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2012 Checkpoint Cup racing procedures

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Posted 21 December 2011 - 02:37 PM

If you are to participate to the 2012 Checkpoint Cup at Buena Park Raceway, please read the few paragraphs below very carefully. Thank you in advance for giving your full attention to this.

The raceway will open at 7.00 AM on Friday and Saturday and at 8.00 AM on Sunday. The track will be tested first before any additional cleaning or gluing is performed. Cleaning and track preparation will be performed by the Raceway Management. Track power will be verified at that time, not to exceed 13.5 volts, or adjustments to the power supply will be performed in collaboration with the raceway management.

VERY IMPORTANT: For each day of racing, please fill both the main entry listing and the individual entry form BEFORE the tech inspection for each class begins, so that names can be entered in the racing-management computer during tech inspection, speeding up the process. You can only sign for yourself and may NOT add other racers on the form. Late entries (after tech inspection has ended) will not be allowed to qualify but will be offered the opportunity to race behind the slowest qualifier. Please pay your entry fee at time of entry. For the classes with handout motors, please pay for your motor with your entry fee. If you have a deferred payment plan with the raceway, please submit a red ticket to the entry table supplied by the raceway.

Retro F1: IMPORTANT NOTE: this event will be subjected to handout TSR D3 motor*
Retro Can-Am: (handout TSR D3 motor*)
R&C Series Retro Jail-Door (Falcon 1 or 2 or TSR T3215 motor*)
Retro Coupes (TSR D3 or Falcon 7 motor*)
Retro NASCAR (TSR D3 or Falcon 7 motor*)
Retro Pro (Pro-Slot 4002 w/ Pro-Slot X12 armature. Shimmed magnets allowed*)
Retro 1/32 inline & angle-winders (Falcon 2 TSR T3215 or Slick-7 Mini-Brute motor*, two sepa
rate classifications)

*The D3 Board of Directors reserves the right to inspect and tear down any motor suspected of tampering. Tear down can be performed at the end of qualifying or at the end of any race. All podium cars WILL be inspected. Any inspection or tear down can be observed by any or all of the racers. A new motor will be supplied free of charge to the racer if the torn down motor is deemed to be legal.

IMPORTANT: For the purpose of lowering racing costs, racers having purchased extra motors for the Saturday handout race MAY EXCHANGE ONE unused, unmolested motor Sunday morning at time of entry and receive a new motor to be used for the Sunday handout race at no extra cost.

Tech inspection for each class will begin and end on time as per the posted schedule. No exception.
-Please ease the tech inspector's job: do not bring cars to tech inspection that have undersize or illegal tires, that are too wide, that have unapproved bodies or do not meet the minimum clearance on both center section AND side pans, thank you in advance.
-Lubricate and prepare your car for qualifying BEFORE you submit your car to tech inspection, as once accepted, it will be impounded for the duration. You will NOT be able to touch your car until your qualifying has begun.
-Your car will qualify AND race with the tires submitted to tech inspection. These tires will be marked by the tech inspector.
-The tech inspector will have the final say to accept or refuse your car on the basis of the posted D3 regulations.

-Qualifying will begin as soon as Technical Inspection is completed.
-When your name is called, please connect your controller to the qualifying lane. If not present when due, you may not qualify.
-A marshal will select your car from the entries and place it on the track. No extra tuning except for track-side braided-contact checking will be allowed.
-Once your qualifying is completed, do not retrieve your car. Go immediately to the first track marshaling station as indicated. A marshal will retrieve your car and place it back in the impound station.
-For each new qualifier, move from corner to corner until your marshaling duties have been completed.
-If your car requires repairs after qualifying:
1/ Request permission from the race Director after qualifying.
2/ Request the presence of a Board of Directors member to witness the repairs. You may not replace the tires. If a motor replacement is needed (only because of motor failure), the registered markings on the motor must be placed on your entry sheet.
3/ Submit your repaired car to the Tech Inspector for approval and return to impound. No practice laps will be allowed. Your car will run as repaired in the race it qualified for.

-When called for your race, promptly connect your controller to your assigned lane. A marshal will place your car on its lane.
-You may then inspect the car trackside. You may NOT carry your car to your pit space to perform inspection or lubrication. You may use oil on the motor and/or axle bearings and lubricate the braided contacts. NO OTHER LIQUID is allowed ESPECIALLY ON THE TIRES, REGARDLESS IF “TIRE CLEANER” OR TIRE-TRACTION ENHANCEMENT COMPOUND.
-All pit stops during the race between heats MUST be performed TRACK-SIDE, at the exact spot where the car stopped, marked by a card of which minimum size will be that of a business card placed on front of the car exactly where it stopped.
-ONLY OIL and BRAID JUICE are allowed. NO COMPOUND OF ANY KIND may be applied to the tires even if wiped clean. Braided contacts are the only items allowed to be replaced.
-You MUST race with the tires you qualified with. Tire replacement during the race is forbidden. Please choose tires that will last the 25 minutes of qualifying and racing time. If your car runs out of tires and begins to drag, your race will be over at the discretion of the race director.
-At the end of the race, DO NOT retrieve your car until allowed to do so, as it may be subjected to technical inspection.

The winner of each race is allowed to move up to the next race without paying an extra entry fee. His car must be submitted to tech inspection no later than 5 minutes after the end of the impound time of the previous race and must meet all D3 regulations including those regarding tires. If the car is not submitted in time for the beginning of the next race, the race will begin without it, but the car will be allowed to start during the race. There may be more than one move-up per race at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

-You will be required to marshal certain races. Failure to marshal when called will mean exclusion for the event you entered. Please carefully listen to the calls for marshaling.
-Marshals will rotate at EACH racing segment, counter clockwise from their first assigned position
-Exceptions for marshaling: medical condition or other track management duty. If you are unable to marshal, you must find a volunteer to replace you and submit his name on your entry sheet for each event.

"Entering any of the racing classes in the Checkpoint Cup means acceptance by the racers that any and all decisions made during and/or after the meeting, by the members of the organizing D3 Racing Board of Directors in accord with the raceway owners, are final."

Any questions, concerns, recommendations, or bribes can be addressed to the D3 Board Members:

-Ken Dylke
-Marc Franco
-Barney Poynor
-Bryan Warmack
-Paul Sterrett
-Keith Tanaka
-Philippe de Lespinay

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Posted 09 January 2012 - 06:44 PM

The raceway will be opened Tuesday through Thursday from 9 AM to normal closing time, good news for out of town visitors.

Additional information regarding the Jail-Door and 1/32 scale classes:

Please be reminded that as per the D3 rules, the factory applied identification marks on these motors MUST be visible:
-The Falcon 2 is chemically marked "JK2" on the can on its pinion side.
-The TSR T3215 is marked "TSRF" on the can on its pinion side.

At the post-race tech inspection, any car on which the motor is missing these marks will be automatically disqualified.
Thank you for checking this out BEFORE you enter your car!

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