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Duffy-Fussy: Pin Tubes, Axle Nubbles, etc., etc.

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Posted 18 May 2014 - 08:41 AM

Bob & Paul...I'm sorry, I'm a piffpoor businessman. My actual setting-up of Duffy Heavy Metal Industries has been real haphazard and full of delays & restarts, and I'm having heck's own time getting product out the door. I announced a couple things this year that folks are patiently waiting on, and all I can say right now is "Soon..."

This "Duffy-Fussy" thread was sort of meant as a discussion of processes (more on this in a moment). Anything actually FOR SALE needs to go in the "Parts Counter" heading, with the commensurate fee paid to Slotblog. I promise, you will see those announcements in that place. "Soon..."

Now, in re: discussion of processes -

That nosepiece post got away from me before I'd said the bit I really wanted to say, which is this: the fancy bender I made for Tony's parts is all fine and good, but by no means necessary to build a nosepiece. The prototype plate was bent in my cheapo Panavise. I cut the piece out and filed to size and shape, then set up in the vise with a little square & just bent it over. Simple. The only fussy part was getting the shape laid out and finished as well as I could do, because the angle on that leading edge determines the angle of the bend. If that's right, the rest bends up just easy as pie.

The point here is, something intended to look frighteningly cool at first glance (Tony's expression is "THIS'LL mess with the Geeks!") is simple and accessible, if you think it out beforehand and are a little careful in your work.


I'm in the process right now of setting up the chassis you see here, as a short kit. Gimme a few weeks to source out some stuff, I promise you won't have to wait long.

Right now, PM me if you need some brackets. Those I got in stock.

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