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2NASTE chassis

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Posted 11 January 2021 - 11:02 AM

At Electron Raceway we race scale hardbody 1/24 cars with production chassis (Scholer, Plafit, Scaleauto, Slotting Plus). The chassis of choice has been the Scholer because of its simplicity, adjustable wheelbase and adjustable front and rear axle hangers.

With the demise of Scholer, we have been looking for an alternative. Our Northwest hardbody brethren were also searching for a solution. The result was the design and production of what has been dubbed the 2NASTE chassis. It was developed by Zack Morgan and a mechanical engineer friend of his.
I purchased two of these chassis and used the first to on a recent build of a Ford France GT40. See the link http://slotblog.net/...nce-gt40-redux/. The car runs great and I am impressed with its performance which, in my opinion is as good as or better than the Scholer. Consider this post a review of the chassis from a humble builder. In summary, I give the chassis a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.
  • High quality materials and workmanship
  • Chassis wheelbase is adjustable between 3.25 4.75 inches (good for all 1/24 cars)
  • Constructed from .062 brass so side and front pans can be made without shimming to get them flat with the center section
  • All brackets made of 18 gauge steel rather than aluminum (as on the Scholer chassis the Scholer parts, especially the axle hangers were subject to bending in the event of a serious crash)
  • Holes for bushings made for standard American bushings (rather than European sizes as on the Scholer)
  • Nuts and bolts 2-56 rather than metric as on the Scholer
  • Comes with precut side pans
So, one might ask, why was the chassis not awarded 5 stars?
  • The bolts that come with the chassis are just sufficient in length to secure the nuts (Loctite is recommended to keep everything tight). I prefer to secure all bolts with a washer and lock washer so I purchased longer bolts as an alternative
  • The precut side pans are quite wide and are not machined with a ledge on the outer side. I would have preferred a ledge and no predrilled mounting holes. That way, if the pans were too wide for my application, I could simply cut the inner side of the pan to the correct width and drill and countersink my own mounting holes. I also like a ledge cut on the outer side of the pan so that the body can sit on this ledge.
These were two small points and simply a matter of opinion. So, in summary a great chassis made from quality materials and exemplary workmanship. To see a video about the chassis, see the link https://www.youtube....5wi0HHnw8&t=16s

Below are a few images of the chassis for the Ford France GT40 project


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