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No beginner class

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Posted 24 February 2020 - 12:49 AM

I started my actual slot car racing, as oppsed to just renting time, in 1975 racing Womps. I don't remember any of the experienced racers participating. As I improved and started racing the Brass Wire Winged 27's of that era. When I stopped racing Womps I was winning a high percentage and felt a little guilty. The kids said they actually miseed having me at the races but being married one race day a week required a choice.


While there is no actual beginner class in AWRA all racers get to run a full main, which was not the case in 75. I've been able to help a few new racers which has been fun. Womps allow a return to a more simple time.

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Posted 24 February 2020 - 11:53 AM

Hi Mike,


While there is no actual beginner class in AWRA all racers get to run a full main, which was not the case in 75. I've been able to help a few new racers which has been fun.


That's what great veteran slot racers do!


That's admirable!



Ernie Layacan

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Posted 24 February 2020 - 11:58 AM

  The AWRA Sportsman and Legends classes are about as entry level as you can get and provides a good opportunity for more experienced racers to help out newer racers with improving their skills.  The rules to these classes seem to be focused and maintained around a consistent performance level of entry or occasional racer instead of going faster and faster.  Regular performance improvements raises the requirements for newer or less dedicated racers to become competitive and maybe even discourages them. Not every racer has the time or wants to spend the time working on their cars, investing large sums of money or buying the latest performance upgrade just to keep pace. I have had several bodies turned away because of increased performance issues.


   But even a racer getting back into the hobby almost needs a complete new car for many classes just to get involved again. This may be why there are more an more racing groups using chassis of the past for racing classes. 


  With entry performance rules a racer must focus more on their driving skill to excel. This may not be a bad thing since crashing has become a normal concept and we rely on a fast fair corner marshal to fix our mistakes in order for us to win.We have all heard someone complain about a corner marshal costing them a better finishing position. Yet I have hear the statement "learn to drive" many times in the past during a womp race. 


  The AWRA must be doing something right though, as the sportsman and legend are by far my largest AWRA selling bodies.  Competition is still competition no matter the performance level. In the end, they are just toy cars meant to have fun. I think the AWRA board has kept that concept alive very well. Perhaps they have maintained a focus the rest of us have lost sight of ?

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Posted 24 February 2020 - 09:02 PM

While there is no "beginner" class per se in the AWRA, there are two classes that are very beginner friendly. The Legends and Sportsman classes feature inexpensive and very simple to build cars, yet they offer close racing and a challenge for even experienced racers. These two classes were designed as entry-level classes.

Racers that want to race modified WOMPS have that option within the AWRA rules. The Outlaw Legends allow faster motors and major chassis mods, and the GT-1 class is comparable to the Sportsman class in performance while allowing chassis mods.

The intent of the rules was to have track owners to ask their customers what classes they would like to race and to put on an event with those classes. The Legends and Sportsman are the most popular of the AWRA classes, and the cars are the simplest and cheapest to build. I think that should tell us that there are a lot of racers out there that are more concerned with fun and affordability than with high cost performance. 

Slot car racing is supposed to be fun. Somewhere along the line, that got lost. I think that the AWRA is recapturing that spirit.


Steve Adkins - AWRA

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Posted 29 February 2020 - 11:57 AM

We recently started racing womps at downriver speedway in lincoln park mi. Closest racing I've been involved with in many years. Had a lot of FUN. Looking forward to the next one.

Mark Anderson

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