. Below are images of the Concours winners for Trans-Am (Rich), Sports Car (Joe) and GT1 (Ron). As a point of interest, Joes Ferrari 458 was a product of Rons Paint and Bodyworks.



The grid was populated by the usual suspects; Camaro, Firebird and Mustang. The Camaro crowd included Bob and Rich. Mustangs were entered by Ron and Joe. Firebirds were fielded by James, Terry and Nick (OSCAR based).

The first heat included three of the four top seeds (Rich Black lane, Bob Yellow lane and James White Lane). At the end of the heat all three turned 22+ laps with only three sections separating the group. In order of finish it was James, Bob and Rich.

James rotated out for heat #2 and Rich and Bob continued to battle for supremacy. Bob managed increase his lead over Rich to just over three sections. At that point no one had established a dominant position.

As usual, the race was decided in the final heat. Entering heat #7 Bob was in the lead with 68.4 laps. Rich was second with 68.1 laps while James was third with 67.8 laps. No real change in positions occurred until about halfway through the heat. At that point, Bob made an unforced error relinquishing the top spot to Rich. That is the way it ended. Rich won the race with 91.8 laps. Bob was second with 91.4 laps and James was third with 91.1 laps.

Meanwhile the Mustangs piloted by Ron and Joe battled it out for fourth position. Entering the final heat, Joe was in the barn with 82.4 laps. Ron entered the final heat needing just under 20 laps to overtake Joe. In fact, Ron ran 21 full laps to overtake Joe and nab fourth.


Sports Car

The grid was populated by three Ferrari 458s (Rich, Joe and Bob), Two OSCAR based Ferrari F50s (Terry and Nick) a Ford GT (James) and a McLaren P1 (Ron).

Again, in the initial heats, the top seeds were very closely matched. Entering the final heat Rich was in the lead with 69.1 laps with Bob only a section behind. James was in third place a full lap behind the leaders but still with a shot at the top spot if the leaders faltered. Richs lead was short lived as Bob got by Rich quite early in the heat. Rich pushed the pace trying to catch Bob but had an unfortunate off sealing his fate. In the end it was Bob first with 92.8, Rich second with 92.3 and James third with 90.7 laps.

Ron finished a solid fourth with 85.7 laps about 2.5 laps ahead of fifth place Joe.



The grid included the usual suspects; two Nissans (Rich and Nick), two Enzos (Bob and Joe), a Jaguar (James) and a Toyota (Ron). However, a brand new Lamborghini Sesto Elemento was entered by Terry (see image below). It was at somewhat of a disadvantage to the field because it is narrower and shorter than the typical GT1 entry. The Lambo would have been a better choice for the Sports Car class because it does meet specifications. All that would be necessary was to replace the Hawk 7 with a ProSlot 16d motor.

The first heat featured the three top seeds; Bob, Rich and Joe. When the dust cleared, Rich won the heat with 22.9 laps with both Bob and Joe only a single section behind.

A bit later, Bobs Hawk 7 motor failed. A Toyota GT-One loaner was provided by Rich. Unfortunately, the car began squealing and was soon swapped out by another Toyota loaner provided by Ron. Bob lost some valuable time as a result of the incidents and that may have cost him a win.

As the fourth seed, James rotated in on red for heat #4 and suffered a few offs running only 21.3 laps. That result put James nearly two laps down from the leaders average (a tough hill to climb).

Going into the final heat Rich was in the lead with 70.3 laps. James, Bob and Joe were a lap or more behind. As I recall the final heat was clean. James closed the gap on Rich but time ran out. In the end, it was Rich with 94.1 laps, James in second about a half lap down. Bob finished third with 92.9 laps and Joe was fourth with 91.8 laps.


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