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Events for July 25, 2015

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----- ● GTP Enduro at Cordle Model Speedway, Marietta, GA
By Cheater


GTP Enduro at CMS
Date and time: Saturday, July 25, 2015. Doors open at 10 AM. Tech in and drivers meeting at 1:15 PM.
Race format: Race will be held on Hillclimb. This is a team event, two drivers per team. Drivers are responsible for picking teammates. Team will choose one driver
to qualify for lane choice. In the event of more than eight teams the race will be run in a "round robin" format, 20 min per lane with 2 min between for tech and lane change.
Drivers are only allowed to change lane stickers, oil chassis and/or motor, and adjust braid. Any other changes made to car are prohibited during lane change. All other work performed must be completed during green flag racing. Each team must have a corner marshal during all green flag racing. Violators will be charged with a 25 lap penalty per infraction.
Track calls will be limited to "riders", car off track surface, or car is out of reach of corner marshal. Track will not be turned off for too many cars off in one turn.
Chassis: Any commercially available 4" flexi style chassis permitted. Minimum rear clearance  is .062", minumum clearance at any other location is .015". Maximum rear tread width is 3.25". No ball bearings permitted. Must have front wheels, or front wheel decals on body. Only modification allowed is bracing. Bracing must not extend past the chassis original specs. Only one chassis is permitted during race.
Axles, Tires, and Gears: Minimum rear axle diameter is 3/32". No hollow axles permitted. Any commercially available tire is permitted. No restriction of gear ratio, only 64P gears permitted.
Body: Any commercially available GTP body permitted. "Bulletproofing" is permitted, but must not alter body's original shape. Paper or 3D driver must be present at any point during the race. Only one body is permitted during race.
Motor: Hawk 6 or 7 motor. No other motors permitted. Motors must be purchased the day of the race. Limit of two motors per team. Motors must be presented during tech in and second motor will be impounded until needed. Only original armature, purchased with can, is permitted in Hawk 6. No ball bearings permitted in motor.
Tech-in: Initial tech in will start at 1:15 PM. All drivers must attend at this time for drivers meeting. Additional tech will be performed after every heat and will consist of rear chassis height, maximum rear tread width, and proper motor installed.
Entry fee: $40 per team. Includes one Chinese arm Hawk 6 or Hawk 7 with option to buy second motor at retail price.
Pay-out: Winners will be paid in cash. $10 per entry will go towards pay-out. 50% goes to first place. Other 50% will be split between second and third place. Actual pay-out amount will vary depending on number of teams entered. Plaques will be presented to top qualifier, first, second, third, and participants.
Questions: Please post questions on Slotblog, or if you prefer call CMS on Wed, Fri, or Sat. 5:30-9 PM at (404) 680-0220.
Cordle Model Speedway
1951 Canton Road, Suite 60
Marietta, GA 30066
(404) 680-0220

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