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Just starting out in 1/24 slot cars

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Posted 25 October 2020 - 01:31 AM

After the recent covid lockdown, I rediscovered all of my old HO scale slotcar stuff that has been boxed up since early 2000 or so.


I have always been interested in scratch built brass chassis, and painting Lexan bodies in HO scale. I never attempted to scratch build a chassis, but found I was pretty good at painting bodies.


With my interest renewed, I started searching for current forums and see what is new in the world of slot cars. I found myself very interested in the current 1/24 hardbody racing and I am very interested in building a few chassis for some of the old unbuilt model cars that I have.


My biggest problem is that, here in San Diego, there are no tracks that I can find, so, whatever I build will be mostly a shelf queen. The closest track to me would probably be Buena Park raceway where I could probably run the cars I build if I am ever in the area, so I will try to build to their rules.


I do like the fact that they run scratch built chassis instead of H&R style chassis. I don’t have anything against them and will most likely purchase a few, but I needed a reason to buy a chassis jig and try scratch building and BPR provided that motivation. So, I bought a Very basic jig just to get started, various pieces of brass sheet and rod, and some music wire. A couple of motor mounts, axles, and  a set of Daytona stockers.


My first builds will probably fit into Buana parks short track NASCAR  class. But some things I just don’t know, ok let’s be real. I only ran HO scale. I never raced or even ran a 1/24 slot car, don’t have a controller, and no track nearby. So I need some advice on the right parts to get to build a BPR legal hardbody. The motors they run are easy, guide flags should be also, but looking at Kofords website alone, there are so many.


Regular, cut down, threaded, non threaded. if not threaded, I assume you have to tap threads?? totally clueless.


And tires, this is the most important because I can’t start building until I know what the common practices are. Most of the hardbody classes at BPR run a 1” minimum tire diameter, but there are so many different sizes and types of Daytona stockers. Should I get the regular Daytona’s or the jail door ones? Is it normal practice to run them out of the box, or do people buy a larger size and true them down to legal size?  Also why are the sizes in different measurements? Like, some are  .950, 1.1” , 1 1/16,  27 mm. Again, totally clueless


For example, the short track nascar rules state a minimum 1” rear and a .950 minimum front, so any suggestions as to what Daytona stockers to get front and rear would help, and should they be trued down to size?


Is the minimum chassis clearance 15 thousandths front and 50 thousandths rear correct?


Thanks for your patience with such noob questions. I wish I could just drive over to BPR.



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Ken Zinnen

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Posted 25 October 2020 - 08:18 AM

Go to Forums and look up D3 Hardbody Racing, Click on there wesite. Keith Tanaka is the man to connect for scratch building hardbodies and he can direct you to videos and scratch building pages to help. Also look up scratch buildind forums here on slotblg. Have fun.



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Tim Wood 

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Posted 25 October 2020 - 09:20 AM

-Get the Steube video from Tanaka


-Find the D3 BPR chat blog and the D3 hardbody rules


-Slotblog's search engine is your friend. Type something in, click on the GREEN button, at the top several irrelevant links come up - ignore and scroll down past them


-Become a Slotblog subscriber and a major portion of the pesky advertisements go away


-Read Slotblog cover to cover every day  :laugh2: 


-Here is a complete chronicle of my first hardbody build. The Tamiya Lola body, looking back, wasn't the best choice for a race car, but it's what I had and it turned out well:



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Paul Wolcott

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Posted 25 October 2020 - 10:24 AM

Can't be much - it has a stamped metal crown gear...



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Posted 25 October 2020 - 11:57 AM

Greetings and welcome Ken,


I'm sure you'll enjoy building 1/24 scale slot cars - please share your projects with us!


I understand your frustration in regards to having a 1/24 track to run on that isn't many miles away - LOL!


The closest track I choose to patronize is about 115 miles away, and that's two hours of driving one way!


At this time, they are still not allowing access to their tracks , which is the reason I decided to construct my own home portable/folding track to test cars at my convenience.


Here's a link to my thread about a portable track concept:   http://slotblog.net/...-track-concept/


Once again, greetings and welcome Ken!



Ernie Layacan

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Posted 25 October 2020 - 05:41 PM

Here's another one:



Paul Wolcott

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Posted 25 October 2020 - 05:51 PM

Ken, here's a link to the hard body bulletin board for the group that runs at BPR.   http://d3hardbodyrac....cgi?board=cars

Bill Fernald
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Posted 25 October 2020 - 09:47 PM

Hey Ken,

    I would like to invite you to join us at A and T Raceway, located close to you in the East El Cajon area. We race IROC style racing on our 4 lane routed track. You can get more info on us on Facebook (search A and T Raceway) or here in the club and home tracks forum. 

John Tipps

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